BUTLER COUNTY: DA Richard Goldfinger’s Office is Seething with Corruption, ADA Shultz Attempts to Get her Boyfriend Out of DUI, ADA Bosco Suspended for Misconduct

Dear God, where do I start with the HOT MESS in Butler County?

Any reader who follows me knows there is nothing I love to do more than expose a corrupt public official, and the torrid details leaking out of Butler County are deliciously tantalizing and scandalous.

From Judge Doerr accused of sexually harassing women, and trading sex for opportunities for employment in his office ( Butler County Corrupt President Pervert Judge Thomas Doerr Extorting Sex in Office – EXPOSED ORIGINALLY BY www.ButlerCountyCitizen.com ), to the PRESENT: Assistant District Attorney Richard Bosco is suspended (again),  pending the outcome of a Human Resources administrative hearing Tuesday. That hearing will address the issues regarding the suspension and possible outcome. CITATION 

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This is not the first time this delightful ape of a lawyer was suspended. Also according to Butler Citizen:  Bosco  was suspended once before for verbally then coming close to physically attacking another ADA Ben Simon. A source in the office tells me this is because Bosco was tired of Simon not doing his jobCITATION I can’t imagine how Simon feels about this, and Assistant District Attorney Simon is particularly well placed, as he was – indeed – the former clerk for Sex Predator Judge Doerr.

Doerr, the sitting president judge, would likely not be happy with District Attorney Goldinger firing his former law clerk; and that point aside, the reasons for Bosco losing his sh*t at a “human resources” meeting has a particularly douchebag like aroma about it: Bosco has expressed frustration with the District Attorneys office for the way they have been handling cases as of late. Bosco does not feel everyone should be “getting off scott free” CITATION Perhaps he should lay off the steroids. The sentences and criminal penalties being doused out in Butler County are RIDICULOUSLY drastic in comparison to other Pennsylvania Counties.

Of course Goldinger, with his small dinger, has nothing to say about such things publicly. Goldinger has nothing to say about this publicly, but the facts are unless you are part of the goldinger corrupt crew inside of this office, then you are going to have an issue not agreeing with his garbage.CITATION All facts are alleged and in my personal opinion, thank god, because the last dinger I would like to see would be Goldinger’s. What a malignant little scourge of corruption his little office seems to be manufacturing.


But depending on who you know, (or possibly who you blow – **cough** – Judge Doerr), you can get off “scott free.”


Don’t believe me?

Well in that case you should keep reading along.

Assistant District Attorney for Richard Goldfinger, Terri Shultz, had the inside connections to get her loser boyfriend out of a felony DUI offense.

  • Officers Caleb Forsythe, Kory Fleming and Sgt. Ben Spangler were present and filed internal reports, including a narrative of the call. According to Spangler’s report, Schultz exited the vehicle after they pulled over on Dingham Road and was visibly intoxicated. She said that she was going to call District Attorney Richard Goldinger and stated that “she would get this taken care of,” In their reports, both Fleming and Forsythe also wrote that Schultz was intoxicated and had called Goldinger from the scene, saying that he would “take care of” or “handle” the situation. After being told she was in no condition to drive, she allegedly mocked officers and screamed “arrest me,” Spangler’s report said.

God bless the Butler County Police Department, because without officers like Fleming and Spangler, this incestuous little scab of Butler County Corruption, probably would have just fallen off the maps. However, according to Butler Citizen, the officers responding to the Shultz’s loser boyfriend careening drunkenly all over Butler County, had enough integrity and decency to record and document everything, including insisting on a breathalizer test, even when Goldinger was ordering these officers to “let this one slide as a favor to him.”

God bless our honest men in blue.

Remember Goldinger is the same guy who demands harsh sentences for other DUI offenders in Butler County, which don’t happen to be f*cking his Assistant District Attorney Terri Shultz.

