BREAKING PENN STATE: Josh Shapiro Comments (again) Beta Theta Pi, Timothy Piazza Death case…… LICKING Tom Kline’s Feet to Fund his Campaign for Governor – Renown Center County Defense Lawyer Steve Triolanos FIRES BACK!

So business as usual for the Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro….. While Spanier eludes jail, and with the opioid epidemic, and with the massive widespread corruption here in Pennsylvania: Josh Shapiro stepped up onto (I imagine) a stool he uses behind the podiums (to make himself look taller), with his fake tan and dyed hair graying hair.

As usual, his glitzy glamorous press conference was unremarkable, as it was in a news conference about no news whatsoever.

The appeal that Josh Shapiro was referring to was actually filed last week. But it pleases me to know that Shapiro, as well as thousands of others troll my page, and that Shapiro is at least sensible enough to be concious of what Centre County thinks of him.

Like I said, the “big news” he announced in Harrisburg today, concerned OLD news, because the Josh Shapiro filed that appeal last week.

  • On Tuesday the state’s top prosecutor announced he’s seeking to get some charges back on the table in the death of pledge Timothy Piazza. “I firmly believe a jury needs to hear this evidence,” said Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro. CITATION

Old news, last weeks news.

But I am glad to see that the uproar is taking some roots, as no American should tolerate abuse of the court process for either political, financial, nor personally motivated gain.

Today Josh Shapiro’s point – differing from last weeks conference – was pretty much the same, with one very distinct difference:

  • Unlike the Centre County DA, who prosecuted the first hearings in the case, Shapiro isn’t pursuing aggravated assault but wants five members charged with Involuntary Manslaughter.This includes President Brendan Young and Pledge Master Daniel Casey. This is based on the office’s theory that they can prove who ran the so-called gauntlet, knew Piazza fell and did nothing to help.  CITATION

Shapiro, likely by now having time to collude with Plaintiff’s lawyer Tom Kline, wants to appeal to his democratic base by distancing himself from the filthy stench of prosecutorial misconduct that colludes the very heart of this case. He wants to distance himself from that blasphemous and disgraced name in Centre County: “Stacy Parks Miller.”

But most importantly, he wants to make Tom Kline happy enough so that Kline will open his checkbook and fund his gubernatorial race in 2020. If Kline is willing to do this, then Shapiro probably won’t need the rich donors of the Penn State Board of Trustees, or the high level Penn State executives…. Shapiro can free fall with Kline’s money into the Pennsylvania Governor’s seat.

And in his mind, with that Napoleonic like complex, who knows? Shapiro likely fancies himself that one day he could even be President of the United States.

Yup, not even kidding you.

  • “They must be held accountable for their individual actions, for their respective roles in planning that fateful night, failing to render aid and leaving him to die in the fraternity house,” Shapiro said.

And yet, still missing from this case is any charges related to Timothy Bream, who most certainly knew about the hazing, lived in the house, and likely communicated about and facilitated the party. Bream, like Sandusky, was a Penn State football coach.

While Josh Shapiro does want Tom Kline’s campaign donations for 2020, he also does not want to step on the politically progressive and extremely influential feet in Centre County. Another hit on the Nittany Lions would be a travesty and ruin his reputation here. If that weren’t the case, then why did Stacy Parks Miller NOT charge Bream in the first round? Oh, I almost forgot, she wanted the Penn State vote and campaign donations too….. But she got neither, losing in THE BIGGEST LOSER ELECTION landslide in the history of Centre County. Campaign finances are publicly filed, I think she raised under a thousand dollars and took out a massive loan to finance her failed campaign in 2017, but someone should check my accuracy on that. This is only to the best of my recollection. What I did know is that it was an epically massive and embarrassing defeat, which could not be circumvented by leveraging the Piazza case to propel her into fame or curry any favor with local public opinion.

Pledge Timothy Piazza, 19, of Hunterdon County, New Jersey died in February 2017 after an alcohol fueled hazing night, where he fell down a flight of stairs and 911 wasn’t called for 12 hours.

