The Truth About the Stathill Investigations Case, “Fuck the Police” because the FOP got FED-UP with Parks Miller

Sit tight, this is a long convoluted fucked up story that I am still getting only pieces of. This is part I of III. Stay tuned for some Centre County secrets, which you won’t hear anywhere but here.


RECENT FACEBOOK POST BY STACY PARKS MILLER:“Where is this case? Why has no one been arrested? Is it because the lawyer for one officer was hired by Bernie Cantorna as a prosecutor?? Holy conflict batman.. Is there a press? Does anyone care? #payattention #demandanswers

#MiddleAgedWoman using # signs are weird #tryingtobehip over the hill, and socially strange. It’s bizarre, & tad creepy, like middle school teachers you see on the news sexting students, there is something downright off.



A local police officer described the private meeting of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) vote to endorse the next District Attorney of Centre County, and it wasn’t Dann or Kessinger.

Attorneys generally do not get invited into FOP meetings, and the few exceptions are tight lipped about what happens. It’s like a “chapter meeting”, except by my very loose understanding, it generally involves police officers from multiple counties and districts, and certain members of the state troopers.

Within a close network of attorneys, I had little information to go on. And the attorneys I did know about these “secret proceedings” were very guarded, and very secretive and non-responsive to questions.

One would think that asking about a FOP meeting in Centre County was like me probing for CIA secrets.

It took me a while to garnish any information about the FOP “endorsement” meeting, which I had known about for weeks, but nobody would tell me about or even admit they knew about.

I got dead ends left and right, when I asked about it, members of the bar gave me either a blank stare indicating they knew nothing, or a completely guarded and defensive look. It was an expression of “I’m not going to tell you a damn thing no many how many times and how politely you ask.”

Pretty much dead ends.

FOP members are a little more cocky, a little less guarded than attorneys. The difference is like asking a full blown frat member versus a pledge about fraternity news.

I, admittedly, did not know many police officers. When I finally found a senior one that I was friendly enough to ask, my question was met with a smirk. I wanted to know about the FOP vote surrounding the endorsement. Bear in mind, at that point the FOP had endorsed neither candidate. They had held out, and the whole thing was a giant mystery.

I would later learn that the FOP had been fed up with the previous administration long before the press and media caught up with what is going on. These were the guys who avoided court at all costs, for a variety of reasons, which to this day, I likely do not know the full extent of.

One eggregious account I did manage to pry from a reluctant junior officer. I had heard a little bit about what happened. Parks Miller, during opening statements, fed words into the officer’s mouth; and then, when the officer got on the stand, he was forced to contradict himself during examination. As in she said, “And then the Defendant did X after you did Y.” And the officer, red faced and confused about what to do, said: “Wait, but that’s not in the report. The Defendant never actually said X, and I never actually did Y. I am not sure what to do here, but I am uncomfortable misrepresenting facts on the stand, and I don’t want to get charged with perjury, or suspended from my job.” He looked imploringly at the Judge. Parks Miller of course flew into her usual fit of histrionic hysterical rage. That officer then became another target of hers.

So the FOP endorsement meeting is not open to the public. Essentially, the smirking officer of 20 plus years finally disclosed information. He was bored and chatty, and on overtime.

It was raining the day of their “secret” meeting to decide if and when they were going to vote on giving a public endorsement. This decision was already made. Officers in the FOP wanted a change for a number of reasons, they were uncomfortable and the police chief had been fielding complaints about officers avoiding court. Particularly after a junior officer was faced with the decision of perjury, or contradicting Parks Miller, the self-labeled “chief law enforcement officer” of the county.

It was raining the day of the vote, and the decision making process is procedural. In Centre County, (I feel like I am disclosing fraternity secrets and outing a very secretive process), but I am not naming any names. The process is traditional. Each candidate gets a certain amount of time to make a case for themselves in attempt to talk their way into a FOP vote of public endorsement. The rule is that neither candidate can be in the room and hear what the other candidate says.

So it was raining that day. I was never quite clear on hearing who went first, and how that was decided. And keep remembering that my source of information was limited to FOP members who were reluctant to speak, but ten times less reluctant than attorneys (who do not routinely attend those meetings) to give details.

So the way it goes, is once every four years, an attorney or attorney(s) running for office get invited to one of these secret meetings. The police have these meetings monthly to discuss whatever it is the hell they talk about, speculating does nobody good.

What i do know is that it’s like sequestering witnesses. One candidate gets to speak, and the other one has to stand out of earshot, and they get a certain amount of time to make their case for an endorsement. After that the FOP votes in private, after hearing each candidate, and then according to this officer, there can be three outcomes of a collective and very secretive seperate voting session afterwards.

  • Endorsement of candidate A
  • Endorsement of candidate B
  • No endorsement at all, which could mean either that they don’t want to publicly endorse, or that they aren’t taking sides


It was raining that day, and by the flip of a coin, or however it was decided Cantorna purportedly went first. As the officer relayed, it’s a private message, as in no “rebuttal” and/or one candidate doss not have the advantage of hearing what the other one says ….

