BEDFORD COUNTY: Randy Delozier – Owner of Bedford County “Free Press” is total insult to journalism – THIS PERSON IS THE REASON WHY I GIVE THE CDT SH*T.

The emails keep flowing from Bedford County. Each one is more heart-wrenching and angering than the last. Of course, Happy Valley Citizen, wonders (naturally) where the press was, and expressed so in the last blog.

The last email in my inbox answered that question…. It basically said “you dumb sh*t, Randy Delozier owns the press in Bedford County, and he is a bible beating pathetic excuse of a journalist who spends his time curled up in the laps of powerful politicians, being petted so as long as he publishes the most ego-petting stories about their time in office.

It was a flat out miracle Drew Johnson, a reporter from DC, got a hold of the Bedford County problem of Billy Higgins. Because Randy Delozier, owner and operator of the Bedford County “free press” basically painted Higgins to be the second coming of Christ.

And so as long as Bedford County citizens were reading glorified interpretations of their crooked DA, Pervert Billy Higgins, then they were sleeping well at night.

It was only when Bedford County families or members of their families got caught up in the criminal justice system that they realized how wrong it was. And it was NOT just Billy Higgins perpetrating this travesty of justice, it was complicit Judges and most horrifically a complicit press.

So when I heard from a tipster that Drew Johnson from DC was publishing the facts IN SPITE and DESPITE of the horse sh*t Randy Delozier (owner of the Bedford County “Free Press”) was publishing, it made me sick to my stomach. But worse than that, it sounded vaguely familiar to the war with the press we had in Centre County.

How did that war in Centre County end? Well INSPITE and DESPITE of the press we had a disciplinary board hearing on April the 23rd where Parks Miller is facing some serious consequences. This happened INSPITE and DESPITE of what our local press decided to cover, or more importantly – not to cover.

Here are some reviews about Randy Delozier. (below). I found similar reviews as to Lori Falce online or recieved them via email on raging – or she likes to call them “hostile” – emails to the CDT about good journalism.

  • I am an elected official in Bedford County Pa. The owner of Bedford County Free PressRandy Delozier is harassing my family and I. I am tired of this. He has been allowing people with fake names to post on his website untrue things about me. He has taken pictures of me out with my children and saying things like good lord you would think this elected official would have enough money to buy a bra … her tits are hanging down to her knees. I should say that he doesnt post these things under his name… he allows others and he uses fake names. His site is supposed to be a news site. But this stuff is under a topic Bedford County Raw. I have had numberous phone calls about him… people telling me what is on his site. I went there tonight to get screen shots.. other then that I don’t go on his site. I dont believe that he should be allowed to get away with this. He is destroying peoples lives. He has allowed people or himself to call me a whore – to make accusations that I have men come to my office for sex. I am sick and tired of this harassment. Please do something about this.

For years I wrote former editor Boogart. Or Booger as the legal community liked to call him. We had lingering questions. Why are you not covering the important stories? WHY are you not covering your readership, the people paying your salary and buying you subscriptions on the filthy things going on in the Centre County Courthouse? WHY ARE YOU NOT BEING WATCHDOGS? WHY ARE YOU BEING LAPDOGS AND NOT WATCHDOGS? Why are you not doing the bare minimum to protect this community? Why are you not attending court and publishing the real story, interviewing witnesses and talking to defense attorneys? Why are you just publishing and reprintining faxes or emailed press releases from the Centre County DA’s office and representing that as fact? WHY ARE YOU NOT DOING YOUR JOBS?

For the most part they ignored me. They ignored my incessant criticism about their coverage up to the point Cantorna got elected, then now editor Lori Flace wanted me to have her cell phone number and call her to discuss the coverage. This number was not provided to me two years ago when I began emailing about the biased and unfair coverage. It was provided to me ex post facto – as in after the fact. With her glorifying coverage of Stacy Parks Miller, she had never expected Cantorna to win any election. So my commentary and constructive criticism of the news coverage of Centre County Courts she thought she could afford to ignore.

She miscalculated dearly.

For this reason, I write this blog, to remind Bedford County that what goes around comes around. And I also write to tell you that it is incredible to see a community rise in revolt inspite of an unfair news source that caters to political/social climbing and important politicians.

It’s apparently a lot to ask a paper to be a watchdog of any community. I have learned this the hard way, and now you are too.

