The other ugly blemish in Centre County

This week we found out that Stacy was posing as a America’s Hottest girl from some movie. There was a giant picture of boobs hanging out in one of the posts of Britney Belle purportedly at the beach. There were pro-marijuana posts all about her pages, but then she was pretending to be this girl on the internet and initiating messaging, was she doing this with teenage boys? Was she talking to the folks she was prosecuting under a fake name, as seductive blonde, while these people were already represented by lawyers? Was she influencing witness testimony? Was she on your page to spy on you or entrap you? Was she using this information that “Britney Bella” gained against you in court without your attorney knowing it? This is serious stuff, and it effected a lot of us here in this valley. Not only were rights likely violated here, our general privacy was being violated while the 50 year old DA “acted” like a 19 year old Penn State student and friend requested, and possibly initiated instant message chats with high school boys that were on that friend list. A prosecutor is not supposed to interrogate a child without a parent present, particularly not a prosecutor in disguise on social media, under an array of seductive and lewd photographs.

There has been outcry, complaints, lawsuits and generalized mayhem coming out of Bellefonte for a year. Like the sweep it under the rug mentality we adopted when dealing with the Jerry Sandusky’s problem, we are having the same problem here. We apparently learned nothing. We are tolerating a predator engaging in severe legal misconduct, and we are tolerating and allowing the behavior. The news is not reporting on it. People were not talking about it till recently. It was only a select few who really grew adamant. Was a part of you not totally surprised when Jerry Sandusky was charged? Maybe, rumors had been going around for years apparently. Was anyone surprised at the extent of his crimes? Definitely. That trend is to follow, with all the record burying, this is the tip of the iceberg. If it smells bad, that’s probably because it is.

Now, for the victims of the text messaging during trial, and for the victim defendants (the ones sitting in jail), whom were contacted by Parks Miller via the Facebook persona – THEY GET RE-TRIED. Their rights were violated, they were denied their paramount and fundamental sixth american amendment right know (like the 60 million dollar civil settlement in Sandusky) that this expensive news might be hard to swallow, but do we really have a choice under constitutional law? I don’t see where we have a choice not to retry the people sitting in jail whose civil liberties were denied because our prosecutor could not follow the rules. Money should be no object when it comes to assessing the administration of justice as it pertains to people’s personal liberty and freedom. We are powerful in Centre County, but we certainly cannot re-write or re-interpret the constitution.

Click here to learn how it was discovered Stacy was texting in court.

So… for the immediate problem… We could address the rumor, the innuendo, the gossip and the noise directly and head on to discover the truth now, or we could ignore it and let it fester for awhile longer until it becomes utter, horrifying, extensive catastrophe. We could let her keep going, we could let her keep burying the text messaging records, the office financial records, and all the other public officially kept public records.We could let it just keep going, sort of acknowledging the innuendo in the rumor, but never fully investigating. We could let it turn into a huge, scandalous, embarrassing statewide crisis that’s all over the news, or we could look the devil in the eye, and try and mitigate the damages done to people’s lives. We could turn this whole thing into a big $60 million dollar, epically escalating, horrible thing with unthinkable consequences and impact, or we could press the courts and the local police force to investigate further, and address this now.

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  1. Happy Valley Citizen, thanks so much for your new article. People need to be reminded over and over how much it will cost to re-try all the victims of Parks Millers ex-parte communication with judges.

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