BEDFORD COUNTY: Part I of Several, Now that Pervert DA Higgins is Out of Office, BEWARE – A WARNING TO YOU: Watch out!! JUDGE DANIEL HOWSARE!!!! CORRUPTION AT WORK!




The further you dig into Bedford County the more twisted and convoluted and tangled the story becomes, the more incestuous and disgusting the corruption and the thicker and thicker the plot grows.

I started to write this blog about former DA Bill Higgins, but he’s already resigned, facing criminal charges and ruined. And through my research on Higgins I kept on stumbling over a name – repeatedly.

Though Billy Higgins was eliminated after extorting sexual favors for plea bargains and lighter sentences, bailouts etc., the true problem remains: Senior President Sitting Judge Daniel Howsare.

Howsare is a disgusting specimen of a human being, who was elected Judge by a rural sleeping small rural Pennsylvania town, with a defective media. His corruption, cronyism and judicial misconduct are activities he has managed to expand far beyond the borders of Bedford county.

Most notoriously, or most that the state news actually paid attention to, was the sentencing of a fellowing Judge in 2015, who was caught stealing cocaine from the evidence room, and replacing it with baking powder. His name was Judge Paul Pozonsky, and Daniel Howsare was brought into Washington County, Pennsylvania, as an out of county Judge to preside over sentencing the sentencing of Judge Pozonsky. Judge Pozonsky, a “tough on crime” Judge with a cocaine habit that would put Robert Downey, Jr. to shame, should have gotten at least a couple years in Judge. But luckily, Judge Howsare was his buddy:

Second-degree misdemeanors carry a maximum sentence of one to two years confinement and a $5,000 fine. However, not only have the prosecutors dropped three charges of conflict of interest, a felony, theft and drug possession, but they have agreed not to ask for any jail time. None. Visiting Judge Daniel Howsare of Bedford County accepted that unbelievably generous deal and will sentence Mr. Pozonsky, who lives in Alaska, on July 13th. The case for a retrial will be difficult for Urwin, though given the virtual walk granted to Pozonsky, anything seems possible in the Pennsylvania criminal justice system.  –CITATION

Daniel Howsare is a crony, who also stuck his claws into the Freeh Report, likely recruited by the powerful Penn State network, because of Howsare’s extensive reputation for bailing out his friends and doing in his enemies. He was imported (strategically) into Centre County as an out of county Judge, likely for reasons of the same. The Penn State BOT wanted access to the Freeh Report documents produced by former FBI director. They wanted to SUE for the blatant transparency displayed in the Freeh Report. And though the documents were protected information, that Penn State had promised the investigator would never be disclosed, once the BOT saw how damning the Freeh Report was, they needed a CROOKED Judge.

Enter Daniel Howsare:

STATE COLLEGE — A group of Penn State trustees has won long-sought access to information from a university-commissioned report about the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal. Judge Daniel Howsare on Thursday gave the seven allied trustees access to source material used to produce the 2012 report by ex-FBI director Louis Freeh. The report was issued after Sandusky was convicted of child sexual abuse. It concluded top Penn State officials concealed Sandusky’s abuse to shield the university from bad publicity. CITATION


Douglas Goldhaber was a practicing criminal defense attorney, for nearly ten years, in Bedford County when he was arrested on April 9, 2004 for drunk driving. Goldhaber’s arrest was to the sheerest and most delightful news to District Attorney Bill Higgins. Goldhaber, a former colleague and close friend to Higgins, had – over the course of many years – become his arch nemesis. Higgins, by all accounts, HATED Goldhaber.

Goldhaber’s career included serving as First Assistant Public Defender, and as Chief Public Defender in Bedford Count, but he only did this on a part time basis. The remainder of his time was spent in private practice. Higgins was on the opposite side of the fence. He worked first as an assistant district attorney, before being elected in 2000 as Bedford County District Attorney.

In the beginning the two young lawyers were good friends and confidents, despite being on opposing or adversarial sides. One lawyer (Higgins) earned a living by putting criminals behind bars, the other lawyer – Goldhaber – made his living keeping defendants from going jail, or at least minimizing penalties for them in the criminal justice system.

Wet around the ears, young, eager and passionate about earning a name for themselves, they had ambition for the law and a love of litigation in common. Before long they were allies, hanging out in local pubs after work, and had – by all accounts – become personal friends.

Higgins was recently exposed for the hypocritical, nasty, dirtbag that he truly is.

