BEDFORD COUNTY: Happy Valley Citizen Needs Your Help EXPOSING Further Misconduct of Former Pervert District Attorney Mark Higgins



If you have been a victim of prosecutorial misconduct or sordid activities of disgraced district former DA Mark Higgins, I would like to hear from you. Please share this post. I have heard from many of you in Bedford. I would like to put together a formal complaint, and another in depth blog. Please like and share this post with as many Bedford Citizens as possible. And for those who have talked to me, thank you for your bravery and the information provided.


  1. Hello, I was sentenced under the “Billy Higgins” regime, I maxed my sentence recently. I have returned home to Bedford and have a few issues to address legally with the courts. One, would be malicious prosecution by government official to include Ms. Childers-Potts. I have more information on Mr. Higgins that in not sure was exposed that involved a 16yr old girl. Also I’m open for interviews and will sign affidavits of truth that I could only wish they would rebut. However they will only default they wouldn’t want to expose the lies. Amen please if u want a complete history of Billy Boy I have information my name is Shawn Diehl 608-575-5490 or let’s get this thing moving with facts.

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