Essentially two brave officers, Fleming and Spangler, were willing to “take on the man,” even though corrupt District Attorney Richard Goldinger had called off the dogs. The case is now pending in magisterial court and has had a multitude of continuances. I am wondering if the Pennsylvania Disciplinary Board is aware of this little debacle.

This clusterfuck of an Oops – and I am also wondering what the h*ll the Judges and prosecutors in this case are thinking letting this go on so long, waiting to file charges until nearly a month later after the date of incident. Unlike most DUI offenders in Butler, Terri’s boyfriend Bryan Fundark, got the luxury of showing up ex post facto – or after the fact – to get his mug shots and fingerprints. As far as I have heard he hasn’t spent a night in jail.

Of course, any prosecutor with a lick of sense would immediately refer this case out to the Attorney General’s office due to a conflict of interest. But clearly Goldinger lacks any common sense when it comes to “hooking up members of his office.” Josh Shapiro at the OAG has not assumed jurisdication of this case, according to any public record filed, And Butler County Courts appear to be “sitting on it,” likely dreading further bad publicity of this embarrassing little stunt pulled by Goldinger and Shultz (both paid by public tax dollars to uphold the law).

  • Bryan Fundark, 45, of Jefferson Township was driving a car that was pulled over by city officers at 11:52 p.m. Nov. 30 on North Main Street for swerving and driving with its lights off, according to the affidavit of probable cause in his arrest.

According to county records, this was not Fundark’s first DUI: No, this was his second offense. Compounding that he blew an amazingly high breathilizer test, while his girlfriend, Assistant District Attorney Terri Shultz, sat in the car beligerently squealing at her boss D.A. Richard Goldinger to get them out of it. Yes, cops would later determine that she was too drunk to drive:  After being told she was in no condition to drive, she allegedly mocked officers and screamed “arrest me,” Spangler’s report said. CITATION

It’s unclear as to whether or not she did end up driving that evening, but what is clear is that no criminal charges were ever fired against Terri Shultz, and she did manage to keep her job. And as to the conflict of interest, there seems to be no fuss made over that. As far as I can tell, our politicking delightful little midget of a Attorney General, has not taken the case over. But that is just par for the course, remember Josh Shapiro is running for Governor, so he really doesn’t want to step in any sh*t, and Butler County has a huge steaming pile of it.


Afterall, at the end of the gun barrel, it is the Butler County citizens. Citizens who suspended Assistant District Attorney Richard Bosco likes to throw temper tantrums about for not facing harder jail sentences. Citizens that Richard Bosco likes to throw the book at, and make an example of, meanwhile ignoring the illicit and outright bold corruption occurring in his own office.

And don’t believe Bosco at face value. Criminal activity in Butler County is generally just dealing with small time drug offenders. There are very few serious crimes that Bosco or Goldinger ever try. Butler is not the County of Philadelphia, pretty much Butler County deals with Walmart thefts and low level non-violent drug offenders. Richard Goldinger is certainly not as “serious” or “essential” to the county as he would like you to believe he is.

And Bosco’s little hissy fit performance that got him suspended?

Well, he would probably also like to be considered important, as he is known to boast in local circles about how “serious” his without-a-weapon “armed robbery” cases are. Perhaps he should be taking advantage of Pennsylvania’s new law to legalize marijuana, because Bosco seriously need to take a chill pill. Not an opioid one, preferably one of the garden variety, which he also likes to put people in jail for.

You want proof that what Richard Goldinger and Richard Bosco do is not as “important” or “crucial” to “protecting the Butler County Community?” I would invite you to look. The P.U.C.R.A. or Pennsylvania Uniform Crime Reporting Act regulates the required disclosures of courts and law enforcement agencies to promote the frequency and outcomes of crimes, the variety of the crimes, and the general demographics of these criminal defendants.

