Kelly Gillette Walker Dismisses Charges Against Wife-Beater Dale Beck

Dale Beck was angry at his ex-wife, and they were in the throws of a contemptuous divorce. There was a warrant out for his arrest after the police were called when he beat her in October. Purportedly, he threw her into glass from a mirror he had broken, and reached for a nearby lamp, and then he brutally beat her with it. He was charged with simple assault, and had an outstanding warrant out for him.

His wife had moved from the house in April. She could take it no more. She was concerned for her own safety. Almost all of her belongings remained in the Port Matilda home they had shared. As most women victims of abuse tend do, the soon to be ex wife remained supportive of her husband, however she was distant. She provided him with booze, cigarrettes and food, though she still did not return to her home – likely at the urgings of her friends and family, who did not want to see another violent outburst from the very volatile Dale Beck.

It was soon after, on October 15th, that the woman’s family and friends urged her to cut ties with Mr. Beck. As for the outstanding warrant for the domestic assault charges, she informed Beck she would give him until October 16th to turn himself into police. Otherwise she would inform police he was back at home.

Beck, I’m guessing, went into a drunken rage upon receiving this information. The victim tried to reason with him, pointing out that she wondered what would happen to his property if he went to jail, and also pointing out that she was entitled to half the proceeds of the sale of their marital home in their divorce.

But Beck, furious and drunk, could not be reasoned with.

Beck, I imagine, was overcome with alcohol fueled rage, and beyond mad that he would have to stand accountable for beating the sh*t out of his wife with a lamp, while she was laying on broken glass. He then set fire to the home and went across the street to “watch it burn.” Smoke billowed up through the house, and as it smoldered for some time, Beck watched. Then it began to burn. Inside the house were almost all of his ex-wife’s possessions.

He admitted to responding officers he had been drinking, when he chose to torch the marital home. Cops charged him with Arson.

 Beck told police he had been drinking alcohol when he went into the home and built a fire near the living room because he was angry. He left the residence and went to a bedded encampment that he made across the street from the house to watch the home fill with smoke and eventually catch on fire, according to the affidavit of probable cause.

Trooper Richard Hoover said the home appeared to be “a total loss” on Wednesday. He also said there was no related damage to neighboring structures. Beck was charged with arson and risking a catastrophe as a result of the fire.

-Centre Daily Times: CITATION

Beck’s Attorney insisted that Beck’s actions were not intentional and were not rising to the level of catastrophe, she failed to acknowledge that Beck had personally started the file and went across the street to, in his own words, “Watch it BURN.”

Centre County Deputy District Attorney Sean McGraw countered Malone’s claims and said arson charges have two elements: starting a fire and starting a fire with intent to damage a building. McGraw leaned on Beck’s admission that he started the fire intentionally and destroyed the home and the woman’s personal belongings in the process. –Centre Daily Times

Defying any and all logic, Gillette Walker decided to dismiss the charges against beck during an arraignment. “After reviewing all of the information against you, I am dismissing the charges,” Gillette-Walker said. Perhaps Beck was a friend to Kelly Gillette Walker, or perhaps Beck had made a donation to Kelly Gillette Walker’s last campaign. Or maybe, perhaps Kelly Gillette Walker was unsympathetic with the victim whom Beck had beat with a lamp, and caused to run from the home.


OR maybe, just maybe, Kelly Gillette Walker reasoned that Beck had been intoxicated, so therefore he wasn’t in the correct frame of mind when he started the fire. Or maybe Kelly Gillette Walker wanted to shoot back at the current DA’s office, because she was an avid Parks Miller supporter and her former employee. Whatever the case, I suspect the reasons are more personally based, than legally based, for her odd decision.

Bottomline: If you feel like torching your home in Centre County because your mad at your ex-wife, then make sure you live in Kelly Gillette Walker’s district, so you can get off scot-free.

When is this little troll up for re-election/retention? This is one Judge that needs outed. Notorious for setting ridiculously high bails, she is not the type of character we need in office. She once set $5,000 bail for a man begging for money for food on the street, as you can imagine, the panhandler did not have the $5k, so he sat their in jail for months.

And what of Bruce Castor bailing out some of Kelly Gillette Walker’s relatives for illegal commercial dumping charges? Those charges – POOF – disappeared, when that loser Bruce Castor was Attorney General for a day.

So beat your wife with a lamp, and torch the house, make sure you live in Gillette Walker’s district if you do. That way you can be guaranteed to get off.

He just wanted “to watch it burn.”

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