Who leaked the story to Ganim?


Everybody has their camp on Jerry Sandusky, you are either in camp Ziegler where you believe Jerry Sandusky is innocent and the entire thing was a set up, or you are in camp everybody else, where you think – reasonably – there is no way in hell that Penn State would part with $60 million dollars if there wasn’t clear, concise and irrefutable evidence. Yes, $60 plus million dollars is a lot of money, no way in the world Penn State would part with all of that, without any concrete evidence. Don’t second guess me or mince my words: He did it.

Let’s skip all of that for a minute.

Jerry was recently back in court for a post conviction relief hearing. He is fighting for a new trial. Amongst the defense arguments for a new trial, was the argument that the grand jury material was leaked:

“Also at issue was the source of leaks from the grand jury prior to charges being issued in 2011. While prosecutors contended that the leaks to Harrisburg Patriot-News reporter Sara Ganim could have come from witnesses who were at the time not prohibited from discussing their testimony, Lindsay argued there was no evidence to suggest the leaks came from witnesses and said they came from the state.” – StateCollege.com

The most logical reaction, and indeed the reaction of Defense Attorney Al Lindsay, was that Kathleen Kane leaked the story to Sara Ganim. Kathleen Kane, who is already charged with felonies, for leaking grand jury material was the OAG – of course – who is pointing the fingers at her preceding AG Corbett for the leak. Doubtful.

What if Stacy Parks Miller or another crooked county actor leaked the information to Sara Ganim? What if she should be the one joining Kathleen Kane in a jail cell for felony leakage of grand jury materials. It would be highly interesting to view the correspondence between Ganim and Parks Miller in the weeks leading up to the March 17, 2011 press story that broke the Sandusky case wide open (grand jury secrets and all).

It’s actually not that far fetched, given Sara Ganim’s glowing press coverage of Parks Miller in all incidents preceding the leak. Parks Miller was elected in 2009, the grand jury was well on it’s way. In fact Parks Miller knew of the grand jury preceedings because she was the one who passed the tip off to the OAG office that the investigator should interview McQueery. Further, as she is quick to brag, she was the county’s Right to Know Officer during the entire fiasco, meaning she had access to all the information and she further had a motivation to disclose it. It was a favor to a fellow journalist who assisted greatly in getting her elected, the favor of glowing press coverage was returned with a Pulitzer prize winning news tip.

It stinks like rotten fish, and usually where there is a stench – ahem, pardon, I mean usually where there is smoke there is fire.

Who within Centre County leaked what to who prior to the GJ report coming out? What county actor leaked the secrets of the grand jury report out to the public prior to the release of the grand jury report, and -most importantly -WHY?

Where was the leak? Who was behind it? And was Penn State operating it, like the man behind the curtain? To cover their own a**.


  1. The Centre County Court has become a DISCRASE in the Stacy Parks Miller tenure.
    Judges retiring to avoid DISCLOSURE , Ex part all the way to the disciplinary boards , Judge public speech declares your private reports mean more than in court. Falsified court orders. The child abuse epidemic. The proliferation of the child services budget gouging of Tax payers.Destroying eevidence by bleaching county owned phones to conceal criminal and unethical acts. Her relationship with Kathleen Kane to alter the outcome or a criminal investigation. And much more.


  2. This is John Ziegler. I don’t believe this case was a “set up” and I am hardly alone. You should read Mark Pendergast’s new book “The Most Hated Man in America.” This case isn’t even close. The proof is no one in your camp ever wants to discuss the evidence (because there isn’t any) or which specific accuser they really believe (because none is credible). Ironically, you don’t seem to like Miller, and she may have played an important role in how the two key stories of Mcqueary and Victim 4 evolved. Please learn the facts.

    1. I am aware she had criminal charges pending against victim 4, and also aware of the anonymous email. The reason I don’t like Miller has nothing to do with Sandusky. Miller did some horribly twisted things in this county, and obstructed the course of justice.

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