Attn KEVIN STEELE: Remove Castor



Is anyone at all surprised at Bruce Castor’s despicable behavior in Montgomery County given what he is up to in Centre County? This type of revenge-seeking and bottom-feeding behavior is just par for the course when it comes to dealing with Bruce Castor; it is quintessential, vintage, Bruce Castor. Of course our sleazy and lying District Attorney would find perhaps the most sleaziest-lying ever attorney in the country to represent her, of course! Like always attracts like, and the DA and Bruce Castor are like two peas in a pod. Don’t forget as you read this that your tax dollars are keeping this dirt bag attorney at the sole direction and command of our scandalized, and atrociously behaved, District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller. Bruce Castor is Stacy Parks Miller’s lawyer, and both of them are suing the citizens of Happy Valley. 


The spectacle that was yesterday’s Cosby court hearing evolved from an email sent September 23, 2015, by Bruce Castor to former DA Risa Vetri Ferman, which implores Ferman not to take action to prosecute Bill Cosby, and in which Castor threatens her, boldly asserting, if legal action is taken “Cosby could take legal action against the county, possibly against you personally.” Castor is good at bullying threats, he makes them all the time in Centre County, I suspect he makes a living on them. Please take note that Castor sent this email just days before the November 1, 2015 election, when there were plenty of commercials airing on local television slamming Bruce Castor’s 2005 corrupt handling of the Cosby case. In these political conditions, it is more than evident that Bruce Castor sent this subject email knowing full well he was not likely getting elected on November 1. And I would further argue that had Castor had by some miracle gotten elected, it is unlikely the public would have ever seen this snakey-little Castor email.


In the email, Castor references a “written agreement” pertaining to the non-prosecution deal he allegedly struck with Cosby in 2005. Ferman immediately responds to the email (and with some alarm, she has her letter hand delivered to Castor the following day), articulating she can’t remember any such agreement, and expressing bewilderment, she informs she has searched all the records in the court and police office in Montgomery County. To no avail, her efforts, as there was never an agreement and Castor made the whole thing up. Unfettered, she writes “the first I heard of such binding agreement was your email sent this past Wednesday, and the first I heard of a “written declaration” documenting the agreement not to prosecute was in the article authored on 9/24/15, and published today, (September 25, 2015), by Margaret Gibbons of the Intelligencer.” Castor responds in a rambling chaotic flurry of two or three emails, as she necessitated to him that he must clarify all his lies, he elaborates that the written declaration he was referring to was actually a “press release.” Low and behold as there was likely never an agreement, Castor had to grasp at straws to produce one. The press release he is referring to also states that the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office reserves the right to re-open the case or to press criminal charges in the matter in the future. Hardly a binding “written agreement,” more like a big fat lie used to cover up an even bigger fatter lie. Was he drunk when he sent that email? It was terrible strategically. Feeling sorry for himself after a failed political campaign, destined for a loser like crescendo in only a few short days, he came up with a brilliant idea: The press release is the binding agreement! Never mind nobody signed it. The voters were disgusted by Castor after the Cosby commercials, he was going to lose the election and knew it. He decided that if he were going to lose, he wanted to hit back, and he did. Castor developed a secret plan to sabotage his political adversary, because as history shows, Castor is a very sore loser and he was willing to lie under oath to accomplish his plan. This guy should be disbarred.


Click here to see how District Attorney Kevin Steele handles scum like Bruce Castor, perhaps Centre County should consider filing a similar motion.


Also in his email, Castor writes that Ferman “must remember” as in 2005 he apparently “ran everything” by her (according to him, not her). If such were the case, then a potential criminal action against Bill Cosby and a written non-prosecution agreement reasonably would be memorable. I mean a immunity agreement for Cosby would be something anybody would remember in Bruce Castor’s small notably nameless little and unremarkable town of Norristown. I mean that’s pretty memorable, you would think? Is he trying to say Judge Ferman lied? Is this sort of memorable the memorable like signing a “fake bail order” that got put on the docket (so was never fake) memorable? I would say so, I would say it’s that type of memorable. As in Judge Ferman never knew of the agreement, because there never was in an agreement in 2005: He made it up. And the email must have further confused Ferman, as Castor “who never met a camera he didn’t like” [NY Times], had in only a few recent past weeks taken to the airwaves gloating on CNN that if he won the election he personally would re-open the Cosby case – obviously hoping he would get some more media attention for that big win himself if he won his seat for district attorney back in November 2015. He was bragging in the media about taking down Cosby, and then sabotaging these same efforts behind the scenes. Castor is a slippery guy. And I imagine Castor would have re-opened the investigation had he won, and we would be listening to him in the press instead of Kevin Steele right now. Fortunately for Montgomery County, Castor lost the election, and we don’t have to listen to Bruce Castor gloat in the media about charging Cosby. Notably Kevin Steele isn’t doing press conferences, he is behaving with a little more decorum here. He might actually be busy doing what he is supposed to do, protecting the county.


