BEDFORD COUNTY: Interim District Attorney Leslie Childer-Potts FIRES BACK at HPV’s Accusations of “Lack of Transparency,” pertaining to Former DA Bill Higgins

Interestingly enough, days after I mis-reported information given to me by a victim of the former disgraced Bedford County District Attorney’s office, the new “interim” district attorney fired back and released the names. She was appointed (not elected) to fill the position by way of Judges, and purportedly had close ties to Higgins in the past. The two even remain friends on Facebook.

Acting Bedford County District Attorney Lesley Childers-Potts has released the names of three staff members she terminated earlier this month in the aftermath of former DA Bill Higgins’ arrest and resignation.  CITATION


Lesley Childer-Potts, as well as THOUSANDS of others in Bedford County had been reading along. They had been enthused and highly responsive towards my opinions of their local press, as well as to my coverage on their corrupt court system.

In my former blog post, I pointed out to Bedford County that Childers-Potts is more a continuation of the same, as in she is perpetuating that same lack of transparency and general “shadiness” this county witnessed under the Higgins era.

While I was misinformed by a victim of the Higgins Administration, who insisted these county employees were barred attorneys, such was not the case. In fact, none of them were barred attorneys, which makes me curious as to why none of the attorneys in that office were let go.

Can you reasonably look me in the eye and tell me that none of the other lawyers in the office knew about the conduct of Higgins?

I bet you they at least heard a tidbit of it.

Childers-Potts announced that she and the county had contracted an “employment lawyer” – (How much did that cost tax payers?). And she also had the good sense to change the terminology of “public servants,” to “public servant employees”, but she still did a sh*t job with the transparency thing, and her former ties to the disgraced DA Higgins – are at minimum – seriously unnerving. See below:

  • “I understand that these employees were public service employees, but they also have a right to privacy with respect to certain pieces of information. I also understand that the public has an interest in this matter. However, employers, including Bedford County and the Office of the District Attorney, are required by law to keep certain personnel issues private.”  CITATION

Former District Attorney, Bill Higgins, a Bedford County transplant from Philadelphia, has literally wrecked the region when it comes to voters believing in the integrity of their courts. Local media has been advised by multiple victims, other public officials and concerned citizens of the activities of Higgins, yet it took years and years for this news to break.


Ultimately it was Shapiro’s office who broke the news, and then added insult to injury by drastically undercharging Higgins, who was charged with 31 misdemeanors, and I think – to date – no felonies. The OAG also disclosed that this investigation had been going on “for years”, and I imagine that likely because of that slowness more victims were accumulated.

  • Higgins, 44, resigned April 4 after he was arraigned on 31 charges of obstruction, intimidation and hindering apprehension. During a press conference that day, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said Higgins protected and provided leniency for female defendants in exchange for sexual photos and favors. CITATION

Higgins had his filthy claws into manipulation of the criminal justice process everywhere you could look.

  • A criminal complaint says Higgins compromised drug investigations by refusing to authorize a search warrant in one case and disclosed the identity of confidential informants to protect women with whom he had sexual relationships on numerous occasions from 2014 through 2016. CITATION

Local members of the bar, only a few, who have reached out to me, admit they knew about it for years. One or some of them correcting my story, alongside other citizens of Bedford, that the fired employees were not lawyers.

One account of a private citizen and/or lawyer informed me of some pretty disturbing things: One of the District Attorney’s office’s fired employees had been hired with no credentials, no experience with law, no experience in criminal justice. She was accused of drinking on the job, and pervasive rumors in this new administration that she was “sleeping with Higgins.”

I would probably drink on the job too if my boss were extorting sex from me. I would chalk her up to another victim of Higgins.

Obviously Schultz trying to assert her official position is totally unacceptable and unethical. What though are the ethical ramifications of her possibly instructing her boyfriend to refuse field sobriety tests? Obviously by doing so he expects to fight the charges in court. How can Schultz not be in violation of her ethical obligations as a prosecutor knowing her boyfriend was well over twice the legal limit? Schultz called District Attorney Goldinger from the scene. Again it is totally unethical for her to suggest that Goldinger would “take care of it”, but what was Goldinger’s reaction to the call? What did he instruct his ADA to do? Did he talk to the arresting officers? Did he come to the scene? How has Schultz not been dismissed or disciplined in any way for this? It is a case of clearly attempting to abuse her position to protect a loved one who was caught breaking the law. The Courthouse is a mess. There seems to be a total lack of moral leadership. CITATION

Childer’s was sworn in under all of this chaos, and the Bill Higgins facing criminal charges for extorting sex from criminal defendants for favors.

