BUTLER COUNTY – Once upon a time, in the land of pedophilia, JUDGE DOERR excuses Child Predation by Law Enforcement in the Open – Complaints Persist of this Horror for YEARS Among Law Enforcement

It was eons of time ago when Terry Reynolds was the Chief of Juvenile Probation in Butler County. A former law enforcement disclosed dark county secrets to me this evening, and for our purposes we will call that Officer John Doe.

John Doe worked for Butler County Law Enforcement for 20 plus years of service for the county. In conversation, he is level headed, even tempered, god-fearing and knowledgable of criminal law.

It was in the early 2000s when a parolee/probation stepped into John Doe’s office. He had come from juvenile probation, and was now turned 18, he had been assigned to John Doe’s caseload. John Doe dealt with adults.

John Doe did his intake and as he watched the young man before him fumble, he noticed “crack burns” on his hands. Doe noted the crack burns were so bad that he actually had the parolee remove both his hands so he could photograph these black burn marks.

In review of the intake, Doe asked an obvious question: “If you are unemployed, where did you get the money to buy the crack?” He relays to me in a thick Pittburgh like Pennsylvania accent, an explanation, as to why he was able to expose the corruption in the first place. He says, ‘you see, you wear two hats as a probation officer. Sometimes you are the law, and sometimes you are a social service worker.’

Doe recalls that the relayed that he inmate got his drug money from a juvenile probation officer, named Terry Reynolds. Reynolds, he informed, had blackmailed him after molesting him in exchange for hush money. Doe reminds me that this was 20 years ago before mandatory reporting acts were in place, still – his seasoned law enforcement instincts had run awry.

He was suddenly less concerned about the probation violation, and more concerned about the sexual abuse. I asked him if he thought this young man was telling the truth, or if he was trying to slip one under.

Doe, a seasoned law enforcement officer, responded “I can tell when people give me some horse ‘flesch.”

He wasn’t one to cause trouble or upheaval, but he decided to escalate this case to the county detectives. One County Detective is now dead, but he had heard John Doe’s concerns and took over the investigation.

“I’ll never forget it,” Doe tells you as he remembers. Troop D Crime Unit were the PSP state police investigating.

Though he continued to follow up with the case curiously, he heard nothing in terms of follow up. It was only 2-3 weeks later when Doerr and Reynolds had a late night meeting, that John Doe learned that Reynolds had been dismissed.

“Do you think he is a habitual child predator?”

“It wouldn’t surprise me,” he said.

When the victim’s parents learned of the child sex abuse, they were dismayed, and intent on Reynolds losing his child licensure to be authorized to handle juvenile offenders.

At some point Doe had entered the investigatory file. He had discovered that the parents of the Defendant with the crack burned hands did not want criminal charges. They wanted loss of job, and Doerr would give him that.

“Well,” I wondered, “did he go onto hurt more juveniles/children.”

Doe couldn’t tell me one way or the other, but his sense is that people like that often do go on to hurt more children. He believes worked at “Mars Homes for the Youth,” after the county fired him, specializing in trouble young men. But he is unsure, and only informed of status by fellow concerned law enforcement officers, peers whom he trusts.

Doe relayed there was something that always bothered him about this case. In a thick Pennsylvania accent, he was clearly republican and law abiding, but he was insistent that something about this case shook him. And the abrupt resignation/firing of Reynolds after a covert meeting with the supervising judge late at night only sealed the appearance of impropriety. Doe said, “I think Reynolds probably thought he gave him enough hush money to make him able to go out and buy enough drugs to overdose, so he would never be heard from again.” The moral outrage is certainly understandable, and it’s highly readable when you hear him tell his story.

“All this will be public record if the victim saw you as an adult in the probation office”, I assured John Doe.

“I tried to remember his name, because the whole thing has bothered me,” he said, “I tried to even look him up. I think his name was [REDACTED NAME] but I couldn’t tell you the spelling.”

He is regretful for not doing more, and is quick to relay that. I assured him, that he did the right thing, he referred it up to his chain of command.

Unfortunately, that chain of command he referred it up to was self-interested and corrupt. The chain of command led up to Judge Thomas Doerr who didn’t want this scandal under his watch. Doerr let it go without a whisper to the press, nor any criminal charges filed. 

Judge Thomas Doerr, Also Accused of Sexually Victimizing his Courthouse Staff.

In fact quite the opposite, Officer John Doe heard in the weeks coming that Terry Reynolds had a late night meeting with the disgraced Judge Thomas Doerr, without explanation and under a veil of secrecy, Officer Terry Reynolds was released/resigned from his duties for the county.

Mars Home for Boys, where juveniles, runaways and orphans are housed in county protection, is where Reynolds allegedly worked for some period of time, and may even still possibly work there. A perfect breeding ground of prey for the predator to hunt for his next victims, after all, the victims of sexual abuse tend to be the most vulnerable. So after all this facade of being fired from county employment due to sexually inappropriate contact with juvenile men, Reynolds purportedly collected a county paycheck, and was allegedly surrounded by vulnerable young boys from abused homes or with emotional disturbances. Sounds like the Second Mile all day long to me.

Meanwhile, a retired law enforcement officer reminisces about his time in Butler County, sadly relaying to me, that “I have only one regret.”

The whereabouts of the victim are unknown. Any more information on this subject would be appreciated, and of course heard, with the utmost confidentiality. But to me, from an initial glance, to all outward appearances, it looks like Butler County has a dirty crook of Judge in office, who is forgiving towards sex offenders, likely because he is one himself.



  1. I was contacted by a man from Butler who explained to me how he was ritually abused by his family and Catholic priests from the area. He told a story of how a Catholic priest would allow his victims to play with a puppy or kitten. As the boys became more attached to the pets the Catholic priest would remind the boys who was in charge.

    The priest would slowly crush the skull of the kitten or puppy with his foot. The boys were forced to listen to the crunching sound the puppy or kitten’s skulls bones as the priest applied more pressure to kill the animal.

    Sadly, it’s all out there and very few people these victims can turn to for help.

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