Here is another review of this editor:

  • Randy Delozier is a lowlife ### who claims to be a reporter. Fact is a reporters job is to remain impartial, not allowing their feelings or emotions to at all effect the story. Randy isn’t a reporter, he is a spiteful ### who plays constant games and bans people from posting their thoughts on the bedford even if what they post is merely constructive criticism. In addition to this i believe him to be a bully who uses his forum to attack people who he doesnt like and as we all know bullies are cowards to the core of their being. I am one of the people he has banned. Before i was banned i liked reading most of what was posted on his site and found it informative but never read the comments. I was confused about a story that was continually reposted because it appeared time and time again so i clicked on comments to see what.was up with this. It then became apparent that he was engaged in childish games with a person in that particular post so i posted a comment about his games being annoying to those of us not involved and he banned me. i was not nasty or vulgar toward him in my post in any way shape or form. There isnt a newspaper or station in this country that doesnt welcome constructive criticism as this allows them to know the people who follow thier reports and what they think is good news and bad. He has all of the honor, integrity and honesty of a convicted felon which is exactly what he is as i have found out after doing some research having been blown away by the whole situation.

The number of emails I sent to the Centre Daily Times are too many to even count. As I mentioned I was critical, I was pep talk-y, I was pleading, I was hopeful: ZERO RESPONSE. Zero response until the person who I was complaining about the coverage of, got kicked out of office.

Lori Falce, now editor, was former crime beat reporter. SHE HAD ONE JOB. SHE HAD ONE FREAKING JOB. You know the saying. When Cantorna won the election she was black listed from the legal community. Blackballed is more the word for it. She had screwed them with her lack of coverage for such a long time, and she had glorified what ended up being a lawyer losing her license to the public for so long, that she had lost any respect. People in the legal community don’t want to read her, don’t care what she has to say and don’t think they will find an ounce of integrity in it.

Here is one email I wrote to the CDT in 2016:

