Kevin Steele is doing the RIGHT thing by re-trying Cosby.

Bruce Castor languished in the momentary reaffirmation in the hung jury. He put out press releases and bathed in the self-righteousness, knowing full well he had been dead WRONG with not owning the Constead case.

Had there been a national media firestorm around Cosby when Constead came forward, Castor – who never shied from a camera in his life – would have basked in stringing up a black man. But at the time Castor was District Attorney, way back in his hey-day, it was another story. Cosby sat on the Temple board of trustees, and with a sterling reputation, donated millions per year to Philadelphia university.

Cosby was also a resident of Montgomery County. Bruce Castor’s father was the real estate lawyer facillitating the transaction of the Cosby mansion wherein the rape of Constead occurred. And these were the good old days when social media just got going. All it took was a couple of calls, and a cash donation to Castor, and POOF!!! Cosby charges? What Cosby charges?

Meanwhile woman after woman have come forward. Castor seethes and rages that he missed the opportunity to prosecute one of the most high profile sex predators of his time. He tosses and turns thinking about the glory he could have had, God forbid that glory goes to someone else. Had Castor only known about the media shit storm he would have basked in it, enjoying the spotlights of national media while being a small nobody District Attorney from a Philadelphia suburb. But at the time…. The Cosby pay out was worth much more than the glory.

Castor fights dirty and prides himself in it.

He doesn’t lie exactly, but he exaggerates prolifically, and allows you to form the own lie in your head. Then once he has you, the lies are endless.

Well respected lawyers like Gloria Allred and Dolores Troianas turn beet red with anger when you mention the Castor name, “that little snake.”

Castor is known to represent the shadiest of the shadiest character. I got an email from Bruce Castor once telling me to shut up, it was two and a half pages long. Because that’s how Castor writes, he runs his mouth so much that he puts his filthy foot in it every time.

So imagine Kevin Steele listening to this horse shit during the first jury’s acquittal of Cosby.



Imagine Andrea Constead and all the other rape victims listening to it.

The second trial is coming up. A lot of women are relying on Kevin Steele. Steele had won the District Attorney election overwhelmingly over Castor in the last Montgomery election cycle.

The world is watching, it’s time for Justice. And time to shut Bruce Castor up, along with his floundering law practice and dying reputation, once and for all.

The world stands behind Steele, first and foremost California. The People are watching and hoping that good will win.

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