Piazza’s father spoke at the news conference. “No one’s child should be hurt or die from just trying to join an organization,” Jim Piazza said

I agree with you Jim Piazza, however this is a matter that is best resolved in a civil jury trial with the main Defendant as Penn State University, who had heard about these drinking problems for years through complaints of local residents. And residents did not complain about the Greek community specifically, they complained about the Penn State Community appearing on national news, rioting on Beaver Street. No real justice comes through retaliatory justice, the real justice will come through change, as well as CONSIDERABLE and FORMIDABLE compensations for the Estate of Timothy Piazza. Every kid in this case regrets his decisions, every former Penn State brother would take their actions back, each one of them loved and misses Timothy Piazza.

What I would like to know is two fold:

  1. Where does Penn State start coming into this?

  2. And if Stacy Parks Miller and Josh Shapiro are so compelled to fight for “Justice for the Piazzas” – then how come Bream was never charged?

Please reference the below red font italicized bold underlined statement directly from the Josh Shapiro’s office. Shapiro is concerned about the fine line he is walking attempting to overcharge this case and appeal to a very rich lawyer who could help his future campaign. Shapiro is concerned about his reputation, and likely concerned about the floating rumors that Kline (in outright ethical conflict of interest) may have helped draft the grand jury indictment in interests of forwarding his massive future lawsuit against Penn State. Shapiro is concerned that linking his name to the likes of Stacy Parks Miller just might, on a state wide level, trash his reputation and ruin any possibility of winning a governor’s race. Focus on the statement in red below.

  • Shapiro also wants lesser charges brought against all 26 frat members the DA originally charged. This includes additional charges of hazing and recklessly endangering another person for 12 of those members, stemming from a basement video discovered during the case. However, the more serious charges, which include Involuntary Manslaughter, are being dropped at a preliminary hearing for those 12 on Wednesday. 

So this was not “BREAKING” news, it was an opportunity for Shapiro to call a press conference (after strategizing PR with Tom Kline), and announce nothing new. He merely announced the same thing that was announced last week, except this week he pointedly wanted to get out the point that he is not like Stacy Parks Miller and he is a liberal progressive sort of prosecutor (lazy and politically maneuvering, social climbing, and generally ineffective), but progressive – that I will give them. I’m sure that Donald Trump reads all of Shapiro’s letters to him and loses sleep at night. I’m sure equifax is cowering in their boots because Josh Shapiro joined Pennsylvania as joinder defendant in a lawsuit written and filed by another OAG, attempting to take full credit in Pennsylvania media, (as IF), like he knocked on the Equifax CEO’s door and served the lawsuit himself. What horsesh*t. I’m sure that Josh Shapiro would shun a six figure campaign donation from Zuckerburg, because Josh Shapiro is so “mad” Zuckerburg breached privacy. I’m sure Josh Shapiro is working very hard to overturn the “Bail pending Appeal” case against former Penn State president Graham Spanier, who is still running about being photographed playing the washboard at arts fest, I sh*t you not.

But mostly I can assure you that all of the above referenced is sarcasm-laden fairy tales.

Yes, Pennsylvania voters, I too once believed in Santa Claus.


Find me one case.

Find me one case in Centre County where the rule of criminal law that Shapiro is attempting to apply has actually been upheld. Find me one example of a case in Centre County where Penn State students were charged with involuntary manslaughter, due to furnishing alcohol to their under-21 peers.

You want to talk about Penn State alcohol related deaths? How much time do you have? The history of Penn State students (both Greek and non-Greek) is very very long. Name one case in Centre County, where a Penn State student illegally furnished alcohol to some guy who fell off a Beaver Canyon balcony and died, or another guy who was found unconcious in his dorm room, which involved “involuntary manslaughter charges.”

Any bartender who serves a minor (even with fake ID), and that minor drinks and drives should be charged with involuntary manslaughter.

I mean F#CK it, lets charge every Penn State student illegally consuming alcohol underage with a felony, and see how much of a graduating community we have left.

Josh Shapiro is doing as they say: “Trying to fit a square peg into a circular hole.” As in he is trying to rhetorically bend and manipulate the laws so he can curry favor with a rich future campaign donor, who has millions at stake in his future lawsuit against Penn State. If Tom Kline told Josh Shapiro to eat a tide pod, Josh Shapiro would eat four of them, and then he would have a press conference and talk about what a good time he had.