Dear Mr. Boogart and Ms. Falce: 
Investigative journalism is a form of journalism in which reporters deeply investigate a single topic of interest, such as serious crimes,political corruption, or corporate wrongdoing. An investigative journalist may spend months or years researching and preparing a report. Investigative journalism is a primary source of information. Most investigative journalism is conducted by newspaperswire services, andfreelance journalists. Practitioners sometimes use the term “accountability reporting”.
Our prosecutor (for five years apparently) engaged in contact with represented Defendants and witnesses. She used a “Fake Facebook” page, to illegally entrap her victims. Similarly a prosecutor in Ohio was recently disbarred for this misconduct, FIRED & DISBARRED. The board ruled that this practice was not only illegal, it was fraught with “Dishonesty, deciet and fraud.” Aaron Brockler, the disbarred prosecutor, engaged in this behavior during one case using one FB engagement with a witness. Our prosecutor engaged in these practices, knowing they were illegal, and did it for years.
Who is going to break the story? Who is going to take the CDT journalism to the next level? Who is going to have the guts to go above and beyond? Who is going to crack the case and bring this to the forefront? Who is going to step forward and be a journalistic pro? WHo is going to restore the community’s respect, engaged interest and the overall integrity of the newspaper by covering this breaking news? Or will someone out of the Gazette do it? Perhaps I should write Adam Smeltz. 
Time for some fair and balanced news coverage, there are some clearly disturbing things going on in Centre County. There is litigation that is groundbreaking in federal court. Make a name for yourself, restore the respect to the paper, turn the rag full of editorial mistakes that people mock on a day to day basis into a respected paper of an academic community. Partake in ethical and investigative journalism, and not political journalism. There are journalists in the CDT who have caliber, who can land the big Sara Ganem jobs. Sometimes the riskiest stories are the make or break stories for a career. It’s time to cover the news fairly, and a community is relying on you to do it. 
If you have been threatened, that is illegal. Your a newspaper, publish those threats, this county will protect you. If you are just spineless and pandering to the local politics, then you are doing a diservice to this entire community. Time to cover the news, not the “news.” There is a crisis in our courthouse that is making statewide news, now who is going to be on the forefront? A Philadelphia Newspaper? A Pittsburgh newspaper? A national newspaper. Break the story, report the facts, and dig. Philadelphia newspapers submit right to know requests. There are mechanisms in place to protect you.
BREAK THE STORY. Start now. Report the news. You owe it to your readers, you owe it to this community, you owe it to your careers. Reporting one side of the story is a disgrace. Time to step it up a notch, make your papers so interesting they actually sell based on their stories and not on the faltering advertising accounts that barely maintain them. OR, alternatively, get embarrassed when national or statewide news steals the inside scoop, and your paper gets thinner and thinner by the day, your staff gets smaller and smaller and you fade into non-existance.
This is not an editorial, once again, so do not publish. Thank you for your coverage of the commonwealth court matter, stay in the middle of the road. Don’t join the Simon Campbell club, but report the facts: and the facts may not flatter the DA, but the community has a right to know what is going on in their courthouse.
BREAK THE STORY — The DA has contacted (likely over 100) victims in this county. It’s time for the CDT to take its journalistic integrity to the next level, it’s time to break the news, not just re-write it rotely as it is sent to you. 
BREAK THIS STORY OR ANOTHER – The time is now to begin uncovering the many layers behind the scandal that is within the courthouse. There is much beneath the surface, you – I bet – know very little. Who is the journalist on staff who has the intelligence, ambition and calling to make a name for themselves. Be brave. Cover the stories, take a risk, skim below the surface – this time the CDT should break the big “sandusky-like” story. Don’t let the big guys overshadow you… all it takes is one curious and smart reporter willing to dig. 
Ask and the world will answer, you can never go wrong by objectively covering the facts – AND ALL SIDES TO EVERY STORY. When the calamity erupts, will the readers of the CDT feel betrayed, or will the CDT be the one leading the news front, breaking the major stories…. Time is now. Start digging before some big out of town investigative journalist steals your spotlight.
That’s my pep talk. I’d start with the fake facebook page, dig and dig and see where that leads you. 
DIG!! JUST START DIGGING! You’ll be amazed at what you find, and you’ll get your reputation back by offering exceptional, news breaking coverage of the scandal unfolding in Centre County. DON’T SQUANDER the opportunity to make a name for yourself or this organization. START DIGGING, START ASKING, START PUBLISHING. Start small, a few stories here and there. 
Investigative journalism is the only redemptive step to greatness, otherwise you are just another small time local rag with a dwindling print ad budget and falling subscriptions, that people are reading less and less. In ten years, if you continue on the same path, the internet will take over and you’ll fall into oblivion. You will be the Luzerne County newspaper that was admonished and ridiculed after the cash for kids scandal was broke by a Philadelphia a paper. You will be the small timerag. Journalists have power, USE IT.
Publish something different.
What kind of response did I get?
Radio Silence.
When I write the CDT now I get cell phone numbers. It’s a day late and a dollar short. The only people out of the CDT that I am willing to communicate with are the new hires, who had no part in this and are under 25, fresh out of college and full of ideals of breaking stories.
When Falce gave me her cell phone (long at last) and quickly responds to my emails, it only exasperates that sense of lap dog journalism I had previously sniffed out. It only infuriates me, I call it “fair weather journalism” when I b*tch to my friends. They most always agree.
“Yeah the CDT f#cked us when we needed them the most.” “Yes the CDT wrote those horrible things about Bernie Cantorna, and now he’s elected they are crawling up his @ss trying to get him to say a word in edgewise.”
Cantorna’s office does not bother themselves with petty things regarding “the press.” They don’t talk about pending cases, they generally respond to questions with “no comment,” they don’t issues press releases: But, on the rare occassions they do, it’s not to stroke the local press’s egos who are so accustomed to being media lapdogs, it’s a matter of public importance.
So when I see stuff like this:
When I see stuff like that ^^^^^^^ going on in Bedford County in their effort to fight judicial corruption: I have two reactions. One, my heart breaks, because I know it’s like hitting your head against the wall to get an oblivious and self centered media to care about your cause. But two, and more importantly, I know that the media isn’t the end all be all.
And while the media can help, or they can hinder, ultimately the People will prevail. And so far in Centre County, Pennsylvania, I see that has been the case.
So Bedford County private citizens, as you may hate the media, this is all the comfort I have to provide you.
Someday you too will look back with astonishment, when you prevail, and these bozos also want to provide you their mobile numbers and ask for yours.
And I hope, in you quiet form of righteous retributions, you – like me – refuse.
The reason we have free press in America is to protect the people. Someday Randy Delozier, Editor and Owner of the Bedford County “Free Press”, will be reminded of that fact.
Until then – Keep being LOUD. We the People, do and can prevail. There are good reporters and bad reporters. There are good politicians and their are bad ones. There are good people and bad. You’re never going to completely eliminate the bad, but what you can arm yourself with are strong vocal citizens, and a pension for fairness, and a demand for justice.
You got your demand for justice. Somewhere in Bedford County, Higgins is sleeping on the couch because his wife is so pissed off, facing criminal charges and drowning himself in cheap whisky. Somewhere in Bedford County Randly Delozier – who could have been leading the charge and breaking the story – is kicking himself professionally for being a coward.
See that? You won already.
Yours truly, HVC


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    1. I’ve only lived in Bedford County for 5 years. Hyndman to be exact. According to Delozier nothing but criminals, drug addicts, wife beaters and child molesters live in Hyndman. I’ve had nothing about positive experiences in Hyndman. I have great neighbors and have been nothing but welcome. Looks like the biggest criminal resides in Bedford.

  1. Loved ur blog….keep getting that out there!! pple need to know that RD is a joke!!

  2. I am so happy someone is finally onto that piece of sh** fraud Delozier. Delozier’s famous saying, ‘The Free Press Way’ is a disgrace to journalism
    and the citizens of Bedford County. The BCFP Facebook page is no more than a trashy blog that posts police reports. Oh, you must request to be a member and it’s the same with twitter.