BACKSTORY: Higgins resigned in disgrace. If you missed this story, please read my former blog, which can be found here: Pervert Bedford County District Attorney William “Bill” Higgins BUSTED for Preying on Women & Abusing the Justice System. But this is only the beginning of the story…….

A follow up on this story can be found in a second blog about Higgins here: PART II – Former Disgraced Bedford County District Attorney Billy Higgins, a Pervert, was on the Radar of a Saavy Investigative Journalist, Drew Johnson since 2014


Two county officers, and newly minted lawyers, had become fast friends and drinking buddies. They were both starting the careers. And Higgins always had a big mouth and a pension for manipulating people, whether it be judges, female criminal defendants, his wife, or his family. Higgins is an exceptionally skilled lawyer.

Higgins achille’s heel?

He is a braggart, and has a big f#cking mouth that gets him in trouble. Not only does he love to womanize, he loves to brag about it. Higgins made the near fatal mistake of going to pubs with public defender, getting his buzz on, and doing what he does best, which is running his mouth. In a short amount of time, Public Defender Goldhaber began to learn what a true crooked sociopath Higgins was.

Goldhaber points out two particularly abhorrent “secrets” in the civil complaint he would later file against Higgins:

Higgins was bragging about convincing two elderly individuals about signing their homes over. One signed her house over to his wife, and the other one signed their house over to one of Higgin’s friend. Higgins promptly moved them both into nursing homes, was refinancing and reselling their homes, and had taken over their finances as their “legal guardian.” He went so far as to have the elderly gentleman’s social security checks deposited into his own personal checking account. And as for the old lady? Well she was jewish, but he put her in a Christian nursing home. Higgins got a few drinks in him and started bragging about the scam, which later would surface when Higgin’s friendship ended with Goldhaber.

The second secret that Higgins disclosed should come as no surprise. He was a womanizer. He was a serial womanizer, and having numerous extramarital affairs. Considering he would later be extorting blow jobs for plea bargains, this early pattern of behavior should have been a disturbing indicator of what was to come.

But in November 2003, Higgins was elected as THE District Attorney of Bedford County.

No longer second or third or fourth in command, Higgins had become “the man” elected by the people. His ego was inflated like a 17 year old overdosing on viagra. The small town press, which kissed his ass, and ignored his flaws, only served to turn him on more.

Suddenly the bromance deteriorated. The idealism of Goldhaber as a public defender became in direct contradiction to Higgins. And it is my intution that Goldhaber was a more effective lawyer. Because lawyers with giant egos, like Higgins clearly has demonstrated he has, lack the discipline to prepare for court and also are too self consumed to have the ability to read the faces of a jury, or meaningfully connect. Higgins fell in love with power, and Goldhaber was clinging to the principle that young lawyers often times have, but usually fades with time and experience. Higgins was a defense lawyer at heart, and if you google him, he sounded pretty damn zealous.

Higgins presumed his former “buddy” would roll over when he became District Attorney, and unnerving Higgins more was the not the fact that his buddy didn’t cave to his “tough on crime” power hungry behaviors, but also that Higgins had disclosed his darkest secrets to Goldhaber: And therefore Goldhaber was a liability, and Higgins was vulnerable.

God forbid Higgin’s habits of ripping off the elderly or womanizing got leaked to the press, or spread around in circles of voters and supporters. Higgins and Goldhaber went from friends to foes that year, and the adversary was a nasty one.

Goldhaber alleges that Higgins was uncomfortable with Goldhaber’s knowledge of his alleged unethical conduct, and that Higgins would utter profanities at Goldhaber in the courtroom while court was not in session.

The more the small time glowing press articles rolled in, the more cocky and loud mouthed Higgins got. Before you knew it the prosecutorial misconduct and abuse of discretion was rampant. The fraternal like relationship between the Judges and District Attorney became apparent. Particularly the relationship between Higgins and President Judge Howsare.

It was animal house in the Bedford County Court of Commonwealth of Pleas, and these two cowboys were running the damn show, winking at each other and likely colluding over cases.


The strained relationship between District Attorney Higgins and Public Defender Goldhaber came to an absolute catastrophic apex during this 2003 case.

The problem was that Higgins predecessor had struck a deal with Goldhaber in this case, and the case was never supposed to have gone to trial. In Goldhaber’s mind it was worked out. And Higgins, having been a former ADA for his predecessor, had likely known about the plea deal.

