CATHOLIC DIOCESE SEX SCANDAL – Misdemeanors for Priest Enabling Child Sex Abuse, Just like Curley, Spanier & Shultz!! Thank you Josh Shapiro & Welcome to Pennsylvania – Where the Rich and Powerful are FREE to Abuse Children


With all the news raging on and on about the Piazza case ruling today, Josh Shapiro’s office slipped this one under the rug, hoping the media wouldn’t notice.

For the most part they didn’t.


  • Two Franciscan friars who served as superiors of their community in Pennsylvania have pled guilty to charges of endangering children, for allowing a friar suspected of sexual abuse to continue to work with children. CITATION
  • Father Robert D’Aversa, 70, and Father Anthony Criscitelli, 63, were each charged with first-degree misdemeanors for their role in assigning Brother Stephen Baker to positions in which he had access to children, even after several credible accusations of abuse were brought against him. CITATION

Well to be fair….. That is what the PSU three got charged with: Father/Son/Holy Spirit, otherwise known as Curly, Shultz and Spanier. The most serious charges (felonies, such as perjury) were dropped by a Judge in the recent two years, and the OAG failed to appeal the charges. As a result they were only charged with misdemeanors.

It astounds me how the Pennsylvania Attorney General, Josh Shapiro, would like to charge 18-22 year olds with serious felonies over drinking related offenses, yet fail to charge these accomplices with any serious felonies in enabling child sex abusers, and covering up their actions.


We always knew there was a double standard for the rich and well-connected, vs. the poor, undereducated minority classes, but Shapiro’s office has done an INCREDIBLY good job in widening that gap. For example, Former Bedford County DA Higgins was charged with only 23 misdemeanors after it was discovered he was molesting women in exchange for reduction of criminal charges, or other favors in his legal jurisdiction.

The initial investigation was led by ice-queen Kathleen Kane, who was admittedly, a little more blood thirsty than the current Attorney General, who has to act on these charges by law, but doesn’t want to jeopardize his rich donor base from the Catholic elite.

  • The friars belong to the Third Order Regular, Province of the Immaculate Conception in the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown, which has undergone a recent investigation for the cover-up of past sexual abuse. In 2016, a grand jury released a “staggering and sobering” report on years of reported abuse and cover-up within the diocese, affecting hundreds of victims. Most alleged offenders have either died or have been unable to be criminally charged, due to most cases having passed the statute of limitations. CITATION

The “staggering and sobering” report issued by Kane’s office, was followed this year by half-ass, limp wristed charges on the part of the new Attorney General, Josh Shapiro, who seems less than enthused to muddy the rich and powerful network of Catholic donors, many of which comprise his donor base.

I would beg to question if more charges were feasible, as reading the actions of these men sickens me:

  • Baker was working at a local Catholic high school, Bishop McCort, from 1992-2000, during which time the bulk of his sexual abuse reportedly occurred. D’Aversa, who was provincial in 2000, transferred Baker to another assignment after having learned of a credible accusation against Baker, but did not disclose the reason for the transfer. CITATION


Could Shapiro not have added felony perjury charges for these men’s testimony in front of Kane’s grand jury? Could he also not have added obstruction charges? Are there no more serious charges that could have been added to solidify that serious consquences are likely for any individual or entity that enables the sexual abuse of minor children?


Even after his reassignment by McCort, the Catholic diocese in Altoona continued – not just to BURY the serious allegations of child sex abuse – but also failing to take the necessary precautions to ensure this predator was limited with his contact with children.

  • Criscitelli succeeded D’Aversa as provincial, and assigned Baker to other positions where he would have access to children, despite knowing that Baker had several credible accusations against him as a sexual predator. CITATION

Shapiro publicly recognized how twisted this “oversight” was, and spoke about it. Yet despite his rhetoric, he failed to put his money where his mouth was and drop the serious charges on the enablers of abuse. He was too busy licking the bottom of Tom Kline’s shoes while trying to charge 18 year olds with “manslaughter” or “reckless endangerment” for simply being present when an underaged fraternity brother was illegally supplied alcohol. You know what I’m referring to: The Piazza case, it’s that simple furnishing of alcohol case that Stacy Parks Miller tried to turn into a murder trial.

About the Diocese case, read below what Josh Shapiro has to say:

  • “These defendants knew the abuser was a serious threat to children – but they allowed him to engage with children and have access to them as part of his job within their order,” Attorney General of Pa. Josh Shapiro said in a statement. “They chose time and time again to prioritize their institution’s reputation over the safety of victims. I won’t stand for that in any institution – and any person who fails to protect and safeguard children in their care will answer to me.” CITATION

Yes, child abuse enablers will have to answer to Josh Shapiro, and so long as they are rich, they can be assured that the charges will only result in misdemeanors, no jail time, maybe a little probation.


