Stacy Parks Miller is a Bully



There is a giant misconception in Centre County that Stacy Parks Miller is a democrat, she is not. Stacy Parks Miller is a bully, who needs to be kicked out of her own party. A democratic District Attorney is actually what we need in Centre County, a good one. A Democratic District Attorney who is from here, ideally has been practicing law here. One with a family and who loves or has kids, preferably one who loves Penn State.

Democratic prosecutors tend to go softer on certain demographic segments when prosecuting crimes. A large segment of the population who commits “crimes” in Happy Valley are Penn State students. They are young, academic minded, first time offenders who typically commit non-violent crimes, when they get drunk one evening, make a mistake and do so something stupid.

Arguably this segment of the population, the ones carrying small bags of marijuana, getting into bar fights or streaking down Beaver Avenue, are the ones we should be most forgiving of. While they might be a nuisance, they are the ones least likely to reoffend, and most suitable to ARD programs, which allow them to atone for their mistake, without accruing a criminal record.

Stacy Parks Miller hurts Penn State students unnecessarily. She tacks on excess charges, demands the highest sentences for minor criminal acts, denies ARD, and doesn’t care if the smartest kid on campus can never save the world because he has a criminal record. Ironically, this cool hip matronly-looking democrat is harder on the student kids then any of her republican predecessors. Her tough on crime approach serves little to benefit these kids, or the university, as these are the segment of the population least likely to reoffend.

In addition to ruining the Penn State kid’s future with an ARD denial, or a year in jail, Stacy Parks Miller takes the added approach of ruining these students’ lives by taking their mug shots and posting them all over Facebook to ensure she gets the maximum media coverage for her “win” in court.

Democratic prosecutors also take into account things like addiction, or childhood history of abuse. Stacy Parks Miller takes none of these into account. She is more pro-prison, more pro-penalty than any other District Attorney ever has been in Centre County. The zealous prosecution is overzealous; in fact, some might call it cruel. Lighter sentences for the elderly, for segments of the population that are truly under privileged and have other mitigating factors deserving of a lighter sentence are not a factor. She demands the highest sentence so she can “look tough,” brag about her wins, and tell us how successful she is. If your measure of success is filling up the jails with small time non-violent offenders and raising taxes, and increasing the risk of reoffending by overly harsh sentences, then you can have it – Stacy is successful. But by most standards this is not the definition of success, taking pleasure and bragging about your brutally overzealous prosecution of people like students is sociopathy – not “success.”

Yet, despite her self touted “tough on crime” approach, you might want to ask the courthouse how they are holding up in light of the recent drama that has pervasively been a continuous force of chaos throughout Stacy’s reign of terror. With her federal lawsuit, right to know litigation, the lawsuit against her for defaming a defendant in the news, and the high turnover of staff – anyone can see that the courthouse has to be a mess. Didn’t they also lose two Judges this year? One in conjunction with dubious activities relating to texting with the District Attorney. Anyone, any legal mind, any courthouse staff will roll their eyes and tell you “that place is a mess.” With her federal lawsuit levied against the county demanding money to be paid to her in a civil suit by the tax payers, who can blame her? She probably doesn’t have much time to be doing her job, with all those extracurricular non-related bullying activities on her agenda.

We do need a sensible, level-headed district attorney who recognizes that the law doesn’t always requires the max and that young people will often mature into contributing, law-abiding citizens despite any initial (and typically alcohol-fueled) hiccups in their formative years.   Instead, we got a hyper-aggressive, gun toting, high heeled, botox -pumped wannabe Nancy Grace, who is – without scrutiny from the media – singlehandedly damaging the reputation of Penn State, and ruining people’s lives, and suing the county, and knocking out Judges left and right. She is the worst thing to happen to Centre County since Sandusky, and we should take her file and put it right in the back drawer behind his, the drawer full of things we screwed up.

Stacy Parks Miller’s party affiliation is a ruse. She claims in her frivolous fairy tale of a law suit she is the “most popular elected official in Centre County” and “most powerful” and “top law enforcement” and “very successful.” None of this is true. She ran for the last election unopposed. In fact, in that unopposed election she received fewer votes than in the first one.

Your newspaper won’t tell you about the sentences handed down that are too harsh to fit the crime. They won’t tell you about the students whose lives are getting destroyed as a result of the District Attorney’s crazy policies.   They won’t tell you how bad Parks Miller is for Penn State, or how bad she is for people, or how bad she just is. She authors and sends vitriol-laced press releases to the media, who print them verbatim although they represent at best half of the story.

On Friday, Sam Stretton was in court. He is like the Babe Ruth of Attorneys, famous for his involvement in bringing down the criminal Judges in the Luzerne County “Cash for Kids” scandal. He is an eyebrow raising sight for people in the legal profession, people stare at him or show up for hearings they are not participating in just to see Sam Stretton in person.  Sam Stretton’s mere presence is a telling indicator that something is deeply wrong in Centre County.  It is like the Lone Ranger showing up.

Stacy Parks Miller is not a democrat. Her prosecution rate actually isn’t all that good if you look at it compared to her predecessors. She is not a republican either, most of the cops are republican. Next time you get pulled over, or see a cop in a store, ask that friendly protector of public safety their opinion on Stacy Parks Miller.

Stacy Parks Miller is a bully, she is bad, and her titanic and inevitable fall will be one for the history books here in our small county. This county will be as embroiled in scandal as Luzerne County was, it will be profoundly embarrassing.

People like Stacy Parks Miller have no business being affiliated with the Democratic party. She certainly has no business being affiliated with a liberal, forgiving, academic progressive organization like Penn State. And they certainly shouldn’t be in positions of power or practicing law.

Stacy Parks Miller is bully, make sure your vote next election reflects that. Hopefully Penn State and Centre County will have a worthy option. Someone who acts professionally, who does not get accused of criminal acts, who does not misuse taxpayer money , who keeps the financial records of their office in transparent view, who doesn’t hire the likes of Bruce Castor, who is liked and respected by her peers, who doesn’t sue the county in federal court, who isn’t constantly enveloped in ugly drama and scandal. Who doesn’t sneer. Who doesn’t gloat. Who treats the Penn State students with compassionate firmness when they make mistakes. She is not any of this.  We hired the wrong lawyer.

Let’s start thinking of moving Parks Miller out.





  1. Oh and to add to this, as bad as it is that she’s overly harsh for students when they commit stupid petty crimes, its even worse how when students from rich families commit violent, serious crimes such as when my coworker was assaulted by a kid who didn’t wanna leave the pizza shop, she butchers the prosecution as much as possible to allow said rich spoiled brat to get off Scot free. Meanwhile she is even more harsh on local non-student residents who frequently battle drug addiction and problems that should not be treated by criminal justice. She is a hack and she deserves to be in jail for life.

  2. Stacy Parks Miller is a breed of her own.
    I was a Republican and a Democratic and finally decided on Independent. I can tell you from knowing politicians and trial attorneys — none are like her.
    I am proud of Centre County–Republicans and Democrats–for coming together and electing her out of office.

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