But all bargains were off now that Higgins was “the man.”

This did not sit well with Goldhaber, in fact this royally pissed him off. He likely did not like the idea of Higgins violating the premises of a former promise. Higgins, thirsty for blood, fueled by attention, in love with himself and his giant ego being stroked by the small time nobody press, was ready to raise hell…… And the animosity between the two lawyers (and former friends) was purportedly palpable.

The Barnes case wasn’t just a trial. It was the beginning of an all out war.

Goldhaber had successfully negotiated a resolution of the case with Higgins’ predecessor, but this resolution had not been presented to the court prior to Higgins’ assumption of his duties as the District Attorney. Id. Higgins refused to honor the agreement, and a jury trial was held on March 9, 2004.

Intricate details of the Barnes case are moot, but CLEARLY, there was something less than clinical and subjective that occurred in that courtroom. This litigation was nasty, heated and fueled by passion, and got personal.


Higgins was already caught lying under oath once, which makes me confident in calling him a reckless liar. However, I’m not sure he was lying during the Barnes trial, while during a recess – he leaned over and whispered some profanities….. Probably something to the effect of “I got Judge Howsare in my pocket Goldhaber, and I’m going to f#ck you. I had scotch in his office, and your already done with this case. You’re f#cked Goldhaber.” I’m just speculating, but I imagine that was the general context of what was exchanged.

It was a recess, so this was all off the record. Unfortunately for Higgins, who never can stop himself from running his mouth, there was a cop, a court clerk, a defendant, some spectators, and a bailiff standing around listening. Sure there was no court reporter recording this off the record conversation, but there were about seven witnesses.

Seven witnesses, and Higgins was dropping profanities and bragging about ex parte communications with the Judge, dropping profanities about how they were colluding to screw Goldhaber and his client.

Recess ended. The Judge re-entered the room. The jury was back on the bench.

Higgins didn’t think Goldhaber, a normally mild mannered man, would bring the ex parte to light. How very terribly Higgins had miscalculated. As soon as the Judge came back into the room, there was a sidebar and the Jury was kicked out.

In Centre County when Judge Lunsford was accused of ex parte communications with the District Attorney, he had an equally volatile reaction to the nature of the allegations. It’s like being called a pedophile or a plagarizer, you can never recover from the stigma of those allegations, and in the legal field ex parte can get you disbarred.

Do I think that Higgins and Howsare engaged in ex parte? YES, ABSOLUTELY.

However, accusing a Judge of ex parte, is like accusing a pre-school teacher of pedophelia, the accusation is unthinkable.

At first Higgins flat out denied making such claims that he and the Judge had ever discussed the case outside of jury presence or defence Counsel. But Higgins, stupid and loudmouthed, had for a second time miscalculated. There were about seven witnesses.  Higgins – busted in a lie –  admitted to making the accusations after Goldhaber pointed out that others present in the courtroom had heard Higgins’ comments, and Judge Howsare proceeded to chastise Higgins for his unprofessional conduct. 

Personally, I believe Howsare is crooked enough of a good old boy, and enough of a manipulative social climber to have likely discussed the case with Higgins. But he went through the formality of chastising Higgins on the record – most likely to COVER HIS OWN ASS. See What they did to Bernie. to understand how serious allegations of ex parte are taken, and how they an ruin the career of a Judge in an insta second.

And if you hit a lawyer like Higgins with on the record chastisement, in a room full of people, than that bulging ego shrinks and then gets packed full of rage.

From that point it was no holds barred on. Higgins was out to destroy his former friend public defender Goldharber.


Even before the Barnes case, Goldhaber had busted Higgins lying on the record. Higgins, during a preliminary arraignment, had intentionally given false information pertaining to an arson case. Goldhabor was representing the criminal defendant accused of Arson.

Higgins stated in open court that the police report read that the fire had been started by “human hands.” Why a police officer would ever be qualified to make that expert opinion and put it in a police report is beyond me. Usually determinations about the sources and causes of fires are made by fire marshalls who are trained to look at burn patterns, fire scenes, etc.

When the police report was finally turned over in the course of discovery, Goldhaber must have been “inflamed” himself to learn that no such conclusion was written in the formal investigative police report. He filed a motion, scheduled an oral argument, and took his accusations again to court.

