Piazza Case was OVERCHARGED, Just Like I told you

Aggravated assault for serving alcohol….?!!! It was overcharged all along and the Attorney General’s office staunchly agreed.

The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office has dropped felony aggravated assault charges and some involuntary manslaughter charges that were dismissed and then refiled last fall against eight former members of Beta Theta Pi fraternity in connection with the death of Timothy Piazza.

Prosecutors will continue to pursue refiled charges of misdemeanor involuntary manslaughter against five of the fraternity brothers, along with a host of other counts in the case that numbers 26 defendants in total facing multiple charges.

Fraternity house deadly fall

Somehow Shapiro employs over 900 people yet hasn’t had time to review most of the charges and sought an extension, which was DENIED. Of course the national news coverage looks to crucify Penn State, any which way they can. Penn State has been a sitting duck for damning media coverage since the Sandusky story broke.

Shapiro, ever pandering to national news spotlight, and ignoring his home state, is well aware of this. Still he couldn’t argue with the law.

Then next time you get drunk at one of your friends house and fall up the stairs, well know you won’t be charged with aggravated assault.

Shapiro is holding up the law, but still doesn’t want to piss off the national news coverage. My opinion…. Charges are still overblown, but there should be penalties for these dick headed frat boys who didn’t call 911 and redressed Piazza.

“We will seek justice for the Piazza family,” Attorney General Josh Shapiro said in a statement. “My office is committed to holding every responsible individual accountable for their actions, consistent with the law and the evidence in this case.

“Our review is ongoing. These charges represent one part of our investigation, and we will have further information to release as our review moves forward.”

Parks Miller, I am sure, is drowning herself in a box of wine and making hysterical calls to the Attorney General’s office, which is most likely ignoring her.


I’m, at least glad, Josh Shapiro’s office has some sense of the law. I suppose the only charge that can be wagered for failure to call 911 is involuntary manslaughter, still a misdemeanor.

All and all this case is best left to civil courts to obtain retribution for the Piazzas….. And I go back to it….. No one forced the kid to join a fraternity, nobody held him down and forcibly poured the alcohol down his throat, he made choices that night. Funny how the Piazza’s seem to want all these frat boys to take personal responsibility and to be held accountable, but don’t hold their own son accountable, or expect any personal responsibility.

And what did Penn State say about this?

****** Crickets*****

I pray for the Piazza family, but I also pray for the brothers who made some bad choices and got caught up in a shit storm. I doubt any of them will face jail time, nor should they. It’s a controversial view, I am sure. But we have to look at the law and look at the history as to how things have been charged, we can’t invent new law because of a media firestorm.

And Josh Shapiro, WOW I’m not at all surprised he dropped some of the charges, and I don’t think he did it for altruistic reasons. I’m sure the pressure was on from Penn State, and he balanced that with the lure of the cameras in the national media, which obsessively has been following yet another Penn State scandal.

And the circus goes on….