Stacy Parks Miller is a Flunky


The District Attorney likes nothing more than to brag about how “successful” she is and how “everyone is jealous” of her. She actually wrote that in her insane lawsuit, that people were after her because they were “jealous.” Jealous of what? She also likes to assert that every lawyer in this county “formed a conspiracy” to oust her because they resent her achievements and secretly want her job. Believe it or not, nobody seems to want her job!!!! It seems like it’s going to be hard to finally get someone to run – AND this is a slam dunk race!!!  Still…. NOBODY has announced they are running for election yet! Now who is running for election?!! Don’t everyone volunteer at once. The lawyers appear happy with the money, freedom and laid back comfort of their private practices. In fact, though it’s likely someone will run against her, it will not be because the title of “District Attorney” is so coveted, it will be out of moral and ethical loyalty to the county, which cannot withstand the reign of Stacy Parks Miller for another term. Somebody step up and be a man (or woman), and announce your campaign against this portrait of selfishness, incompetence and corruption! We are waiting to support you! I don’t care if it’s begrudgingly, somebody needs to run for the sake of the county!

While we are discussing how Stacy Parks Miller touts her alleged “success,” and how she thinks everyone is so “jealous” of it, let’s take a step back and look at this supposed “success.” It is important to remember these boastful assertions of the pharmacologically enhanced D.A. with a grain of salt, as lately it seems she is prone to lying and exaggerating such a great many of things. Let’s take a closer look at the numbers that comprise this alleged “success,” as compared to the neighboring counties surrounding us and see exactly where Stacy Parks Miller measures up. This week, let’s put some fact into her fictional and fantastical imaginative world as she habitually likes to portray to us in the press.

First, compared to the other counties in the region, Stacy Parks Miller’s conviction rate over the past five years is not all that good: In fact, it sucks. While the District Attorney does like to take to the media airwaves and brag about a hot case as often as possible, as a whole, her conviction rate is not up to par with the other counties in the region – It’s really, in all actuality, quite low.

A conviction rate is a statistic that is frequently used to measure the effectivity of a local prosecutor. By definition, a conviction rate is the number of people who were charged with a crime that underwent the criminal justice system, and were found guilty (either by pleading/prosecution/or conviction of a lesser offense) of a crime. You can calculate a conviction rate by dividing the number of people actually found guilty of crimes, by the total number of people who were charged with crimes.

The District Attorney’s (sub-par and barely adequate) CONVICTION RATES 

Aggregate for all crimes from 2010 to 2015

Conviction Rates

***Data per Pennsylvania Uniform Crime Reporting System

***Y-axis is percentages

The above numbers also include plea deals, which do not involve active prosecution, but involve an individual pleading guilty and accepting an agreed upon sentence to avoid trial. Usually this agreed upon sentence is a lesser sentence than would be handed down should the individual have chosen to undergo trial and been found guilty by a jury. These numbers also encompass lesser offenses – as in sometimes people are charged with an offense but plead guilty to a lesser offense as part of plea bargain. The latter is the reason why some of these percentages may jump to above the one hundred mark.

Centre County, as you can see, under the office of District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller ranks among the lowest percentages of conviction rates year to year, in comparison to it’s neighboring counties, who rank higher because they have better, more effective, professional district attorneys who work harder and actually have time to do their jobs (As her peer District Attorneys are not engaged in suing their constituents or hiding records they’re ashamed of). Essentially this means that less and less people who are charged with crimes face conviction and criminal penalties in Centre County in comparison to the regional surrounding counties. It means we are below average, and our District Attorney is not cut out to competently and effectively do the job we hired her to do, and she needs to go.

These are the numbers you should keep in mind, because while Stacy Parks Miller may brag to be “successful,” these are empty egotistical notions of inflated grandeur she is attempting to sell the public. In reality, the Centre County District Attorney, in comparison to her other neighboring District Attorney peers in the surrounding counties, she is at the bottom of her class and is not really that successful at all, she is below average across the board. And if you want to look at it from a historical perspective from within our county, the data also reflects that Stacy Parks Miller is less successful than her republican predecessors Ray Gricar and Mike Madiera. Stacy Parks Miller is a step down from anything we’ve ever had in that office before.