But Childer-Potts position on firing staffers seems a little hypocritcal considering her rumored “close ties” to Bill Higgins. When she was sworn in as “First Assistant District Attorney” of Bedford County, the disgraced-predator Mr. Higgins, had these glowing words about Ms. Childers-Potts:

Lesley Childers-Potts will fill the first assistant district attorney position recently vacated upon the election of Travis Livengood to judge of the Court of Common Pleas in Bedford County, according to District Attorney Bill Higgins. “I am honored to welcome Lesley to our staff. I have worked closely with her for several years, and I am confident that she will be an asset to the Bedford County District Attorney’s Office,” said Higgins. CITATION

But there was no love lost, it seems to appear – by way of news sources – that First Assistant District Attorney Childers-Potts was equally “fond” of her predator boss, and that she played in active role in prosecuting sex offenses, yet worked under a compulsive sex offender and still mentioned nothing, but went on about her day.

“I am excited about the opportunity to work with District Attorney Bill Higgins. I have always wanted to be a prosecutor, and I am proud to serve as assistant district attorney in the county where I grew up,” said Childers-Potts. The Bedford County Board of Commissioners approved the hiring of  Childers-Potts at their Tuesday meeting at an annual salary of $40,000. CITATION

 Yet while Childers-Potts is rumored to have certainly known about her bosses propensities, and haven possibly slept with him herself, there were no other prosecutors fired? Only staff people, and Potts was beyond non-transparent until the public called her out on it. Then she wasted tax dollars on an “employment attorney consultant” for the county, and released the names of four non-attorney staff people, who she now calls “public servant employees,” instead of public servants.
  • “These types of decisions are never easy, especially when the employee has served the county for an extended period of time,” she said at the time. “Unfortunately, to move toward restoring the public trust in this office, the terminations were necessary.”  CITATION

Wise, a former detective, was the only terminated employee mentioned in the criminal complaint filed in Higgins’ case.

And so this case NEVER crossed Childers-Potts’ desk while she was First ADA, this case was NEVER a file she read. Do they still use PAPER files in that office? Is NOTHING scanned on a legal software storage program?

  • A woman identified by state police as Female 3, who was a known drug dealer in the area and was prosecuted by Higgins in 2011, told a grand jury she began communicating with Higgins by cellphone in 2014. Female 3 testified that she met with Wise in fall 2015 and that Wise “made her change her statement on numerous occasions.” “Detective Wise would draw a line through something that Female 3 wrote and make her initial it,” the affidavit says. “Wise then would tell Female 3 exactly what to write.” CITATION

Does Bedford County SERIOUSLY believe this crooked new “interim” former First Assistant District Attorney had NO KNOWLEDGE of what Higgins was up to, particularly when there were three staffers within the office caught up in the mess?

When is election season, because Bedford needs to remove this canniving backwards wench from that seat, as she was complicit to the sex abuse and misconduct of her former lover – ahem – (sorry slip up) I mean former BOSS, DA Bill Higgins.

What a disgraceful representation for the county?

And the saga goes on in Bedford.

Reach out to me if you have something to say, I won’t publish your names.


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  1. If you ever wanted to meet a 2 faced bitch here ya go. Leslie was hired by bill bill higgins, she set in on cases for him and took direction from him because bill wasn’t aloud to operate in the court. Someone filed a tort claim on bill and I would like to know who it was and thank them. All residents need to file tort claims on the public officials that have no doubt embezzled from the pheasants (Bedford County Residents). Leslie was working close with Diane Nelson (dirty Diane)and her husband Troy Nelson(little boy Troy)in aiding Higgins to sexual molest minors. That’s right minors, they forgot to mention the 16 year old that was working at McDonald’s when bill would pick her up and they was supposably going to watch a movie alledgably. Anyhow yeah Leslie , dirty Diane, little boy Troy all was in on it. Diane use to have sexual intercourse with female guards at the Bedford County jail. One of the girls she was doing it with happened to he a really good friend!! Keep up the good work creeps your being monitored by the people. LMAO

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