CATHOLIC SEX ABUSE SCANDAL IN PA: What exactly has Josh Shapiro Done? Except to Showboat and Release a GJ Indictment without Releasing Any Actual Report?

Happy Valley Citizen

Shapiro is Attempting to Impress Centre County, and Penn State sees straight through this ugly facade of LAZY justice.

A day after Happy Valley Citizen releases this blog: CATHOLIC DIOCESE SEX SCANDAL – Misdemeanors for Priest Enabling Child Sex Abuse, Just like Curley, Spanier & Shultz!! Thank you Josh Shapiro & Welcome to Pennsylvania – Where the Rich and Powerful are FREE to Abuse Children, which criticizes Josh Shapiro in his handling of the Diocese sex abuse scandal, Josh Shapiro comes forth with a well timed announcement.

I suspect he knows that Centre County is watching him carefully, and tuned into

Instead of announcing the findings of the Grand Jury Report, which reference and include actual copies of the grand jury report, this hastily put together press release lacks both substance and falls dramatically short of public expectations.


To start, I want to remind all my readers that Josh Shapiro was elected in November 2016, and did not actually assume office until January of 2017. MEANING: If this were “at least” a six month long grand jury investigation,” then the investigation preceded the tenure of Josh Shapiro, and was more than likely initiated by his predecessor Kathleen Kane. See below:

  • Sources close to the investigation speaking on background indicate that the 18-month investigation has been completed. The findings could be released as early as this month. Victims advocates generally believe the findings could lead to a number of arrests among church officials. CITATION

So Centre County voters, do not be swayed by these cartwheels in the press, this was a pending investigation when Josh Shapiro entered office. And to hastily release the investigation [notably unaccompanied by any Grand Jury Report], is a sign that he is taken to responding to the sentiments of many people in Centre County, which I articulated (as best I could in my blog yesterday).

Given we come from Sandusky territory, I would say this community – The Penn State Community – is remarkably tuned-in and sensitive to sexual abuse or sex assault cases involving children. The “me too” movement began in Centre County long before it hit the national media spotlight. We had our own victims and own re-thinking of values in this community.

So what exactly has Josh Shapiro done other than try to impress voters here in Centre County after he undercharged an Altoona Diocese child sex predator priest?

Well he has invigorated old investigations started by his predators. I imagine, thinking, “I better hurry and put a rush on this Clearfield County Diocese priest predator, because Centre County is responding to me wondering why I am overcharging frat boys and letting adult sex offenders off on misdemeanors. I better hurry.”

So the results of the investigation were announced today in one of those flashy “Josh Shapiro” style press releases, where he had a lot of eloquent statements that were all almost without substance. And unusually enough, the results of a Grand Jury Investigation were released to the public without any actual report of the Grand Jury Investigation.

  • Investigators found that Poulson sexually assaulted the boys while employed in active ministry as a diocesan priest. CITATION

What Josh Shapiro doesn’t mention is that the opening of this investigation occurred long before he entered office. What he also does not mention is that none of the enablers of this abuse were charged, though the allegations of Father Poulson had been circulating since 2005.


Instead, Josh Shapiro stands up – without crediting any of his staff or having a paper copy of the grand jury report – to say “Look what I did.”

What exactly did josh shapiro actually do?

Well nothing, really, except a press conference where he referred to a grand jury report, which hasn’t exactly been publicly released yet. He’d better have some Judge who signed off on it and/or is willing to backdate his signature because releasing “secret” grand jury details to the public is a felony offense if no Judge has approved prior release of these details.

The press today saw nothing in writing. Instead, they showed up to an overbloated press release, where Josh Shapiro assumed any and all credibility for an OAG investigation that long pre-empted his assumption of that office.

Later today, after Shapiro’s glamorous media press conference, the Catholic Diocese issued a press release with this to say.

  • “The Diocese of Erie learned today that Father David Poulson, 64, former pastor of St. Anthony of Padua Parish, Cambridge Springs, has been charged with one felony count of indecent assault; one felony count of endangering the welfare of children; one felony count of corruption of minors; two misdemeanor counts of indecent assault; and several misdemeanors. Father Poulson was arraigned on the charges in Jefferson County by District Judge Gregory M. Bazylak, and was placed in the Jefferson County Prison on $300,000 bond. The diocese learned of the conduct that provides the basis for these charges in January 2018 and immediately notified law enforcement. Moreover, I directed K&L Gates law firm to assist in producing to the Attorney General’s office any and all evidence they uncovered to assist in this prosecution. CITATION

In otherwords, these friars were setting their defenses up, likely relieved that they had not been named by Josh Shapiro as criminal Defendants. Like Curley, Spanier and Shultz, they are expecting an easy out, despite their decade plus long documented knowledge of child sex abuse under their watch.

