JUDGMENT DAY: April 23, 2018: PA Supreme Court vs. Defendant Stacy Parks Miller – The Meaning Behind It


With the crackdown on crooked politicians and corruption in Pennsylvania Courts, April 23rd is a day to mark your calendars. Pennsylvania Voters NEED protection from the worst types.


Today Pennsylvania Voters witnessed Bedford County District Attorney served with arrest warrant and resigning.

Dear God I would have loved to be a fly on the wall for that validation of a public servant caught redhanded via wiretap extorting women for sexual acts in exchange for plea bargains or getting out of trouble.

Who does he think he is and why in God’s name does he still have a license? Chuznicki? Kittredge?

A suspect under indictment sold drugs to a confidential informant and had multiple witness statements affirming she was dealing drugs, the state federal agents got a search warrant, purportedly. Some member of law enforcement had the good sense to walk out on a limb and wiretapped the phones to Higgin’s office, where they caught him calling off the search warrant, allegedly saying “Honey I saved your ass,” meanwhile negotiating his next blow job.

State troopers pull through, once catching Parks Miller and Shaw buying cocaine during a sting operation at a car wash in Clearfield on a lunch break (allegedly and on camera), it’s nice to hear about the people stinging Higgins actually not being cowardly shit heads, going out on a limb, putting the People first and doing the right thing.  No matter he was a district attorney, Higgins – that sexual predator, supposedly high class, good for nothing elected “man of the People” : That asshole did the perp walk today.

Shaw, you are next.

Within the past two years we also saw the fall of Seth Williams, Kathleen Kane and a number of other horribly corrupt individuals – paid by tax dollars – while preying on taxpayers.

With a national movement towards judicial and prosecutorial reform, and with Pennsylvania being ranked among the top five most corrupt states in the nation: The time is NOW to make a statement, put a stop on it and pay attention.

Watch and listen carefully, because the Pennsylvania Supreme Court judges is about to reveal exactly how important and unimportant John Doe is. The next thing that is about to happen is going to prove how much your government gives or does not give a flying shit about you.

Lawyers in office WORK FOR the taxpayers who are paying their salaries and trusting them tor represent their better interests, and to uphold constitutional laws that stretch far beyond their pathetic small town moments of prestige or fame.

When government runs haywire and does whatever they like, a shockingly doomed, dispassionate, lethargic and quiet chaos ensues. It approaches as discreetly as a malignant cancer or eviscerating sickness, a quiet and subtle nearly fatal ailment. An almost gone unnoticed crippling state, unnoticed physiologically , red taped, beaurocratic bull shit infused state of government greed, wherein shit occurs like Sandusky, Barbara Hafner, Sandusky or porngate occurs. And that by the time diagnosed, the government has already diminished our metaphorical health to marginal rights that equate debilitating impairment, or a close quartered knife fight involving patriots such as that of Simon Campbell or renegade Gene Stilp just to start to get to the very beginning of “catching up.” 

It all goes to hell in the blink of an eye. Yes, President Barron, this is directed at you too with your $16,000 a week salary while you refuse to give the guys in your building cleaning up the toilet after your morning shit any sort of health insurance, meanwhile you are eliminating and penalizing unions.

Fat cats, grinning, and voting on their own raises annually, meanwhile the handsomely paid smug government paid tyrannical fools, consumed by small time, historically unremarkable 15 minute moment meaningless moments of fame stand in stark contrast to the population in an economic recession, without healthcare, over incarcerated and at the whims of the very people and system they naively put in place so they could sleep for a time and hope order of the imaginary idealistic world would somehow magically propel itself. By the time the hyponic jerk has occurred, and the distraction of the plastic world of cable reality television shows is shut off the damage is done, and boom – we are sick victims of our own government, without any possible pushback, and the onslaught is well and hopelessly underway. “Transparency” and “accountability” has degenerated into a total lack of power, and in our ignorant, simpleton, oblivion, things like Sandusky or Barbara Hafer or Eric Barron/Spanier, or mandatory minimums and depressed economy has occurred.

