The Bellefonte High School “Walk-Out”

Detention for the Bellefonte Area High School students who walked out.

Mad press and accolades for the State College Area High School students who walked out to protest mass shootings on campus.

Now, if I had children at Bellefonte Area High School, I would fight the demarcation on the student record.


Last I checked these kids had first amendment rights, but you can check the American Constitution, just in case I got that wrong.

So hundreds of Students in Bellefonte walked out during class, during a display of national support for preventing school shootings. Sounds criminal to me. NOT.

I love the redneck Bellefonte feedback: “If you walk out of a job then they will fire you, teach these little shits a lesson.” What a blue collar message. Pathetic.

You know what, the kids are onto something. It’s more about making a statement for a broader cause than it could ever be about teaching personal responsibility. Hitler also told his followers to shut up and sit down. So Bellefonte teaches, “shut up and sit down.” What are they doing and who elected these assholes?

And I take a step back, looking at how State College Area High School handled this. They had extra security, they worked with student leadership and they knew they weren’t going to stop the walk out and 17 minutes of silence. But they would cushion it, they would acknowledge the pain in the student body, and they would encourage the peaceful assembly and political expression from some of the youngest and most imprintable members of the small community.

I would argue that while Bellefonte students sit in detention, they steam and spew. As they should. Their constitutional rights were violated. That’s more time to think about an honest cause. A cause of passion. In one of the first political expressions in their young life, and then it gets met with discipline.

I think of the Pink Floyd album, where high school students are given a curriculum that prepares them – not to think outside of the box – but to enter the blue collar workforce like a worker bee. Like an assembly line, offer the education that makes them most compliant to blue collar work, factory jobs, gas station jobs and bullshit. Nobody ever exactly expressed how these students were worth more.

And that makes me sad.

Bellefonte should reconsider who is on the school board. Bellefonte parents should proudly pick their high schoolers up from detention.

Sometimes it is about a higher cause. Sometimes we have to pretend to be Americans and live under the constitution.

The walk outs, under these threats, at Bellefonte Area High School are the next leaders of this community.

Stop shaming them. Put the shame where it belongs.

With the school administrators.

Shame on you guys, these kids were just American and expressing themselves..


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