So Cantorna went first. Parls Miller had to stand out of ear shot. They escorted her out doors. There was no awning. True to Parks Miller form, she put on heavy make up and got hair extensions that day.  She had to stand outside for the allotted time, and Cantorna had an allotted time to speak. She stood in the rain.

At the end, the FOP members get to ask whatever questions they want, in which the Candidate is supposed to respond as directly as possible. The point is for the FOP to get a quick and clear impression of each candidate for office, form an impression to themselves and then discuss their opinions in another meeting (behind the candidates’ backs).

The whole thing lasted 29 minutes or so according to the officer telling the story. Meanwhile Parks Miller was forced to stand out of earshot. The FOP asked their questions to Cantorna, enforced the rules of secrecy and escorted him out of the building, concurrently – as he passed – inviting Miller in.

Once Cantorna was out of the building, out of ear shot, the proceedings began again. Parks Miller had hair extensions falling out and looked, by one officer’s account, like a coked up cartoon, eye liner running down her face and speaking manically, likely knowing before she started she had already lost them – or perhaps not – who knows, who cares? The majority of the members had already decided in one direction. They were not set on endorsing Cantorna, but they sure as hell would not endorse the sitting DA. They were up in the air about giving any endorsement whatsoever, they just knew they didn’t want another four year tenure under the Miller administration.

The nutty, drowned looking, coked up specimen of a nightmare speaking in her allotted timeframe changed a number of minds in the room. By account and vague rumor, it was so crazy that many were openly ready to endorse Cantorna. However, not knowing what the public would do, and wanting to maintain faith in what had been a very shaky administration, with a growing lack of public trust, the police in Centre County and surrounding counties made a decision of silence.

Eventually a few other litigation dramas and contentions went down where members of the police force were put on the spot, and the FOP voted and universally entered an endorsement save one detective hold out (whom I still don’t know his name), but it was a 90-95% vote to come out with a public endorsement.

The police were bearing the brunt of it all, and working cases with the limited staff of the DA office and seeing the mess firsthand. In addition, there was record turnover in the District Attorney’s office. As in Assistant District Attorneys quit/got fired as quickly as she could hire them. I am still unclear of what went on. But there were, per reports, a record number of 50 rotating ADAs under her tenure. I suspect the temper tantrums were a lot to bear, I suspect the ethical violations and law breaking (catfishing and being expected to lie on the record) made many fear for their licenses and livelihoods. And according to members of the police force who were actually willing to talk to me, the cases got frustrating as they grew old, and changed hands of prosecutors constantly – so each time it felt like “starting over.” Its nearly impossible to get any information from lawyers out of that office, you get responses filled with silence, discomfort and guardedness. It was a revolving door under that administration. Nobody lasted long, and those that did had nothing good to say at all, or if they did it was guarded and not good. 

So the public endorsement of Cantorna came in, and was nearly universally acceptable. They delayed releasing it, likely – I would imagine – fearing the characteristic and predictable retaliation. She had a blacklist, and this is documented. If you were a criminal defendant, and your lawyer pissed her off (allegedly), she fucked the criminal defendant to retaliate against any private lawyer who she had the slightest perceived offense against. There were no aggravating or mitigating circumstances, you – if you happened to be a criminal defendant – got fucked like a pawn if she happened to have some grudge (imaginary or otherwise) and your attorney hit the blacklist. It wasn’t about justice ever, it was about power and politics, nevermind the poor fucks caught in the system.

Meanwhile, there was an ongoing grand jury investigation going on in Centre County. It was the first Grand Jury investigation held by a Centre County District Attorney in Centre County history, recall that the Sandusky Grand Jury was conducted by Corbett in the office of the attorney general.

So the first GJ in Centre County conducted by the Centre County sitting DA was held by Parks Miller. Her reasons for doing it were public. After the investigating criminal grand jury looking into her forgery, theft of services, abuse of office etc was conducted by Kathleen Kane, she had held a public press conference.

  • The grand jury report clearing Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller drew responses from many of the parties involved, the most visible being a news conference held by Parks Miller on the steps of the courthouse Friday afternoon.
  • Parks Miller had harsh words for her accuser, Michelle Shutt, and asked the Attorney General’s Office to pursue charges against her former paralegal and “anyone else that assisted, encouraged and supported her lies” since the forgery allegations were made. From the report’s findings, Parks Miller said it is “crystal clear” that Shutt committed crimes such as perjury and making false reports.
  • The district attorney also named the Centre County Board of Commissioners, solicitor Louis Glantz and local defense attorneys Bernard Cantorna, Philip Masorti and Sean McGraw, Shutt’s attorney, in engaging in a “witch hunt” against her in an attempt to shatter her reputation by suggesting that her office and law enforcement in Centre County was corrupt.
  • “I respect the law and the Constitution and I demand that everyone that was involved in this corruption be prosecuted in this matter and I will fight against corruption as your DA,” Parks Miller said. “This stops here and now and I will not stop until the right people are held accountable.”
  • The three attorneys have factored in other prominent legal matters involving Parks Miller, county judges and county officials.Cantorna and McGraw, a former assistant district attorney in Parks Miller’s office, used phone records obtained through Right-to-Know requests filed with county government to allege ex parte communications between judges and prosecutors. These cases spawned lawsuits between Parks Miller, county judges and the county and defense attorneys over the state Right-to-Know law.McGraw and Masorti also sought to have Parks Miller disqualified from hearing cases involving their clients. Masorti withdrew that motion and a judge denied McGraw’s earlier this year.Bruce Castor Jr., Parks Miller’s attorney and Centre County special assistant district attorney, took the podium after Parks Miller and said the incident was not only an attack on Parks Miller, but also her office, district attorneys and the judicial system. Castor said he and Parks Miller will do everything in their power, to include calling on the legislature, to enhance penalties for falsely attacking public figures.Civil litigation is a “probability,” Castor said.“Until I have decided exactly the types of causes of action and the individuals that should be held civilly liable, I don’t want to say more, but I certainly will make the documents public when they are filed,” Castor said.