That’s how Josh Shapiro works. If he happens to burp on Tuesday morning, he is sure to call a statewide press release conference the following morning, and announce to as many news organizations as he can, “Dear God that Indian food I ate last night gave me the worst gas.” And the press will publish that.

What Josh Shapiro cannot do is retroactively apply the Tim Piazza bill that got passed in the senate to past events. You cannot assess that you think someone may have committed a crime, and then make a law to make it a crime, just so you can convict an individual of a crime.

For example, if Josh Shapiro said eating Cheetos and watching CNN everynight is a against the law as of today since the Senate passed the bill making it illegal, he couldn’t go back and arrest me with 2000 felony counts. Laws do not retroactively apply. I am not making this up, LAWS DO NOT RETROACTIVELY APPLY. Only in rare cases do newly laws retroactively apply, to old offenses and there are legal complexities far beyond the scope my curiosity to sustain any level if prolonged interested or meaningful intellectual engagement to really tear through. One example of a law that could retroactively apply is a law involving minor victims of child sex abuse, which would apply to Sandusky or say – the Catholic clergy. Pennsylvania had a bill pending, with Mark Rozzi as it’s forerunner, but that bill died. It has a more likely shot of getting passed in California, by the looks of it.

Part of the reason you can “toll” a statute of limitations in cases involving minors (an this is to my limited non-lawyer understanding) is that there is an underlying an argument that the child may not have been aware an injury occured on the date of loss, because a child lacked the capacity to understand laws, and seperate laws apply to children under the age of 18.

This law is flexible. In civil court, it allows a 25 year statute of limitations, for minors who are victim of civil negligence, to pursue a claim of damages in Pennsylvania. This varies by state, and like I said I only loosely understand these dry legal complexities pertaining to tolling statutes, and they particularly bore me. But they are important nevertheless The House Bill Rozzi wanted to pass would have extended that 25 year civil statute of limitations, and whatever the criminal statute of limitations is indefinitely. Another fold to this argument, is that you can – in general – argue to toll a statute of limitations in Pennsylvania by arguing that the Statute Date was actually the date that the Plaintiff(s) first LEARNED that their injuries occurred and – thereby – established causation for those injuries.

For example, if you took a drug that caused measles, but didn’t learn that the drug you were taking was causing you to have measles till after the statute of limitations had expired, then you could effectively limit to toll the statute of limitations. However, this is not what Josh Shapiro and his dad jeans and fake tan are attempting to do in Piazza. No, Josh Shapiro is trying to retroactively apply an anti-hazing law (sponsored by none other than Tom Kline) that only recently got passed in the senate – months and months after the date Piazza died. Shapiro is trying to make cheeto eating a felony crime to any and all people who ate cheetos in the past decade. He is manipulating and distorting the justice system, because he has a blank check from Tom Kline and an overly wrought, far blown out of proportion sense of worth and importance.

Well this is precisely why this type of tolling of the statutes and/or retroactively applying new laws to old cases is inapplicable to Piazza. And just because Josh Shapiro wants Kline’s money does not make the Piazza case special, or fall outside of rules of laws on that were on the books at time of loss. Timothy Piazza was an adult (by law), who willingly joined a fraternity, who willingly consumed the alcohol (even though he was breaking a law himself, engaging in a criminal activity willingly when he died), and whose date of injury was discovered on the date of death. There is no way to “toll a statute of limitations” – either criminal or civil – so that you can manufacture some case involving the Piazza family FIRST LEARNING CAUSATION as to when the injuries occurred, and make that date extend past before when the senate recently passed the anti hazing legislation is just legally implausible, and downright ridiculous if you look at it logically. Piazza was an a legal adult.

In short, there is no way for Shapiro to retroactively apply this law.

In short, Shapiro is asking the same Judge, to do nearly the exact same thing and rule differently because he is Josh F#cking Shapiro with access to Tom Kline’s checkbook.