In other words, while you were sleeping Eric Barron was giving himself a raise and Josh Shapiro was ordering a motorcade, and there was a government shut down because congress couldn’t agree on a budget; or maybe because when they finally did agree on a budget it was because half of them didn’t show to vote. Or porngate occured, or $400k went missing with no repurcussion, all the while you were trying to read status updates on facebook, navigating a crosswalk while the smiling smug chesire cats navigated by you with their government health insurance, luxury cars, pension plans and annual raises you never voted on almost ran over  you during a hail storm.

In other words: By the time we catch up with the destruction consuming the system, the system is already managing and cunningly orchestrating the very specific strategy of the unfolding of it all.

And boom, then the victims of a physiologically asleep population are reaping the catastrophic results of their very naive daydream, a delusion assuming that showing up and voting is enough to ensure that these narcissistic personalities we put in office to protect us will actually do their jobs, and put our welfare, the welfare of People first. And boom,,catastrophic results are Mark Ciavarella profiting from jailing future generations of 13 year olds for stealing candy bars, so he can make a quick buck. Or an embarrassment like Sandusky, Kane, Barbara Hafer running our very ruin while we standby like idiot sevants in a delusion. And with no recall laws in place, and and the escalating horror of a mess, suddenly the sleepy generation of today becomes victimized by the very organizational structures that we put in place to prevent these things, and it all goes downhill from there.

It’s NOT the case in this day in age that the elected rule breaker PAYS; instead, and most tragically, it’s the People who pay the consequences and suffer at the hands of a few deceptive charlatan crooks.

Worse: It’s the same crooked system that protects fraudulant, ugly, blemishes of Americans, which is why the PEOPLE took action in a revolution against the british, and why the American spirit continuously, perpetually and astonishingly seems to consistently prevail against every hope and every odd.

Yes, it’s that serious to me. And it has nothing to do with Parks Miller as a person, because she bears no relevance and her reputation is in such tatters that she’ll either starve in private practice or go running back to Lewistown and dissappear into some sad small town oblivion, never to be heard from, except for the occasional shoplifting or drug charge appearing in a police blotter in some nowhere paper nobody reads. It has nothing to do with her.

This is about a bigger picture, I can’t stress that enough. This is about a decay in a system, and a lazy generation addicted to their cell phones. They aren’t rioting against Vietnam, or protesting voting rights for women or minorities. We’ve been at war for over a decade and I can’t think of the last anti-war rally I’ve heard of.

There is a disturbing, broadening and disheartening apathy that is doing nothing but flourishing. There is an inexplicable dispassion that goes against the very grain of what I thought I learned in American history classes during grammar school.

What is happening on April 23 in the Pennsylvania Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has little to do with Parks Miller as a person.

There is a bigger and more pathologically, subversively, depressing underlying cultural syncope, a growing illness; which essentially can be summed up in a sentence: “I stopped giving a fuck, because giving a fuck hasn’t made a difference.” 


The Pennsylvania judicial system is so out of control, it’s almost beyond hope, and nothing we do can matter because it’s just so far gone at this point.


But April 23, 2018, and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court could change that. Not just by adding accountability to Parks Miller as an individual, but by sending a message to the public and to those in power who are abusing the system.

This hearing isn’t about her.

Instead this hearing is answering a broader, illustrious, pre-eminent and crucial question: How does government protect citizens from the acute, unfortunately innate impulsivities of human nature, that make individuals fold and succumb  to the allurement of greed, self promotion and corruption. We are answering the broader question of how we protect ourselves, through government, from each other.

The law eagerly imposes penalties and consequences on the common man. In a frenzy to combat the pain of injustice, we seek retaliatory justice in hopes of stopping cruelty, inhumanity and the darkest impulsive recess of human nature from striking out and creating victims.

What happens when the enforcers of justice are the creators of victims?


What happens when a person like Bedford County District Attorney Bill Higgins, or Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams, or Pennsylvania District Attorney Seth Williams, or Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas Judge Mark Ciavarelli make victims out of the same people they are sworn to protect?