The reaction of Judge Howsare after discovering the district attorney engaging in perjury on the record was similar. He offered and on the record chastisement of Higgins, and although no sanctions or no forced disqualification of Higgins were imposed by the Judge. Higgins was mortified, and instead of mending his ways, and stopping his pattern of lying under oath, he put his vindictiveness towards another source: His arch enemy Goldhaber.


Higgins may have slipped by with one instance of perjury. He might have been okay lying once about discussing the ex parte that likely occurred during recess, and was meant for off the record talk to intimidate and threaten his adversary. However, in a previous arson case, wherein Goldhaber represented the Defendant, Higgins had also been caught lying on the record. And in a motion filed related to the Barnes case, regarding the ex parte, Goldhabor was happy to capitalize on this.

The premise is simple, and the lie is blatant. Higgins, during a preliminary hearing, lied about the content of a police report. Higgins stated the police report stated the fire was “intentionally started by a human.”

In the course of discovery, it was revealed the police report said no such thing. In fact the Officer would go on to testify that was not his conclusion to make, but rather he would deter any opinion as to the source of a fire to the fire marshall who was trained at looking at burn patterns to assess such opinions.

So there it was: Higgins had said one thing on the record, and lied about the contents of a police report. The Officer and the police report denied were both sources that showed Higgins blazen and shameless willingness to lie in open court.

At this point Goldhaber had embarrassed Higgins twice on the record, and in front of juries, media and a room full of spectators, and further – had been subject to on the record reprimand by the judge for lying on the court room floor.

Higgins had a powerful ally with a mutual hatred for the public defender. His name was Officer Hershey, and he was member of Pa State Police force. Higgins, now without his drinking buddy, who had turned into his arch nemesis, quickly replaced the company of Goldhaber with Officer Hershey.

They had similar hobbies. They liked to womanize. They liked to watch football together, drink beer and sit together in a hot tub in Higgin’s backyard. But their favorite thing to do, and the thing they had most in common, was their mutual hatred of Defense Attorney Goldhaber.

Goldhaber alleges that Higgins and Hershey conspired to remove him from the court system in retaliation for his representation of criminal defendants in Bedford County. 

Higgins wanted Goldhaber eliminated, ruined reputationally, and to quit the practice of criminal law. Higgins saw Goldhabor as nothing but a nuisance, a threat and worse of all someone who had injured that viagra fueled ego of his.

Goldhaber further alleges that Higgins wanted to discredit him because of the information that he had about Higgins’ dealings outside of the workplace, and that Higgins feared that Goldhaber would someday reveal information about those dealings.

I imagine the plan went something like this: Higgins told Officer Hershey the bars Goldhaber was known to frequent during happy hours, and he knew this information because he had once been a drinking buddy of Goldhaber. And Officer Hershey, agreed to put a police tail on Goldhaber, catching him pulling out of a bar parking lot, have him pulled over and arrested for drunk driving. They tailed him, to make a calculated arrest.

But this is just speculation.


Goldhaber was arrested and charged with a DUI. Because District Attorney Bill Higgins had a conflict of interest, the case was referred to the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General as customary when District Attorneys have conficts.

Judge Howsare, at a preliminary hearing for Goldhaber’s DUI case, on January 19, 2004, also recused himself of the case citing a conflict of interest. Afterall, Howsare was presiding over cases wherein Goldhaber was counsel.  Judge Kevin A. Hess, a member of the Court of Common Pleas of Cumberland County, was appointed to preside over the case.


Bedford County is a wretched cesspool of corruption.

Judge Howsare is the earthquake, and until Bedford County wakes up and shakes that case of genital crabs from their elected body of officials, Howsare will continue to run rampant and remain itchy.

Inexplicably, Judge Howsare entered an order terminating Judge Hess from hearing Goldhaber DUI case. Who knows why? Perhaps Judge Hess was not part of Howsare’s judicial good old boy network. The first Judge was too soft to accomplish Judge Howsare’s nefarious intentions.

On January 25, 2005, Judge Howsare entered an order terminating Judge Hess’ involvement with the case and appointing Judge George, a member of the Court of Common Pleas of Adams County, to preside. No explanation was given for this order. 

The new Judge George, who had replaced Judge Hess, likely was appointed to ensure that Goldhaber received the stiffest sentences that could be imposed under the law.

Higgins also wanted to insert his filthy little nose into the case of Goldhaber. He was relishing his arch enemy facing a criminal jury trial and specifically petitioned Judge Hess to testify, but that petition was denied.