Judge Sinclair ruled on this case, a sitting Centre County Court of Common Pleas previously denied Parks Miller’s request for recusal of Judge Sinclair, after she fired off publicly at the Judge in a very long and crazy press release and demanded his recusal. I believe she took the additional step of affirmed his original ruling and analysis of applicable criminal laws to that case. Shapiro will come out with the same ruling, laws do not change shape or form no matter how slippery or crooked the lawyer arguing attempts to bend them, except without consent of a Judge. And Judges, even magisterial Judges still hold an executive office that supersedes Josh’s role as a prosecutor, but I believe he has forgotten that. Josh still has to walk into a courtroom and address a Judge as “your honor,” and gets told when to sit, stand or speak.

He is not “special.”

That’s quite an ego he has to challenge a Judge’s previous ruling on the same case, just because you have a motorcade funded by taxpayers and think your special because your Josh f#cking Shapiro. Must be a very huge and heavy ego to carry around on those tiny shoulders of his. I imagine that must be exhausting. Maybe he should knock it off and stop wearing himself out.

With all the scandal in the courthouse, one fortunate outcome is that Judges tend to strictly adhere to the law, and they don’t bend them to do political favors, even if you are Josh F#CKING Shapiro with Tom Kline’s checkbook in hand and the Pennsylvania Senate in tow.

Frankly I liked what locally famed Defense Lawyer Steve Trialonos remarked after hearing about the performance/press conference of Josh Shapiro today. Steve represents the pledge master, and he had the following to say about this case:

The appeal filed by the Attorney General’s Office is misguided, misplaced, and misleading. It is procedurally defective and in direct contravention of the rules of criminal procedure. As an attorney, I am shocked at the legal incompetence displayed by the appeal. As a Pennsylvanian, I am outraged at the continued waste of taxpayer dollars chasing criminal charges that have been properly dismissed twice due to grossly inadequate evidence.”

I mean one would think Josh Shapiro has more important things to do. But if Shapiro’s ambitions are to be the Governor of Pennsylvania, you could never meet a richer or better political ally than Tom Kline, who likely wrote/approved/manufactured the content of today’s “Breaking News” press conference to do a little damage control.

Personally? I think Tom Kline has a strong civil case against Penn State, and I think that is where the enemy lies. And I think one of his biggest strategic mistakes so far in this case was not compelling or forcing or convincing Stacy Parks Miller to charge Jim Bream, a Penn State Football Coach who was sleeping in the frat house the night Tim died, and knew about the hazing. I would specifically challenge the Piazza family to ask their “zealous” lawyer about that.

But like I said, after all, she needed the Penn State vote to.

Thanks for your news conference today AG Shapiro. As usual, you reported absolutely nothing new. The case is out of your hands, no amount of publicity stunting or politicking is going to change a ruling that was previously established by the defective litigation tactics of Parks Miller, under the rare supervision of a community-agreed-upon “fair” Judge.  As in you and your argument are not special, Judge Sinclair will rule the same way, according to how the laws are written.

If you got a problem with that, then you very well know the prescribed procedures to initiate an appeal, but otherwise you are looking pretty idiotic here.

As in you are no more of an effectual prosecutor than she was, your just a tad more egotistical and foolish when it comes to strategy. And no, you will never be governor or president of the United States. So get off your ego, and focus on things that matter to Pennsylvania.

It’s not always about you.


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  1. You forgot to mention another catfishing allegation? Stacy Parks Miller used Breen to supply legal council to the frat brothers to trick them into surrendering their own VIDEO SECURITY and GIVE STATEMENTS WITHOUT THEIR OWN ATTORNEYS. This criminal conspiracy between Parks Miller and Breen to Coherse the students to believe ” YOUR NOT IN ANY TROUBLE , COOPERATE , GIVE INCRIMINATING STATEMENTS , SURRENDER YOUR PRIVATE VIDEO EVIDANCE” So I ( BREEN ) May escape all criminal charges as promised by Parks Miller.
    1. Catfishing.
    2. Criminal Cohersion
    3. Criminal Conspiracy.
    4. Ethics Violation.
    5. I can’t think of the term for withholding Evidance favorable to the defendants.

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