You can certainly research for yourself how truly arbitrary, useless, counterproductive, and replaceable these idiots are for yourself. If that interests you? Please click here to view Goldinger and Bosco’s “Success” rates.  When your done reading the statistics about Butler County, do yourself a favor and look up Philadelphia County, and see what kind of nonsense cases Butler District Attorney Richard Goldinger, and his wayward ape, Richard Bosco, actually do prosecute. Larry Krasner deals with violent rapes and murders day in and day out. Bosco prosecutes Walmart thefts. Don’t let these men infer for an instance that they are more important or irreplaceable than they actually are.


JUST like Centre County, all the tell tale signs are there for a “crisis in the courthouse.”

Civil lawsuits are flying everywhere. Rumors of misconduct are now even starting to penetrate bottom feeding low level lap dog reporters in the local rag Butler Eagle. People are coming out of the woodworks to complain, and they are complaining in a way that is absolutely petrified and desperate, because they fear retaliation – and because they are deeply anxious about what might occur to them if they blow the whistle.

Butler County Citizen, Justin Castilyn, is not one of such people.

Castilyn pretty much figures by now that he is going to be a target of all possible retaliation that the incestuous little courthouse of Butler County can orchestrate against him. He is not in denial, and his attitude – much like mine was, (when I became a target of retaliation and threatened with litigation), is f#ck it. If I’m already a target, then the damage is done. If I am not free to SPEAK about my government, air my grievances, or otherwise engage in the political process, then why not do it out on a full blown level.

I understand Castilyn and respect him on so many levels because that’s what he did. The local papers weren’t (and still are not) reporting on these stories, so Castilyn took matters into his own hands and decided to report on things himself. He said f#ck it, if they are out to get me, let it be known that I will “hit back.” And he has, with tremendously, political reputation breaking force. Castilyn can throw a punch. The political officials feeding stories to their full time caterer of “good” news, that rag the Butler Eagle? It’s these same officials that writhe in both livid terror, and outrage, when they hear the name Castilyn.

They might be coming for Castilyn, but Castilyn is also coming for them. And they wake up every morning to troll his website, living in dire fear of what sort of secrets he is going to splash all over the internet next. And trust me, as I am learning, there is no shortage of subterfuge in Butler County. That little armpit of Pennsylvania is a hot mess. And let’s not distract ourselves with the opioid epidemic, or the trashy Walmart shoplifting, that little disaster of a crisis is seated dead set in the middle of the county, within the protected incestuous layers of the Butler County Court of Common Pleas.


It was only earlier this month that I was scrolling through my Google News Feed alerts checking out interesting little “issues” going on in Centre County, when I stumbled across a story that caught my eye.

While I am not endorsing anyone to make “death threats” or any violent threats against any public elected official (I am 420 friendly latte liberal, and don’t believe in violence of any form – as my followers know)…… I was strangely attracted to clicking on the hundreds of Google news alerts that come through my inbox. Something about the story registered as strange to me.

  • Butler woman was in jail Monday for allegedly threatening to kill Butler County District Attorney Richard Goldinger over the weekend, according to state police. Brittany Marie Hartos, 25, is charged with aggravated assault, simple assault and terroristic threats after police say she called the National Crisis Hotline on Saturday and threatened to “go to Goldinger’s house and work if necessary to kill him.” Hartos is being held at the Butler County Prison in lieu of $100,000 bond. CITATION

When I say strange, I mean it like it made the hairs of my neck stand up and my stomach churn, as primitive as those instincts were, I was interested immediately.

While I – AGAIN – endorse free speech, I don’t endorse violence or threatening other Americans (private or elected) with any act of violence. In the same vein of thought, the deeper thinker in me had a premonition that there was more to the story than this. As in – **** HMMMMM **** – there had to be an impetus here to provoke such a passionate response from Ms. Hartos.

Goldinger’s press release following the arrest only added to my suspicions of his nefarious, and likely politically or personally motivated intentions to arrest Hartos: Goldinger issued a statement Monday addressing the threats that said he was informed by police of the threats on Saturday and Hartos was arrested before any threat was carried out. 