So next time District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller takes to the airwaves to brag about an individual case, it is important to remember that she is just engaging in attention seeking behavior, as overall – statistically speaking – while she may win a few cases here and there, her numbers do not measure up to her peer District Attorneys in the neighboring counties. If you win one case and go to the media with it, it does not account for the other thirty cases you lost! Quite the opposite, it’s one case, that you just happened to drag through the news in an attempt to convince us all how successful you are, when you are really – in actuality – well below average. You’re a D student.

The District Attorney’s RAPE & SEX CRIME CONVICTION “Success” Rates  

2010 to 2015

Sex Crimes

***Data per Pennsylvania Uniform Crime Reporting System

****Y axis is percentages

The following graph depicts the District Attorney’s conviction rate as broken down by crimes classified as sex offenses or rape. As these two categories are particularly sensitive to a county after Sandusky, and as these two categories are categories that Stacy Parks Miller likes to tout her success in, it is important that we factually address them.

Again, the District Attorney’s numbers are close to the bottom in comparison to her peers within our neighboring counties. In Centre County the conviction rate for individuals charged with sex crimes or rape is lower than nearly all of the surrounding counties., and has been consecutively over the course of the past five years.

As the above graph reflected an overall conviction rate for all crimes that was lower than most counties in the region year-to-year, this graph reflects the same trend. That “success” Stacy gloats about appears to not measure up to what her peers are doing, and her lack of effectiveness in prosecuting sex crimes in Centre County is easily visible when you take a close look at the cold hard numbers.

In addition to having a below average conviction rate, Stacy Parks Miller has – not surprisingly – also managed to have been corrupt in her handling of sex crime prosecutions in Centre County.


  • Parks Miller is rumored to have called Penn State Ethics & Compliance complaining about the number of sex crimes reported in the PSU Clery Act statistics, and asserted that these figures were “making her look bad.” As sex crimes are difficult to prosecute, it was rumored that she was complaining about the number of sex crimes reported to the Clery Act were not conducive to her public image as they were lowering her conviction rates across the board, and soiling up her public image. She wanted Penn State to break federal law and not report as many of the sex crimes reported to police, so she could statistically increase her faltering conviction rates. Penn State Ethics & Compliance is rumored to have denied her requests, and continued to report as mandated by federal law. I hope and suspect that is the case.


  • Parks Miller refused to charge Chris Lee and the local police force had to take the case to Federal Prosecutor to have him charged. This case remains in federal jurisdiction. Despite purportedly repeated attempts by the local police to take pedophile Chris Lee’s evidence file to the District Attorney’s office for charges, the District Attorney refused. Fed up and unable to get results the police eventually took the case to federal prosecutors and Chris Lee was charged within a week. Chris Lee was a prominent local democrat, campaign donor to Parks Miller and a friend of Lunsford, making this case yet another example of Parks Miller allowing her political aspirations and selfish motivations get in the way of doing her job. The federal prosecutors acted quickly and Lee was almost immediately charged and jailed.


In this county we need a prosecutor who can meet the minimum average achievement in conviction rates exhibited in our surrounding local counties. We do not need a prosecutor who is super “tough” on select “high-profile” crimes so she can gain fame and notoriety in the media, we need a prosecutor who is “fair on crime” and does his/her job prosecuting all cases, not just a few of them in effort to garnish small town media attention.
This county in particular needs a prosecutor who will handle sex crimes with complete integrity and be at least as effective as his/her neighboring peers. Sandusky was alleged to have slid by as long as he did due to his political connections, and with Chris Lee we saw the same pattern of behavior repeated with this corrupt prosecutor. We do not need politics to stand in the way of justice, and we do not need to break federal law by changing our reporting practices just because the District Attorney is suffering from a low conviction rate. While sex crimes are hard to prosecute, as they generally have little physical evidence and very few witnesses, we need a prosecutor who will go the extra mile with each investigation and try a case even at the risk of hurting her “winning” record. Politics and trial records should never stand in the way of efforts to achieve justice for the victims, but with Stacy Parks Miller these motives are ever present.

We also might want to consider a prosecutor who is less attention-seeking with the media and more focused on doing their job. This week Stacy Parks Miller appears to have penned a press release to the Centre Daily Times articulating the manner of death for Jean Tuggy for print. So rushed to send this press release, she neglected to state the date correctly on the authorization and the CDT had to make a correction after publication (saw it on social media). In addition, according to the victim’s relatives (also on social media), Stacy Parks Miller submitted this press release prior to notifying next of kin – as in it was more important for her to be the subject of a news story than it was for her to contact the victim’s relatives who had to read how their loved one died by way of newspaper article instead being offered the dignity of a call by a victim advocate or the DA.

