Clearfield County Dirtbag: Brian K. Spencer, Prothonotary


This is a blog that I’ve been meaning to write for a while, as clearly when I first heard about it, it made me seethe with indignant rage.

For all the f#cked up things going on in Clearfield Courts, last year the debaucle with Brian K. Spencer, Clerk of Courts, took the cake. Brian Spencer is a picture of a lazy, floundingering, ineffectual, loser of an elected public official.

Apparently the problem boiled down to this: Clearfield County Court of Common Pleas Judges and & MDJ’s were signing bail orders to release inmate and they were not getting filed for 60 plus or more days. Meaning, inmates were not getting freed from jail until sometimes 60 days after the Judges executed the Order. The paperwork was just sitting, and Spencer was also sitting, on his fat ass, not addressing the problem. If the problem were as he claimed, “a lack of man power,” then obviously it should have been Spencers fat ass sitting at the Clearfield Commissioners office asking for more money to hire another member of his administration.

But I’m not sure it was a lack of manpower, I called the Clearfield County Prothonotary’s office four times last week asking to speak with Brian Spencer during regular business hours. Sometimes, EMPHASIS ADDED, sometimes a receptionist picks of the phone. Spencer should at least train his receptionist a little better to cover his lazy tracks, because each and every time “Mr. Spencer didn’t come into today,” “Mr. Spencer has left early today,” or my favorite one so far: “Mr. Spencer usually doesn’t work on Thursday afternoons.” If your going to be a lazy good for nothing government worker, then you might as well train your staff to lie effectively for you….. How about: “Mr. Spencer is unavailable right now.” Seems to be a little more effective, particularly since you were accused of not doing your job, and clearly weren’t doing it.

What exactly does Mr. Spencer do except run a facebook page, and take every Thursday off, when he is not calling off or not showing up for work every other day of the week. Obviously when he is at work he is not processing paperwork for the Commonwealth, perhaps twiddling his thumbs playing online Casino in his back office.


People being arrested in Clearfield County may be spending time behind bars when they shouldn’t be. Both Clearfield County judges have signed a letter to prothonotary Brian Spencer regarding ongoing problems with paperwork being properly processed. The problems have led to people serving longer sentences or being taken to jail after their bench warrants have been lifted, according to the statement issued Tuesday. According to the judges’ letter, Clearfield County Jail Warden Greg Collins has repeatedly voiced concerns about delays in receiving sentences, parole orders and other documents that lead to prisoners not being released on time, being transferred to state prison late and other problems that impact the county’s checkbook and cause overcrowding. –Centre Daily Times, July 14, 2017, “Clearfield County Judges Concerned Paperwork is Leading to Longer Sentences.”

Well actually this is only half true, typical Centre Daily. The full truth is that the first one to call attention to the inadequacies of the prothonotary’s office was the County Warden, whose prison was overflowing due to the 60 day backlog. County Jail Warden Greg Collins has again voiced his concerns about the many problems caused by the delay in receiving the sentences, parole orders and other necessary paperwork in criminal cases. Without the necessary documents, prisoners are not timely paroled, transfer of prisoners to state prison is delayed and taxpayers’ money is wasted on jail overcrowding and housing of our prisoners in other counties.“This unacceptable delay and up to 60-day backlog in necessary criminal paperwork is caused by the mismanagement of the clerk of courts office by Prothonotary/Clerk Brian Spencer.” -See “Judges Accuse Prothonotary of Mismanaging Office, Causing Paperwork Backlog; Spencer Calls it a “Political Attack”  by  

It was only after a lawsuit was filed against Spencer by former County Clerk employee Linda Luce that public outrage was ignited, and Judge Cherry and Judge Ammerman joined into the fray. (It was after all election season). Without the objections of the County Warden, and the subsequent whistleblower lawsuit, Spencer would still be sitting with his feet up in his office prowling on Ashley Madison, eating frito lays and playing Sega Genesis. So the Centre Daily got it half way right.