    If you happen to be caught up in the justice system and Randy gets a hold of the police report you are fair game. Randy and his cronies, John E. Lawler, Shawn Showalter and Wane Delozier, will talk serious sh** on you. Your family is fair game too. If you disagree with Delozier or one of his buddies you get chastized and threatened with being blocked from BCFP’s page. If your political views differ from their’s you are made fun of and called names. Respond to one of these idiots with logic and you are told, bye bye.

    As for me, I knew it was a matter of time before I was blocked. They defended that pervert Bill Higgins with, he’s innocent until proven guilty, things aren’t always black and white. Hmmm, a bit hypocritical to me. I posted the article from Philly when Higgins was charged with assaulting a couple, one a 50-year-old school teacher who was knocked out and she still has reoccurring headaches, at an Eagles game, one the BCFP page and it was taken down. That was not the first time my posted article and/or comments were deleted from BCFP. However, when citizens defended people posted in mug shots and police reports those citizens would be bashed badly. Delozier and his buddies could make rude comments with no repercussions, what a joke.

    Bedford County needs good journalism. Not wanna be’s and trashy, crude, so-called journalism. Preferably with writing above a third grade level.

    1. I can’t even count the number of reactions I have gotten that are nearly identical, except yours was so eloquently written. Maybe you should start a blog too and call this guy “Randy” out on his BS?

      1. I would love to! Please tell me where to begin. I’ve always been interested in journalism. I’d love to call Delozier and his cronies out. I need to research Bedford County’s deputy sherif. Delozier and his cronies are basically saying she and her boyfriend set Pervert Higgins up. Delozier’s brother, Wayne, even made a leading comment on BCFP that he had sex with her when she was a CO at Bedford County jail. Wayne said he had her too when she was a CO at the jail. (I read this right before I was kicked off.) Any advice you have for me would be greatly appreciated. The citizens of Bedford County deserve the truth. Not police reports and mug shots plastered on a Facebook page with rude, crude and ignorant comments posted underneath.

      2. I laughed way too hard at your comment, Is this Bill? I honestly read those comments from John E. Lawler, Randy Delozier and Wayne Delozier on BCFP before I was banned. They seriously said the deputy sheriff was sleeping with the detective who investigated the case. RD and his cronies have nothing better to do than to bash people and spread horrible, off-color rumors.

      3. First and foremost, don’t write things about people that are lies. This means if u don’t have proof of claim then I can sue you. Secondly, if u don’t live in a man’s world, and you deduced yourself to destroying other people’s lives by feeding into “I’m a bitch” stuff then suffer the consiquences. The only reason people do what they do is because they don’t have any consequences. If they did they wouldn’t write the things they did or do. I am an inforcer. If u had something to say about me or my family with out my permission then u r subject to the consequences. Randy Delozier leave my name out of your mouth. That goes for anyone, if I don’t contact you and agree for you to use my information then don’t make the vital mistake of using it. Don’t play into the consequences that will follow. Please do yourself a favor leave my name out of your “fake news”. Thank-you.

  3. I had once reported a comment that I thought was rude and inappropriate to all on the free press page and got banned for it. Randy then posted my name saying that I didn’t “follow” the rules of the page and pretty much called me a bawl baby for reporting someone’s inappropriate and vulgar comment.

    1. I always loved (sarcasm) the ‘snowflake’ comments made by Randy and his cronies. After Randy would belittle the person he just bashed and bragged about blocking, I would make this comment: It seems that on BCFP they pick and choose who has free speech. My comment would be deleted almost immediately. Now, I’m banned. Makes you wonder who is really the ‘snowflake’?

  4. After weeks of Randy Delozier reporting in BCFP that my nephew was missing, when in fact he was at home with his parents…I msgd him and asked him to take it off his page. He berated me with language not fit to repeat then blocked me! Journalism at it’s finest. Let me correct myself, he’s NOT a journalist…it’s a forum for him to spew his lies and bend the story to make it more interesting! I’m ecstatic that he’s finally being called out on his BS!
    Lori Robertson

    1. First, I am truly sorry this happened to your family. Second, that rat bast*** RD should have never spoke to you in such a manner. I am almost positive that RD took you calling him as you were correcting him. We all know RD is an arrogant a**.

  5. I was also blocked from bedford free press for disagreeing and I may have said some things about randys butt buddy Bill but after Higgins figuratively gave me the shaft in my court case I would’ve much rather taken the physical one he offered the other girls haha

    1. That’s a pretty scary character you have writing the “free press”, these stories are endless. My advice is for your whole county to stop reading that dirt. Randy, I look forward to reading your angry email, and whatever nonsense you spew will only seal my opinion further. So please send away.

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