The judge responded to Higgin’s request in denial explaining he found that Higgin’s testimony was “questionable and suspect,” due to his former relationship and adverse position with Goldhaber. Plus the Judge likely knew of Higgin’s brazen propensities to lie outright on court record.

Of course no reasonable plea bargain was offered, and the case went to trial.


It was a one day trial, and the jury returned with a verdict on the same day. But no reasonable plea bargain was offered, so Goldhaber’s lawyer had been forced to try the case.

Goldhaber was found guilty of a DUI.

Judge George scheduled sentencing for April 22.

The sentencing was quite harsh for a first time DUI offender. Clearly retaliation was in the works, clearly there was some collusion behind the scenes. As a first time DUI offender, Goldhaber was sentenced to the following:

Judge George sentenced Goldhaber to a term of incarceration of no less than ninety (90) days nor more than one (1) day less than five (5) years at the Bedford County Correctional Institution. Work release was permitted.  Goldhaber alleges that, after the imposition of this sentence.

It was a very stiff sentences, especially considering most first time DUI offenders get ARD.


Higgins, likely in collusion with his hot tub buddy Officer Hershey, had officers tail and “stalk” Douglas Goldhaber.

Goldhaber, who had appealed his sentence, had yet to serve a day of his 90 day sentence in jail because he had filed an appeal. And the Judge had granted Goldhaber “bail pending an appeal.” However:  On August 5, 2005, Judge George entered an order revoking Goldhaber’s bail because his attorney failed to file an appeal.

A warrant was issued for the arrest of Douglas Goldhaber.

District Attorney Bill Higgins was delighted. He was enthralled. This was his revenge plan exactly as he had likely laid it out.  Goldhaber did not learn of Judge George’s order until the late afternoon of August 8, 2005. The order required him to surrender himself to the Bedford County Jail no later than 6:00 P.M. on August 9, 2005. 

Higgins could not be more pleased with himself. Ignoring his obvious conflict of interest he obtained a copy of Judge George’s Order, and tried to personally file it in the Office of the Clerk of Courts for Bedford County. Higgins allegedly directed police officers to hunt down Goldhaber on August 8, 2005, even though Goldhaber did not have to report to jail until the next day.

But Higgins just didn’t want his former friend hunted down by police and arrested in public, he wanted the press to cover it to further ruin Goldhaber’s reputation. He went so far as to contacting  a reporter for the Bedford Gazette in order to ensure that somebody from the newspaper was prepared to photograph Goldhaber when he surrendered himself. 

Higgins wanted all of Bedford County to see it.

Higgins had some connections and pulled some favors to further “do in” his arch nemesis:

When Goldhaber reported to the Bedford County Jail, he was immediately transported to the Clinton County Correctional Facility,where he was housed in a maximum security federal block. Clark was the warden of the Bedford County Jail, and Bowser was the chief probation officer for Bedford County. By the time Goldhaber had reported to the Bedford County Jail, a decision had been made by Higgins, Clark, Bowser and the Bedford County Prison Board to detain him outside of Bedford County.

WHY? WHY on earth would you house a first time DUI offender in maximum sexurity federal penitentary as opposed to county jail?

Furthermore: WHY would a first time DUI offender be forced to do 90 days in jail in the first place?

It was absurdity.



  1. stop the Bedford County Correctional Facility from getting away with medical neglect, shackling pregnant woman, not giving proper medical care to pregnant woman, violating hippa laws, giving suicide watch for pregnant woman, from denying rights to religion. Help me stop the Bedford co correctional facility from having miscarriages due to being denied medical treatment for 6 days, cruel and inhumane punishments. Any one willing to do a protest or any help or legal advise to file a complaint against the Bedford co correctional institute I’ve already contacted the aclu advocates. This has to stop!! If this happened to anyone else please contact me at 8148038438, thank you.