Goldinger said his office, and other prosecutor offices around the country, make difficult prosecutorial decisions that aren’t popular. He said violence is never the answer to demonstrate an opinion or voice concerns.CITATION

Mr. Goldwanker – Good Evening – And I want to let you (personally know) that I actually (in this singular instance) agree with you here: Violence is never an answer. However, why on earth would you issue a press release with such a pervasive, pathological rhetorically subtle defense of your actions. Nobody was questioning your actions till a scrutinizer “read between the lines”, I can “smell bullshit from a mile away” reader happened to come across your press release.

Sometimes offices around the county “make difficult prosecutorial decisions that are not popular.”

What did you f#cking do to this 25 year old kid calling a suicide prevention hotline? I see a creative lawyer making a Constitution First Amendment Right to Free Speech, and complaint somewhere in between upholding the provider reporting standards the Health and Information Portability Act, and the right to free speech as you are not an individual – Mr. Goldwanker – you hold office and are a public official. Creative is keyword for any Attorney looking at that angle, and there would have to be much creativity, as HIPAA laws are tight – but the constitutional right to free speech is the founding principles of this country, whom patriots have died for.


I know you are too cowardly to issue any sort of response, but I want to let you know that your office is in public shambles, your community is lacking faith in you, and I can hardly keep up with the facebook messages and emails in my inbox describing the disgusting state of affairs in Butler County.

What is it that makes me hopeful that meaningful change can and will occur in Butler County?


Because prosecutorial misconduct and judicial corruption is a growing national movement, and there is an epidemic of it in our courts. Butler County is not the first place in America to experience this sort of elevated crisis of threat to an entity they had assumed they had ELECTED to protect them.  Please indulge yourself Mr(s). Goldwanker and Bosco: CITATION , please also do us all a favor and read the ABA Ethics Guidelines and Pennsylvania Code for conducting yourselves of officers to the court.

But I additionally know that change in Butler County is possible, BECAUSE, I recognize in Butler County citizens, their fear of government, their fear of government retaliation, their palpable lack of faith in the integrity of their court system, their expansively maddening frustrations, and their quiet (for right now), wish for change.

When members of your own police force and the state troopers are whispering around the community about how corrupt the courthouse in Butler County is, that’s a sign of alarm bells. Because cops are always the first to know.

I’ve talked to mothers, state trooper(s), officers of law enforcement, courthouse employees, victims, and accused defendants run over by that broken office you run, Mr. Goldwanker.

And I have a response for you, in particular, resign for the next election, because you and Judge Doerr are done here.

That’s all.


PS – (Shultz go drown yourself in boxed wine and start trying to find a job online. Good luck with that, because anyone who Googles you and the first thing that comes up on you is your ridiculously unethical behavior, threatening our law enforcement – “I dare you to arrest me.” Take that ego and shove it, because no self respecting private law firm will hire you after reading that sort of disrespect to these officers of the law that protect the Butler Community, and whom have served this community far longer than you have in your short career as a “public servant.” Also the cops have you recorded, and I’m formally reporting you to Anthony Czuchnicki at the Pennsylvania Disciplinary Board, so don’t kiss me goodbye yet. Enjoy the Franzia, and outrage, I’m nowhere near finished with Richard Goldwanker’s office yet.

PPS: @ButlerCitizen – Your reporting is PHENOMENAL.


“I DARE YOU TO ARREST ME,” -Butler County Assistant District Attorney Terri Shultz said drunkenly and disrespectfully to law enforcement. She is also the same person prosecuting DUI offenses in Butler County. Take note Mr. Czuchnicki, I got some info for you.


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  1. Just like when the DA pursued a case against me vandalizing my own vehicle ….what a waste of taxpayer time and dollars……it’s time for change!

  2. Butler county has always been currupt. But lately it’s been getting worse. I find it funny that the butler eagle hasn’t capitalized on the curruption years ago. It’s always been extremely shady in the district attorneys office. I can’t wait to hear about all the lawsuits that are coming. I know of one in particular. It’s going to be great. I feel bad for the us the tax payers to be footing the bill for these f@#king clowns.

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