Parks Miller, in about a 20-minute long press conference, left the county in total shock. It was fueled with rage, sniffling, jerking, robotic movements and hysterics. People didn’t know what to make of it, particularly people following local government. At the time, I didn’t even know what a district attorney really was, or even what the purpose of having one was.

Parks Miller expressed that since Kane’s GJ had been so “effective” in “exonerating” herself that she was to call the first grand jury in Centre County history to investigate “missing persons,” “murders” and – of course – corruption.

Most people didn’t know what a grand jury was, except one time the office of the attorney general indicted Sandusky. Point is, nobody really cared or bothered to understand.

And people in Centre County have this amazing way about them, it’s sort of cultural flaw. An academic pleasant and objective, non-confrontational, detachment, where they are more inclined to give people the benefit of the doubt and chalk things up to “quirkiness” rather than deal with confrontation. If you have doubts on this, rewind: Stop, and ask yourself how Sandusky openly molested children for so long.

But this performance, was hysterical, publicly broadcasted, and involved the word grand jury, which was the first time anybody had heard that word or really paid attention since the Sandusky matter. Meanwhile, aside from the histrionics, hysteria and vitriol, there was another curious factor. Flanked behind Parks Miller, looking pasty, awkward and deeply uncomfortable was Bruce Castor – also sniffling – dressed in pin stripes and wearing cowboy boots – his hallmark outfit. Pasty and white and sniffling, Attorney Jim Bryant would later sum it up best for how people from Centre County failed to identify with it and were confused by the whole weird press conference. Jim said:  This is farm country, if your going to wear cowboy boots to court, then nobody will respect you unless they are covered in pig shit.

Regardless of what dynamics or appearances made that press conference attention grabbing and strange, the public was suddenly paying attention. And that was the beginning of the end.

See people in Centre County – as I said – have this sort of intellectual sort of detatchment, which is more inclined to avoid confrontation and forgive quirks, “protecting their own” than it is inclined to criticize. It’s a deeply horrible flaw, but this press conference was so strange, and so emotional, that of course people couldn’t help but escape that. There was something disingenuine and totally neurotically hysterical about it. Rumors and discussion started coming immediately. Other elected officials with no connection or affiliation to the DA’s office began publicly commenting. I mean people were just dumbfounded, it was a strange psychadelic sort of science fiction.

Of course, Parks Miller did not use her grand jury – the first local grand jury – to investigate murders or missing persons. Her purpose from the beginning can be found in that very strange press conference, and later summed up by federal Judge Matthew Brann in a filed opinion: Her purpose was retaliation and revenge. And Castor’s purpose? Guess? You got it; Money.

At that point he was running for Montgomery County District Attorney against Kevin Steele, but he knew he was playing a losing card after dropping the ball with Andrea Constead and the Cosby case. He was a national disgrace all in his own right.

So people started talking. Meanwhile, Parks Miller was “investigating” in her private Grand Jury. She wanted blood. Kane was being indicted in a seperate statewide investigating grand jury and things were really beginning to fall apart on a public perception level.

Had Parks Miller dropped it – after the Kane’s criminal investigating Grand Jury into Parks Miller’s criminal activities declined to prosecute – then the whole thing would have probably gone away. The Penn State academia would have chalked the whole ordeal up to “quirkiness”, and measured it as they did, as academics, who are used to academic personalities having these strange types of quirks.

It was the vitriol and hysteria that made people start paying attention, it was that weird posture and fat pale white strangeness of Bruce Castor. People went from “well nothing to see here since we looked into it,” to the opposite end of the spectrum – “How very strange, what is this?” She drew attention to herself, when had she dropped the whole ordeal, it probably just would have went away – just like the first 14 victims Sandusky molested – Penn State would have brushed it under the rug.

Parks Miller’s fatal mistake occurred during that press conference in July of 2015.

So who was she after and why?

I’d recommend checking a my former blog out for an explanation: Click here to read: FUCK THE POLICE


In short of it, people started watching. Whatever uncomfortableness the police and courthouse judges were experiencing was now on full public display……


And the Kessinger investigation……… Well stay tuned for Part II…..


You’re going to want to hear this, because I got more.


Centre County “secrecy” has done us no favors in the past, and the “vault” has had horrific endings..



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