    I was incarcerated on September 24th 2017. While in intake they confirmed that I was pregnant. I was happy I was pregnant because my boyfriend was in the bedford county jail and is possibly dying of psorosis of the liver. I proceeded to tell them what medications I currently take. I told them what they were: Adderall 10 mg for ADHD, Nuerotin 900 mg for anxiety and agoraphobia, Abilify 10 mg for borderline personality disorder, Fluvoxamine 50 mg for OCD, Propranalol 10 mgs for anxiety, ambien 10 mg for insomnia, tramadol 50 mg for pain, topamax 50 mg for chiari malformation. They refused me all medications knowing i was pregnant on 3 narcotics. I have a 9 mm cyst in my brain and chiari malformation and have had seizures and also have dizzy spells every day. They had me on top bunk after miscarriage. At the intake They asked if I was suicidal I said no Im happy I’m pregnant. They put me on suicide watch. While on suicide watch I asked if I could go to church and they said because I was on suicide watch I couldnt go, so I proceeded to ask to speak for the preacher they said theyd try and never did he come. I was denied my right to religion. I was furious because I wasn’t suicidal. I was on suicide watch for 15 days. They wouldnt give me a cup for 5 days, they kept offering me milk when i said i cant drink milk. never in my life did I drink a glass of milk I was taken from my mother when I was breastfeeding. I had to call for the nurse because my body wouldnt quit shaking around day 2 or 3 in jail. They called the nurse and she asked me if i was on drugs, i told her No its because youre not giving me my medication is why I feel the way I do. I started spotting Sept 26th, i cried for to go to the hospital but they refused to take me. This happened for about 5 days I called the nurse numerous times and begged to go to the hospital, they wouldn’t take me, violating my eighth amendment and deliberate indifferance to due process denying me medical attention until the 6th day. There was a bloodclot when i went to the bathroom and I screamed for the nurse. She told me that it looked like a crushed pill, i told her i refused my prenatal that morning and that it was my dead baby. They waited about 5 hours to take me to the er and they took the guy with pink eye before I could go. I went to the hospital for an ultrasound and told me it was too soon to confirm a misscarriage and the doctor ordered me to go back for further bloodwork to confirm on October 6th, they never took me to listen to doctors orders. I dropped to the ground in panic from losing my baby I couldnt stand. They took me to the nurses office to calm me down and gave me coffee. I had to sit in the same pad for 3 days until i had to write a grievance stating i was sitting in my dead baby as i bawled. On October 16th the jail nurse took my blood to check my HCG levels. That day officer Norris came to my cell and told me my levels confirmed a miscarriage. ” She broke my hippa law” So I started the grieving process of losing to my child whos father is dying of psorosis. On October 25th, my birthday ” I WAS SHACKLED’ I went to the obgyn where they said “YOUR HERE FOR A PREGNANCY” I started crying happily at the chance I still may be pregnant. They said in my charts there was no bloodwork to confirm miscarriage because they never took me. She immediately ordered bloodwork and promised me id know results by evening. The officer told me not to tell anyone they shackled me while I was pregnant that she could get in trouble. She put them back on and said she didnt know what she should do. They directly took me to the hospital and did bloodwork.After dinner I asked for the results of my pregnancy. The nurse continued to tell me that it would be a hippa law that she couldnt tell me. Then why on October 16th did officer norris give me my blood results? BROKE MY HIPPA LAW!! AFter the nurse told me that I started screaming I have rights to know if Im pregnant that it was my body and I screamed fuck you at an inmate for telling me to shut up, the nurse jumped to conclusions thinking i told her that, and she put me in the hole without knowing if I should grieve or not. I was in the hole on my birthday not knowing if I should grieve or be happy because there was hope for me again. Next day I get my period confirming to myself that I had really lost the baby and AGAIN I have to start a harder grieving process even harder than the first time. Grieving my child twice was torture. October 26th They handcuffed me and took me to the infirm and had a phone call on hold for me. The nurse on the line asked me if I gave the jail the rights to know information on me, I said yes because I was at this point desperate to know if I had lost my child. I said yes at that point. That night they confirmed. They killed my baby and tortured me in the process.I now cant even bare being with the babys dad from going through all this pain alone in a jail cell being mistreated overpopulated! My life will NEVER be the same. I have proof of accepting guilt from the nurse contacted me telling me she could only do so much get hands were tied she wanted to help and that they changed regulations after i was released and that 2 nurses got fired.

    1. Deia,
      I am so sorry you had to go through this horrific tragedy. Reading your story mind was boggled, it didn’t know whether to let me cry or have steam come out of my ears! I do not care who you are, everyone and anyone deserves excellent medical treatment. What you went through could have been avoided. Bedford County jail bears the responsibility for the loss of your baby and your neglectful medical treatment. I have to wonder if you are the female Delozier and his cronies referred to when they spoke of Bedford County jail not wanting to deal with pregnant women anymore…. I’ve been thrown off BCFP’s page, it’s no loss. I sincerely hope you are doing well.

      1. Thank you i really appreciate it. I want this known how they treat people to avoid this happening again.

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