According to the Gant Daily, Luce’s lawsuit entailed details both about Brian Spencer, and Spencer’s equally tubby wingman Stephen Marshall: “Although Stephen Marshall was receiving a paycheck and benefits to perform his duties as an employee of the prothonotary & clerk of courts office, Stephen Marshall performed little or no work,” according to the paperwork. Luce reportedly complained about this to Spencer; F. Cortez Bell III, the court administrator; Marianne Sankey of human resources; and the secretaries of both county judges. After this, she was fired. The lawsuit states that her firing was in violation of the “Whistleblower Law.” The county is liable to her for “loss of past and future income and benefits” and “damages for emotional distress.” She is asking for an “amount in excess of $20,000.”  This is the latest strike against Spencer, who is running for re-election this year. Previous statements from the judges explained that he is uncooperative and that paperwork is not being filed in a timely manner. –  Gant Daily,  “BREAKING: Former Employee Files Whistleblower Lawsuit Against Clearfield Co.  by  “

Yet to date, there has yet to be a former inmate to file any sort of civil suit seeking retributions for these inexplicably lazy delays by Spencer and his office to file paperwork. Amazing. Somebody should check with the bar association in Clearfield County and make sure these idiot country lawyers have a pulse, because clearly it would seem to me that some zealous defense lawyer, or civil lawyer, should have stepped in.

Eventually, in October (after god knows how long this went on), there was a hearing scheduled to hold Spencer in Contempt of Court. Spencer appealed the judges’ administrative order in August and filed a motion for stay, which would delay the enforcement of the order awaiting his appeal. According to information released by Court Administrator F. Cortez “Chip” Bell on Monday, Spencer filed a motion to withdraw his motion for stay, which was granted. The contempt hearing was then scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 24 “in order that the ongoing issues in Mr. Spencer’s office could be openly discussed,” Bell said.But on Thursday, Oct. 19, “Spencer filed an emergency application for stay pending his appeal with the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court.”

Unfortunately the Contempt hearing was cancelled at the last minute by Judges who approved an “emergency stay” motion submitted by Spencer. I wonder if these same Judges heard emergency motions for relief from the illegally detained inmates, and if those were also granted? I bet you NOT.

“First, Mr. Spencer wants a stay. The Judges scheduled a hearing on it, then Mr. Spencer doesn’t want a stay,” Bell said in his statement. “The only thing we know for sure at this point is that Mr. Spencer doesn’t want to talk about how his office is run, and a lot of taxpayer’s money is being wasted on lawyers for both sides.“All Brian Spencer has ever had to do to clear up this mess are three things. First, actually do work at his office. Second, cooperate with the Court. Third, cross-train his employees so all staff members can help process all necessary paperwork.”

Oh but then it gets better. I had mentioned it was election year. While Brian Spencer and his sidekick did not have ample time to complete the duties of their office, they had plenty of time to make a float to participate in Clearfield parade and campaign together. But here is the worst part, CLEARFIELD RE-ELECTED THIS IDIOT AGAIN IN NOVEMBER 2017. I believe this is likely due to the fact that the CLEARFIELD PROGRESS DID NOT PUBLISH ONE STORY ON THIS PAPERWORK DEBACLE IN THE PROTHONOTARY’S OFFICE, and two, I’m not sure anyone ran against Brian Spencer.

Spencer, who is an internet troll, I imagine will read this soon. I have a single message for him: On what planet do you live on to think it’s okay to waste an additional sixty days of any one person’s life because your too lazy to file paperwork. Personally, I think the Judges should have gone through with your contempt hearing, and held you in contempt and made you do sixty days in jail.

I hope you have resolved your paperwork “issues.” I see that you and Mr. Marshall have made a new hire. Hopefully she is capable of scanning, stamping and placing things on the docket, because clearly those tasks are above you.

And Clearfield County!!! To re-elect this Bozo? We can’t help you if you guys don’t help yourselves.

And to Clearfield defense lawyers: Has anyone bothered to sue for the waste of time one lazy piece of shit caused when your clients were jailed above and beyond their sentences?

Good luck Brian Spencer, if you don’t manage to get elected, I bet you could probably move back into your mom’s basement and play Super Smash Brothers, no pesty paperwork required, and Clearfield I hear liberally hands out disability statuses.

Personally I think this twat should have sat in jail for sixty days and experienced the delay he caused so many others, I also think he should be personally responsible for the cost to tax payers that this shit show caused due to jail over crowding.

But that’s just me. I would have liked to ask Spencer personally some questions, but Spencer doesn’t appear to ever actually go into the office.



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