So, Cosby’s defense team consists of some heavy hitting lawyers, a dream team of lawyers, these are the types of lawyers who represent rappers, professional athletes and politicians. They are magnificently talented, renown in their field, respected by their peers and smart. Smart. I have nothing but admiration for these guys; never mind who they represent, these lawyers are sharp. Any and everything they do is to protect their clients, they are doing what they are supposed to be doing. And they are hot shots, all the way hot shots. The best money can buy, these guys are good. One of these donated to Castor’s political campaign for District Attorney. During election season an article hit the news campaign, and concurrent to this time, this article came out:


Click here to see how Cosby was purportedly “shopping” for lawyers right before Castor sent his dirt-bag email to Risa Vetri Ferman.


I would venture to speculate that Castor and the Cosby dream team of lawyers had more contact than Castor might have admitted on the stand yesterday. I would venture to say the political donation was a strategic move, an effort to protect their client. I find it highly unreasonable to believe this group of bad-ass lawyers would have anything but a flippant regard for temporary usage when it comes to dealing with Castor. Maybe Castor and these lawyers had talked before? Maybe it was an I’ll scratch your back, if you scratch mine in protecting my client. Lawyers are supposed to protect their clients, no harm no foul on the Defense team. All the smearing goes to Castor on this one, as Castor’s version of the “truth” evidently depends on the number of zero’s you put behind a given figure. So maybe, probably, there was a little bit of Cosby cash exchanged, that wouldn’t surprise me. Remember this is Bruce Castor, we know him, he’s in our county. Maybe Cosby even funded Castor’s recent campaign?


So, Castor took the stand in the Cosby hearing yesterday, his flair for the dramatic and absurd did not disappoint. Looking at the defense team, Castor asserted “I’m not on your team.” In the same stride as this last feel good declaration, Castor goes on to smear the credibility of the rape victim. He offers, for the first time, that he had heard illegally taped phone conversations between the victim’s family and Cosby where the victim was trying to extort money from Cosby…. I wonder if those tapes were in the evidence file at the District Attorney’s office or at the Montgomery County Police Department’s office when Risa Vetri Ferman was searching for the agreement for non-prosecution, or did Castor make the story about the tapes up too? Did Dolores Troiani know about the tapes? What tapes?!!


And let’s not forget the ongoing lawsuit of the victims against Castor for defamation. This lawsuits, filed by notorious women’s rights lawyers Gloria Alred and Dolores Troianis, is probably the reason we don’t see Castor running his mouth in the news more than we might expect him to given what is going on in the Cosby case. It probably took a lot of self-restraint for Castor not to comment in the New York Times. The lawsuit alleges that Costead received notification that the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office was not going to prosecute Cosby in 2005 came through a press release. One would think that if there were a non-prosecution agreement struck with the offender, that one would at least notify the victim’s lawyer and/or the victim. But maybe that’s just how Castor does business, or maybe there was never a non-prosecution agreement at all, maybe it was what it was: A press release. That would make Bruce Castor a liar. Maybe the declaratory statement never existed, it was just a press release that Bruce Castor signed and incredulously, ex post facto, labeled a “declaratory statement” in the media? Bingo, Bruce Castor is a liar. How much money does it cost to make Castor lie? (Perhaps we ask Cosby.)


Yesterday in Court, Castor in his usual brazen self-aggrandizing fashion reminded the court that he made the 2005 decision as “the sovereign.” (Sound familiar? “The ultimate symbol of law enforcement” [Parks-Miller]) The all so powerful, and magnificent Bruce Castor, who still thinks so of himself despite his many failed political campaigns, still delusionally maintains his “authority” all these years since gone. I wonder if Kevin Steele smirked when he heard that, he likely went through the roof with fury, but I hope secretly inside, he smirked – because when I think about Castor now, I smirk too, because – now – the bully has become a joke. I’m so glad that his ego makes him feel comfortable speaking for the Attorney General’s office, the state of Pennsylvania, and the present DA who by terms of Castor’s “non-prosecution” agreement actually holds the right to prosecute Cosby. He’s about as credible Stacy Parks Miller arguing the financial records of her office pose a national security threat, as in not credible at all, as in totally made up. Lies covering lies, these attorneys are getting a reputation around here!


And let’s not forget the victims. Castor does manage to create victims wherever he goes, or used to mange. Andrea Costead, who was purportedly drugged, raped, embarrassed, called a liar and credible enough for Castor to openly admit that he believes Cosby did inappropriately touch her. Apparently a civil court also found her credible, granting her a large undisclosed settlement. What a tragedy for rape victims! The court essentially told her, “while we won’t hold your rapist accountable for his indiscretions, here is a large money settlement for being raped. We are sorry that happened to you, now please can you go away quietly?.” Ignoring victims of sexual crimes is terrible, and something that does occur here in our county (and no, I’m not referring to Sandusky), but that is the subject for a whole entire other blog. What a kind thing for Castor to do, to say he believes a victim, and then in the next sentence deliberately embarrass her, tarnish her case and trash her for being a rape victim. Please Bruce Castor, please tell us how you think rape victims are supposed to act, fill us in.