Why are elected officials in the justice system in Pennsylvania upheld to a lesser standard of justice and accountability than that in which they are sworn to enforce?

There is no way to protect the People, except through the actions of the People and through the vigilance of the media.

What is happening on April 23rd, when a former Centre County District Attorney stands in front of a panel of Supreme Court Justices has little to do with the individual facing the penalties. Nor does it have much to do with the exact actions of the offender themselves, because the actions have little to do with the inherent message.

The message is this: The PEOPLE come first. Government officials, which we elect in office, take an oath and when they break the law, or break that oath, or breach the trust – There has to be consequences, otherwise why have government at all?


Over and over again, at the sheer disregard of the public, we watch these politicians in Pennsylvania get away with metaphorical murder of public trust. Meanwhile we face the onslaught of mandatory minimums, mass incarceration, lack of public trust in law enforcement, lack of motivation to vote (because what difference does it make?) and a pure distaste, sense of hopelessness, despondency in the easily visualized decay of the “justice” system before the very eyes of the people funding it and relying upon it.

‘Explain, defend or apologize; Lie, Deny, Distract or Minimize’: The somersaults of criminals, replicated in a more sophisticated way by lawyers in suits.

Yes, that’s right. You know exactly what I am talking about, particularly if you happen to be one of them: The Elected Criminals Among Us, wearing robes or tailored Kenneth Cole pinstripes and power ties. OR maybe a prosecutor, whose shirt is a little to low cut, whose skirt is a little too short, his heels are inappropriately open toed, or metaphorically – the people running the show, but not taking it seriously enough at all – forgetting in their self obsessions and agendas, the lives at the end of the charades. Those people, who are wrecking Pennsylvania, ruining our reputation on a national scale and destroying lives in shameless and unmitigatedly selfish pursuit of short, small 15 second fame and a paycheck. Like Ciavarelli traded lives of children, and like Higgins traded pleas for blow jobs – you know the type I am referring to – the “officials” in office who are slowly and persistently wrecking Pennsylvania. That slow moving trainwreck we are watching, and by now conscious of as Americans, that happens to be particularly awful in Pennsylvania. That All-American tragedy occurring right before our eyes, unchecked, out of control, despicable – a heart-breaking, seemingly pre-written, cataclysmic-oncoming and ever-present on our future American story’s history, with constantly, ever0increasing, palpable consequences to innocent future generations – A growing civil rift that is worsening by the day in the  oblivion of an apathetic, beaten-down, social media addicted and dismal population that is so fed up, they just one day up and gave up.

The Ones Most Responsibility for Honestly Upholding the Law and Protecting Us? Well THEY ARE THE ONES WE SHOULD BE HOLDING TO THE HIGHEST STANDARDS.

Larry Krasner, pictured here in his Center City offices, is challenging Seth Williams for the office of Philadelphia District Attorney, Feb. 14, 2017.

Hundreds of judicial transgressions have been uncovered during the last decade, with results that cost the defeated litigants their home, business, custody, health or freedom.

Some of the best-known cases involve judges who ultimately did suffer consequences for their behavior, including Texas judge Christopher Dupuy, who bullied four lawyers who filed conflict-of-interest recusal motions between 2011 and 2013. Attorney Lori Laird asked that Dupuy bow out in 2013 because she’d represented Dupuy’s ex-wife in the couple’s custody battle in Galveston. The judge responded by slapping her with 37 counts of contempt, demanding that she “explain, defend or apologize” for her motion. He later sentenced her to 220 days in jail, although she didn’t serve any time.

Similarly, attorneys like Bernie Cantorna, or Philip Masorti, or the private lawyers who begged to question the inequalities they were witnessing firsthand, and the lack of ethics, were hit with retaliation, lawsuits, slander and penalized for protecting the oaths they took as Attorneys.

What happens on April 23rd has little to do with Parks Miller, because she is essentially irrelevent now. She has been exposed through a long knife fight with a flippant weak minded adversarial media scratching and clawing and fighting for their seat as a pampered lapdog, against the very core interests and betterment of the public, Parks Miller got exposed in spite of, despite of and regardless of the coveted, sycophantic-ally motivated paper-selling of fledgling subscription failing paper, and somehow – against all odds and in true American Spirit – patriotism prevailed.