The media coverage is such an apparently – disturbingly -larger concern in Stacy’s mind than the actual case. So much so that she took extra time lining up press conference, and getting herself ready for a big media storm, rather than issuing an immediate public service announcement right after the crime occurred. She continues on the media charade by posting sensitive information to the investigation and threatening people posting on her “government official” wall not to “spin things in the media.” Why are you so concerned about “spinning”? If you solve the case, nobody will care in the end what you did in the mean time!! Stop with the showboating and actually do the job this county hired you to do!

A mark of a true unprofessional:


Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 9.42.08 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 9.43.16 PM



We need a prosecutor who is less concerned with her appearances on social media and in the news media, and more concerned with actually doing her job. We need a prosecutor who is more focused on the victims, and than she is selflessly obsessed with her political image and appearances. We need a prosecutor who is more serious about cases, and concerned about issuing a timely public safety announcement, rather than concerned about parading around in big funky glasses that actually don’t look all that great, and lining up all the news stations for a big grand announcement. Issue a timely press release within hours, that there is a murderer at large and the county needs information, and be gone with your outlandish over the top press conferences. (Better yet, let Diane Conrad do it, we like her ten times more and we’d rather listen to her anyway.) We need a prosecutor to solve a murder, one who cares about the victims and holds their hands with the rest of the community after a tragedy. We need a competent, effective prosecutor who really cares. We need a prosecutor who can -at least – keep up with her peer District Attorneys regionally, ideally one that is more successful than the prosecutors in these surrounding more rural and arguably less sophisticated regions. We need a prosecutor a different prosecutor, one who will advocate for the victims. One who will not be “tough” on a few select high profile crimes, but a prosecutor who will be fair on all crimes across the board. We don’t need a prosecutor who over-prosecutes non-violent first time offender students, or picks fights with the local county politicians, or hides his records or engages in dubious financial practices with the money belonging to the county.

We need a prosecutor who is better at managing money so she can put more than a $1,000 dollar reward out for a homicide case, because $1,000 dollars is just insulting in a county this rich. That money she put up was just insulting, and whatever happened to the hundreds of thousands of dollars in the slush fund. Money like that would be good spent on finding a killer versus the likely tens of thousands of dollars she has spent on Bruce Castor to fight for her in court so she can keep her spending habits hidden from the county. The fight over these financial records has been so ridiculously aggressive because the records are damning. You hide things when there are something to hide, clearly there has been some questionable handling of the money. Clearly there are some things within the financial records of the county that the DA is terrified for you to see. Otherwise all the fight, stretching from Harrisburg through Pennsylvania, and throughout multiple jurisdictions and before multiple Judges. This is a battle she is clearly losing, and it begs the questions – throughout it all – what was in the records. What was she doing with the money? And where did all the money go that she only has $1000 to offer up? Steve Dershem exhibited some major class, in very quietly raising the reward yesterday. He indicated he had spoken to the District Attorney on Friday regarding the reward money for the District Attorney, I wonder if he asked her where all the money in her account went? The next DA needs to have spending habits they are not ashamed of. I’m worried the financial records the DA is so determined to hide, may contain evidence of embezzlement or something of a dubious criminal nature, which may explain her desperation to keep them hidden. If she is engaging in criminal activity with her handling the money, that has to be our last straw, and an arrest should be immediately issued. We are supposed to be able to trust the people in office to operate in our bests interests, clearly this one only operates in her own. 

Now, if you see an attorney this week, it’s your job to convince him or her to run, tell him/her he has a moral obligation to this county and the people in it! I know private practice is comfortable and y’all are fat cats, but it’s time to take one for the team and step into some public service. Someone in Centre County needs to step up to the plate, because this subpar prosecutor, lying, malicious, lawsuit happy and ridiculous lawyer in office is obviously no good for Centre County. If you see Stacy Parks Miller, please remind her of these statistics, and remind her that she is not all that successful, and that she needs to start working harder, and that she is -actually – by far the LEAST “popular” elected official in Centre County, contrary to any delusion she may have. Tell her that you don’t want the next lawyer who takes her office from her finally to inherit more of nightmarish mess than the District Attorney has already created for that office at present time. And tell her we look forward to her timely exit from Happy Valley, as in 2017 we will vote her out! Now who is going to run?

Ron McLaughlin?









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