But maybe a little more humanity, perhaps we should pity Bruce Castor, and though the only thing I hate more than a liar is a bad liar, on some level I do pity Bruce Castor. Gone with the wind are the days when Castor strutted around in front of cameras wearing cowboy boots under pin-stripe suits and donning thick coats of make up, that glares a tacky orange in the lights of a camera. Castor lies as transparently, and he does it so shamelessly and poorly. He lies in an unsophisticated way, the way that a small toddler would lie, with an inherent transparency of the motivation for the lie. There is some thing to be pitied in that, I suppose. His need to insert himself into a case that doesn’t belong to him is retaliatory and attention seeking, he wants to ruin Kevin Steele’s party because he is sore from losing the election, Kevin Steele is focused on the case, the political battle has already been won. Castor’s previous vainglorious love affair with the media has been returned to him full force by a media that is royally pissed off and bent on castrating him. Hope they brought some spectacles. How does he ever expect to make a living after this affair? His reputation is poor for garnishing any sort of trusting attorney client relationship, and who wants to be represented by Attorney Bruce Castor these days. He will go down in history as being the failed Cosby lawyer, he is unmarketable as a lawyer. And we should pity him in that with his obvious love of power, Bruce Castor would be delusional if he thought he could run for any office again and actually win. His political career is done! We should pity him, because his name is completely un-reputable – but then I think of Andrea and the other 20 plus female victims coming forward and accusing Cosby of rape or assault, and I don’t pity him that much. A long display of evidence illustrating a lifetime of shady corrupt political and sleazy behaviors now sits at Bruce Castor’s front door, and the cameras are running, everything is now under scrutiny. All his cartwheels and narcissism in the media spotlight have come full circle and slapped him in the face, as he is facing the consequences for being despicable. He can’t keep re-spinning his version of the truth, he lacks all credibility. Maybe this time “the good guys” will actually prevail, now that Kevin Steele is on the matter. Maybe karma is blowing hard, and Castor will also take some heat for his bullying behaviors in Centre County. It’s about time all of this comes full circle. There has been enough corruption in Pennsylvania exposed this year. It’s time to wipe it clean, as in wipe the corrupt out. Parks Miller has to be among the top of the naughty list, no amount of PR can save her from the dishonesty and self seeking political behaviors exposed this year. A strong lawyer with deep political connections would look like an utter hero for intervening, particularly as to when it comes to the extent of her corruption, there is a strong sense that we are only scratching the surface here. Perhaps Castor should clip a few more handkerchiefs underneath his jacket to absorb the excess sweat, because with any luck as the Parks Miller ship sails in Centre County, this spotlight on his crooked behavior is going to get real hot.

Click here for more information as to why Stacy Parks Miller’s lawyer Bruce Castor is a jerk.

Maybe while we pity Castor, we should also reconsider the veracity of our struggle to get Castor out of Happy Valley. Think about it, here in Centre County things really did not start to get dangerous until we saw the entrance of Bruce Castor, the seasoned manipulator and “brains” behind the District Attorney’s own retaliatory behavior. The lawsuits, secret grand juries, hiding of records, parading in the news – Castor is a formidable mentor to the DA. The self aggrandizing language used by our DA who touts herself the “ultimate law enforcement officer,” the reckless and impulsive without consideration for the consequences or expectation of getting held accountable for her behaviors…The narcissism, the under-oath, on-the-record, in-front-of-a-Judge, shameless, defiant, recalcitrant, malicious lying we are seeing, these two – Parks Miller & Castor – really take the cake….question is: How long do we want her to be learning his tricks before we throw him out of our valley? I mean there is also a level of embarrassment, to him representing the County in an official capacity of Assistant District Attorney, given this is Sandusky territory – and he is now renown for failing to prosecute sex crimes!! He’s embarrassing! Only a week or so ago, he was running his mouth about a “secret grand jury” in the press, I guess it’s not so much a secret anymore. Grand jury is going on, and Castor is the special prosecutor. One time Castor initiated grand jury proceedings in Montgomery County and the commissioners were criminally indicted. Just ask Penn State Alumni President Kevin Steele what he thinks of Stacy Parks Miller, and her snake of lawyer little friend Castor. I bet he has some descriptive words for the both of him, given the supreme integrity and class Kevin Steele has exhibited over the course of this past year. It’s like night and day, one could only hope Centre County will be lucky enough to elect the next Centre County District Attorney – who has the character, humility and compassion, or at least one unlike the district attorney presently in office now. Selfish political agendas, personal greed and self seeking motivations for grandeur in the media spotlight have no place in criminal law.




Click here to learn why responsible democrats should not support Stacy Parks Miller.






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