Elected officials should be held accountable when they lie, break the law, break their oath, engage in sordid tactics or generally act against the best interests of the same constituents that put them in their fat cat salaried seats.

What is happening in front of the judiciary board on April 23rd has nothing to do with Parks Miller. Lately, if you haven’t been following, she is falsifying records about office space, taking on private clients without liability insurance, slandering and lying about Judges and peers who replaced her.

No, what happens on April 23rd should be taken into a general broader perspective. The question that is underlying all her perpetual need for attention and propensities of drama has nothing to do with her.

The question that will be answered on April 23rd is this: What is your government doing to protect you when things go wrong.

The Bernie Cantornas and Larry Krasners in the twisted and tormented realm of the Pennsylvania Justice System are far and few between. They are not the norms. They are particularly rare, politicians we might see only once upon a time.

For every one single hero, there are 1000 other enemies working against you, out for themselves, out for re-election and with callous disregard of your interest.


The question at hand is where is the stop block. And something very important to keep in mind, is that there is NO RECALL in Pennsylvania. Meaning, when a public official goes rogue, then there is no state code in place to allow voters to remove a cancerous like cyst like Seth Williams from office. We simply got to let the infection run it’s course, and hope that the damage isn’t too bad by the time the next election rolls around.

The message from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court when they make a disciplinary board ruling will go one of two ways, either they will protect the voters (holding a person elected to uphold the law to the highest standards of the law), or they will let it slide (due to political favors, their own sordid pasts or some other bull shit politics that have nothing to do with voter or Pennsylvanian interests.)

The message by the vote by that panel of Judges that comes after the hearing on April 23rd will answer on salient and imperative question: What is Pennsylvania doing to protect John Doe?

While Larry Krasner presses back in Philadelphia, hitting every piece of red tape, stepping on every Philadelphia Judge’s toes, fighting the system, taking no prisoners and making no apologies – he is the rarity, not the norm.

We have to expect better, not only that, but we have to demand better. Otherwise, the consequences of this generation are going to continue to unfold as a disgraceful American tragedy. There is a saying…. “You give them an inch, they’ll take a mile.” Nothing could be more true. Absolute power breeds absolute corruption. In the spirit of Krasner and the patriots who threw the tea overboard in an impending American revolution, we have to somehow demand a little bit better.

Pennsylvania, home to Ben Franklin and our forefathers, should be leading the way. Instead, we are a state marked by the infamy of judicial corruption.

It’s time to hit back, and if our judiciary doesn’t do that for us, then we have to make other arrangements – like for example pressing our legislature.

There has to be consequences. Part of the reason we have harsh penalties in our criminal courts is for the purpose of dissuasion, and for that same reason, we need the absolute harshest consequences in place for the people elected that violate public trust.

22799_Image1M (1)

Let’s see what the Pennsylvania Supreme Court does, let’s see if they give a fuck. Because last I heard there is no term limits on these guys. Let’s see if they are actually working for us, or working just to protect their crooked friends.

P.S. PENNSYLVANIA VOTERS NEED RECALL, & POSSIBLE ACTION FOR TERM LIMITS IF JUDGES ARE NOT WORKING TO SERVE THE INTEREST OF HONEST TAX PAYING PENNSYLVANIANS. AND IF ACTION IS NEEDED TO THAT EFFECT, THEN WE ARE ABOUT TO FIND OUT. TO THE SUPREME COURT JUDGES, THAT WORD “ACTION” IS A PROMISE – NOT A THREAT.  AMERICANS, particularly people from Pennsylvania, are remarkably resourceful, feisty and resilient – And there are a growing number who are FED UP. You want proof of that, I’ll give you Larry Krasner’s email address.




MARK your calendars. Cameras are illegal in Pennsylvania Courts, but this should be highly publicized, and the hearing is open to the public. Plan to attend if you can. 




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