Clearfield County – Fugitive of the Week: BILL SHAW

Below is just a fragment of what I’ve heard come out of Clearfield regarding District Attorney William “Bill” Shaw. I am also hearing of Clearfield County Courts conducting arraignments and preliminary hearings without defendants/inmates being provided with public counsel…. “If you cannot afford counsel to represent yourself against these charges, the court will appoint one…..” Basic pinnacle of American justice, in the constitution.

The biggest rumors out though, do not have to do with his performance. The most prominent rumors people in Clearfield like to email me is that Bill Shaw got a DUI that was swept under the rug, Bill Shaw beat his ex girlfriend.

Shaw: Fat, arrogant, slow and bald, has carried on his legacy by riding on the good name of his fathers. The last name Shaw, in Clearfield, is sort of like the last name Bell. They are synonymous with Courthouse official or Courthouse employee. But Shaw’s legacy is not nearly as squeaky clean as his father’s. Some in Centre County believe it was Shaw who honed and cultivated the monster that ended up being District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller.


It was well known the two dated, and rumored that the two enjoyed cocaine frequently. There is one particular story by the State Troopers, who will tell you they were running a “sting” operation on a local drug ring at a carwash in Clearfield County. Low and behold, Shaw and Parks Miller went through, and were caught on camera in the middle of the day on their lunch break. Purportedly they were not washing their cars.

But beyond that, it’s the reports of activities in the courthouse that are most deeply concerning, the one standing out the most – as I mentioned – was Defendants being represented without Counsel. Private defense counsel from Clearfield reports watching Shaw from a distance, and Shaw catching their stares, and then very LOUDLY advising defendants that they should get counsel.

More than that, there is – to the best of my knowledge – NO DRUG COURT in Clearfield, despite having some of the most drug infused hopeless populations. Clearfield County also has some of the longest sentences, and the most severe charges.

  • A harassment complaint has been filed against Clearfield County District Attorney William A. Shaw Jr. According to court records, the complaint was filed by Pine Township resident Judy K. DuFour. She alleged that Shaw repeatedly drove by her house, frequently pointing a camera at her and her property. She alleged that when she’s outside, he points his cell phone at her and appears to take photos. The complaint indicates that she contacted the state police in Clearfield on March 2010. She states in her complaint she was advised there was nothing she could do. The complaint states the behavior has continued for over a year. She states in the complaint that Shaw’s alleged actions have scared her to the point where she will not stay in her residence overnight. -Gant Daily: CITATION
  • The Shaw-Shank Ommission:
  • The Evidence-Less Rape Prosecution: “This case was wrongfully prosecuted by the Commonwealth,” Zwick said. “If anything, Shaw’s own decision to push this case to trial, while ignoring evidence tending to show my client’s innocence, will have a ‘chilling effect’ on future reports of actual child abuse.” Please see: CITATION
  • “I’d like to thank The Progress and Gant Daily for not printing what they know about me. They are aware that I beat my former girlfriend. They are aware of my DUI bike crash, but they chose to get in line and not suffer consequences that that stupid DuBois paper.”. Shaw is referring to The Courier Express, a publication that detailed these and other allegations involving drug use and an undisclosed arrest record. Shaw promised revenge on those backing his opponent. “Even though charges have already been thrown out by a jury, I plan to bring the house against the Grice’s relative in that rape case,” said a determined Shaw. “I also plan on talking with everyone that knows Derek Walker. I don’t care if I have to go back to Kindergarden, if that guy as dare threw a crayon in the 1970s he’s gonna have the book thrown at him.” –Topix, Clearfield: CITATION
  • A civil complaint against Clearfield County District Attorney William A. Shaw Jr. has been amended and filed by former Fifth Congressional District candidate Derek Walker.In the amended complaint, filed Thursday afternoon in US Federal Court, Western Pennsylvania District, Walker alleges that Shaw solicited and/or coerced false statements multiple witnesses implicating him in the incident at his ex-girlfriend’s residence, including statements from two witnesses that Walker videotaped her and someone else. Walker alleges that Shaw attempted to coerce the victim in that case to make false statements implicating Walker in additional crimes.Walker’s complaint states that he victim refused to cooperate with Shaw and that she asked him to not file charges against Walker. The complaint states that despite her requests and no new evidence, Shaw filed charges against Walker.

    Walker’s complaint also states that Shaw made comments to people during March and April of 2008 that he intended to file charges against Walker prior to the election. -Gant Daily CITATION


From what I know, the above is just the tip of the iceberg. I’m compiling complaints and information about District Attorney Bill Shaw, if you have information that you would like to share, you can email me anonymously at


  1. More info on Shaw and Stacy
    Hard to find.
    Supposedly there was a domestic violence incident between them and police responded. They filled PFAs
    On each other. Rumors say both PFAs are sealed. Look into that.

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