And while Shapiro is happy to drop civil lawsuits on Facebook or Equifax, we don’t see any civil action out of the OAG pertaining to the catholic diocese scandal.

  • This case is the first time members of a religious order have been sentenced for the cover-up of clerical abuse in the state of Pennsylvania. Shapiro told a local newspaper that the convictions of the friars will send a message that “(enablers) will be held accountable for covering up rampant sexual abuse of children.” CITATION


How groundbreaking! (Sarcasm) These cases are all over the Northeast United States, and the only reason this case is moving forward is because Kathleen Kane managed to eek out these criminal charges and make sure they were filed before she got arrested.

Josh Shapiro is again looking out for the little guy, letting these patron saints of abusers walk around with misdemeanors, free on bail – Without mind you, holding any news conference (as is his favorite thing to do) and calling them out.

In a way, I read this article and I thought that Josh Shapiro was clearly giving the message to the rich and powerful of Pennsylvania. If you see child abuse and participate in enabling the abuser, “Don’t worry, it’s $1,000 bucks and a nuissance like term of probation.
  • D’Aversa and Criscitelli were both sentenced to five years’ probation and $1,000 fines each, plus court fees. CITATION


When the whistleblowers in Altoona, Pennsylvania finally came forward in Kathleen Kane’s investigating grand jury, the predator was humiliated, and clearly the allegations were severe as the child sex predator attempted suicide by stabbing himself in the heart when all of it became public.

  • Baker reportedly committed suicide in 2013 by stabbing himself in the heart when abuse allegations against him were made public. He had been accused of abusing victims in Ohio, Michigan and Minnesota in addition to Pennsylvania. CITATION

More interestingly, as fast as the anti-hazing bill got passed through the senate, HB-31 dredges on with little public official support. With Josh Shapiro appearing at a news conference, chest puffed out and glowing with vicory, he boasted how fast he got the anti-hazing bill passed. The anti-hazing bill pertains to adults, wherein HB-31 would specifically pertain to child sex abusers.

I would be interested to know exactly when the statute of limitations for Father Anthony Schinelli expired, and if they happened to do so under the watch of Josh Shapiro.

  • Accusations of child endangerment were also brought against a third friar, Father Anthony “Giles” A. Schinelli, for assisting in the cover-up of Baker’s abuse, but the charges were dropped because the statute of limitations had been reached. Settlements have been reached with more than 90 of Baker’s Bishop McCort High School victims. CITATION

The Catholic Church has responded to this scandal by creating their own watchdog group. A sort of CYS internal system, with foxes guarding the hen house. Still Josh Shapiro has taken no action for an independent system to monitor this entity which chronicals a very long history and pattern of abuse.

  • In January 2018, the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown created an Office of Child and Youth Protection, which “is responsible for implementing and overseeing the full Diocesan response to the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People established by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and compliance with the law.” CITATION


Josh Shapiro is more than willing to implement all sorts of confining democratic regulations and policies, he is even willing to go forward and implement new laws – pushing them through the senate on behalf of the Piazza case.

maxresdefault (2)

Yet when it comes to the lengthy and pattern-like, historically prominant behavior of catholic priests, there has been no action taken. At very lease Kathleen Kane had the good sense to establish a hotline:

  • The charter, implemented in 2002, obligates all compliant dioceses and eparchies to provide resources both for victims of abuse and resources for abuse prevention. Each year, the USCCB releases an extensive annual report on the dioceses and eparchies, including an audit of all abuse cases and allegations, and recommended policy guidelines for dioceses.  CITATION


First of all, Spanier should be serving his jail sentence for child endangerment, and these two friars who slipped under the cracks with probation and misdemeanors should also be looking at hard time.

I have a few questions for Shapiro:

  • Did either one of these men commit perjury during testimony on the stand? If so, why are they not charged with this felony?
  • How much did the Catholic church and their large donor base donate to fund your campaign?
  • How dumb do you think the Pennsylvania voters are?
  • What is the status of the child abuse bill Mark Rozzi is leading?
  • Why has the OAG not commenced any civil action against this organization for their long and horrid history of child sex offenses?

MORAL OF THE STORY: IF you want to engage in child sex predator behaviors, or enable powerful people to engage in this predation, then make sure you are a democrat who has donated to Josh’s Campaign. Otherwise don’t expect anything from Shapiro except maybe an $8 dollar check in the mail because Equifax or Facebook breached your privacy.

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