Cynthia Baldwin Played the PSU Three

I was wondering if this would ever happen:

For years, three Penn State executives argued in court that a university lawyer mislead them about who she represented in Jerry Sandusky grand jury proceedings.

Now she is facing her own legal issues for that. A Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania hearing has been scheduled in May for Cynthia Baldwin.

The Office of Disciplinary Counsel in November filed a petition for discipline against Baldwin — a former state Supreme Court justice, Penn State trustee and university general counsel. -CDT: CITATION

Baldwin, once a Penn State Trustee and PSU General Counsel, is finally under disciplinary action. Recall that in January 2016, a panel of Superior Court Judges ruled that the perjury and obstruction charges (the most serious charges), against Curley, Spanier and Shultz should be dropped, opining in part that their representation, Cynthia Baldwin, had improperly represented them. They believed that Cynthia Baldwin had even breached attorney client privilege by running back to Penn State with the stories the PSU three had told her and meeting with the PSU BOT to discuss strategy.

It should be to no one’s surprise that Baldwin’s interests lay in protecting the Penn State machine, even if it was at times to the detriment of her “clients.” I’m sure that there was very little secrecy that went on in the “secret grand jury” proceedings involving Curley, Spanier or Shultz – or for that matter Sandusky.

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Of course after the Superior Court Judges dropped the perjury and obstruction charges against the PSU 3, the Attorney General’s office had ample time to appeal that decision, but by that time Kathleen Kane had her own impending legal problems. The Attorney General’s had further chance to appeal under Bruce Beemer after Kane was indicted, but word from within is that Shapiro told Beemer to back down. So despite obvious acts of perjury and obstruction by the PSU 3, they were allowed to slide through without facing the most serious of the charges on which they had been indicted. Garbage. It’s a different standard of justice for the rich and powerful.

That said, Cynthia Baldwin was still as crooked as crooked comes in her “representation” of the PSU 3:

Records from a federal investigation show a lawyer whose role in the Jerry Sandusky investigation has held up the criminal prosecutions of three former top administrators praised one of them effusively just months before testifying he was “not a person of integrity.”

The notes made public Sunday by a lawyer for former Penn State president Graham Spanier indicate the university’s former general counsel, Cynthia Baldwin, told the federal Office of Personnel Management in early 2012 that Spanier was very smart, “a man of integrity,” and “very forthcoming and open” with the board of trustees.

About six months later, Baldwin, a former state Supreme Court justice, testified before a grand jury that Spanier told a series of lies and misleading statements before and after Sandusky was arrested in late 2011 on child molestation charges. – The Times Herald: CITATION

With backstabbing representation like that, it’s no wonder people hate lawyers. But who could blame Baldwin, she was on the Board of Trustees and of course her six figure plus salary and cushy part time job was more important than any oath she took as an attorney. She was out to protect Penn State, i.e. her own ass first.

But it gets a little better, Baldwin also stuck her nose in the McQueary matter. She was the Board of Trustees most vocal defender of pulling McQueary off the field and placing him on administrative leave of absence after Paterno had been fired. Despite McQueary’s objections “But I didn’t do anything wrong.” Baldwin was insistently staunch in her defense of the BOT decision that would serve to ban McQueary from ALL Penn State Athletic Facilities.

Baldwin’s and the BOTs decision to ban McQueary was a decision, that would later come to surface in a civil case, to cost Penn State in the neighborhood of $10 million dollars.

Baldwin, in an ironic twist, wound up being a staunch defender Tuesday of the university’s decision to place McQueary on paid, administrative leave during the upheaval that followed the Nov. 5, 2011 arrest of former PSU football assistant Jerry Sandusky on child sex abuse charges.

Baldwin said the calls and emails started to come in shortly after then-Acting Head Coach Tom Bradley declared, the morning after Paterno’s firing, that he expected McQueary would coach in the Nebraska game.

She took the concerns that had been relayed to her about security to newly-appointed Acting President Rodney Erickson, and he moved swiftly – first to ensure that McQueary would not be in attendance at the game. -PennLive:CITATION

It’s nice to see the disciplinary board finally cracking down on Penn State, but I suspect this hearing will result in a slap in the wrist.

Oh by the way, Cynthia Baldwin’s new career after the BOT? She is an arbitrator. Anyone who hires her can expect her to play both sides of the coin and pick her favorite: The party that most benefits her.

What garbage!

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