In a tightly written timeline, likely composed by his defense attorneys, the supervising priest continues to lay out his defenses. He states he had accepted Father Poulson’s resignation, but fails to mention anywhere that he reassigned Poulson as a pastor of a Clearfield County church, a church where Poulson would continue to have access to juveniles.

Josh Shapiro also fails to mention this fact, or mention this child sex abuse enabler priest anywhere in his press release today.

Please read the carefully crafted press release from pedophile Father Poulson’s boss, and child sex abuse enabler (whom – to date – has been charged with nothing). Like Spanier, they are on the fast track to get off with no consequences.

Read the defense below, hopefully you haven’t had dinner, because this will make you sick:

  • I became Bishop of the Erie Diocese in October 2012. At that time and until the production of documents to the Grand Jury, Father Poulson’s name was not raised. In 2016 and early 2017, the diocese produced records to the Grand Jury and undertook its own independent analysis through counsel. The 2010 report was flagged by the diocese’s independent counsel as a case where grooming behaviors perhaps went undetected. The diocese informed the Attorney General that it would be reviewing Father Poulson and attempting to contact the former student at issue in the 2010 report (who declined to speak with anyone in 2010 after a third party reported suspicions). The Attorney General’s Office did not object and indeed appreciated the diocese’s cooperation and investigative efforts. In 2017, the former student did not return phone calls, e-mails, or certified letters (though his identity was confirmed and he did sign for the letters). Recognizing that disclosure must take place on a victim’s terms, even the diocese’s independent lawyers and investigators were at a standstill.

 As described in the Grand Jury’s presentment, Victim #1 (not the former student that was the subject of the 2010 report) bravely came forward in January 2018 to a military chaplain to report abuse he suffered. This report was promptly provided to both state and local law enforcement. The diocese informed the Attorney General that its counsel would confront Father Poulson and collect any available evidence. The Attorney General’s Office did not object and again acknowledged the diocese’s assistance. Diocesan counsel forensically imaged and later analyzed numerous electronic devices in addition to interviewing Father Poulson, with much of that information being discussed in the presentment. Indeed, the diocese located the cabin and provided text-message analysis and contact information for 21 potential victims to the Attorney General. The diocese publicly announced its suspension of Father Poulson after waiting for confirmation from state and local law enforcement that the suspension would not interfere with any law-enforcement investigation. The Grand Jury and the Attorney General then proceeded to uncover the details described in the presentment. CITATION


So here is the bottomline, Shapiro read some criticism from Centre County, and released the “findings of Grand Jury Investigation” without any actual Grand Jury Report. The grand jury investigation and indictment preceded Shapiro, as they were initiated BEFORE he ever took office. And the first party witnesses to Father Poulson’s sexual victimizations on children in the Parrish were left to go scot-free, and issued a legal defense in the papers.

Maybe Josh Shapiro should stop going after frat boys and trying to tack on murder charges so he can collude with Tom Kline in suing Penn State. Maybe Shapiro should be attacking the real predators, which are government actors with corrupt agendas, as well as religious and community leaders who prioritize their own agendas and own powerful seats over the welfare of children.

I’d really like to see a copy of the Grand Jury report on this one. I find it highly suspect that this glamorous press conference was done without any report signed by any Judge.

If Josh Shapiro is out to mend his reputation in Centre County, then he is doing a piss poor job. This voting community is one of the most educated, informed and embattled voting communities in the state.

These fake gestures fall on deaf ears, particularly as this case – is severely undercharged – as none of the child sex abuse enablers were named by Shapiro in his show stopping press release.

Centre County remains unimpressed. I’d also like to know what Shapiro has done to forward the investigations into the Second Mile, or to open any NEW investigations into the massive widespread epidemic of child sex abuse in this state.

I see Spanier still has not done a day in jail. Perhaps Spanier and Shapiro get together once a month to play the washboard together, and Shapiro gets a suitcase full of cash rendered to him by Spanier who is still collecting on Penn State’s fat retirement pension.

Don’t fall for it. Shapiro’s garbage, ladies and gentlemen, and this charade is what you call showboating.

Stop arresting kids and take the pedophiles off the streets, regardless of if they are in your donor base. Until then, this investigation preceeded Shapiro, and lacked a report. This is more showboating, and trying to take credit, where no such credit is due.

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