BEAVER COUNTY – Sheriff Tony Guy seems to be pretty shady, replacing Sheriff George David, now free after facing criminal charges – and back at work

In October, the newly elected Sheriff of Beaver County, Tony Guy, will face a jury of his peers on civil allegations of retaliation for firing a female county employee.

The Beaver County Sheriff’s office has a long and convoluted history of corruption.

What I can tell you is that while Tony Guy has been in office, he has failed to achieve any civil relationships with the rest of the county actors. He is at constant odds with the Beaver County Commissioners, who publicly have stated they do not wish to “micro-manage” Tony Guy, but they do wish to inquire into his spending habits. Indeed Guy’s budget for the County sheriff’s office is huge in comparison to the other surrounding rural Pennsylvania communities.

Guy campaigned on a popular message that he would oppose O’Bama’s anti gun measures. It was a message that resonated dearly with the gun toting hunting community in Beaver County.

Furthermore, it was an easy campaign, as his predecessor George David was facing criminal charges. Though David was recently acquitted of those charges, and even returned to work, the stigma remains.

  • “This was a young man who made these allegations up to popularize himself and make himself significant in this county,” Rothman said. “And I think the people of this county should beware of Mr. John Paul Vranesevich and should, if they ever come in contact with him, (watch) what they say to him.” “The hardest part is seeing certain people go against you, and they know they were telling a lie, and they still did,” David said, though he did not name anyone. “While a jury has found George David not guilty in a court of law, he is by no means an innocent man,” said Vranesevich, 35, of Hermitage in Mercer County. “But I respect the jury’s decision in this case, and accept the hurdle of proof beyond a reasonable doubt was simply too high to overcome.”

Regardless of who you believe, the entire thing is still shady.

Maybe it was the case that Tony Guy capitalized on this unfortunate turn of events in order to win an election, or maybe it was the case that Vranesevich was out to take down a very powerful man with malicious vengeful motives.

Either situation is deplorable, it seems neither one of these character “sheriffs” had the county interests in mind.

Then again Vranesevich has his own interesting caveats and quirks as a whistleblower:

In his current endeavor, Mr. Vranesevich routinely ends up becoming part of the “news” stories he writes.  The most prominent of these incidents to date was Mr. Vranesevich’s charge that, among other things, Beaver County Sheriff George David threatened him with a gun.  A jury acquitted Mr. David of all charges.  Commenting on Mr. David’s acquittal, Mr. Vranesevich wrote, “While I am obviously disappointed with today’s jury verdict, I respect their decision in this matter.  I have been covering the courts for years now and have never seen a juror who hasn’t treated this most serious and solemn process with anything but the attention it deserves.  …  I did not find justice.”  Translation: “I have to appear gracious and compliment the jury, but they were wrong.”  At least in public, Mr. Vranesevich treated this difference of opinion better than one he has with State Rep. Jim Christiana (R-15).  Mr. Vranesevich once referred to Mr. Christiana as “a coward” because their positions on same-sex marriage differ.


Vranesevich, who runs his own blog, appears to be at war with another local blogger “Robin Cox.” She also seems to be harboring some pent up resentments towards Vranesevich and is quick to throw her underground blogger “competition” under the bus.

But Vranesevich is believable, despite the envy of other essentially nameless small town, small time bloggers. He is persistent in his coverage of Beaver County corruption, active and involved….


And I am apparently not the only one who finds him so…. A federal Judge is allowing his case to move forward with a trial date against former Sheriff George David….

And furthermore, he continues to whistleblowing (all hell fire be damned), you can’t seem to get him to quiet down no matter what you SLAPP him with or how his competition insults him.

Kudos to Mr. Vranesevich for keeping it real, exposing corruption every day:

  • The Pennsylvania State Police have met with the Beaver County District Attorney’s Office about their ongoing criminal investigation into Ambridge Police Chief James Mann, according to courthouse sources. People familiar with the matter tell the Beaver Countian that an ongoing investigation into Chief Mann includes inquiries into time sheets and allegations that he engaged in harassing and threatening behavior against some of his own officers.The District Attorney’s Office will be considering evidence gathered by investigators with State Police from their interviews of officers in the Ambridge Police Department. District Attorney David Lozier has assigned Chief Trial Counsel Albert Torrence to review the case and help decide what if any criminal charges may be appropriate. Prosecutors are working to determine whether or not Ambridge’s Police Chief improperly billed time to the Borough and whether any of his alleged interactions with other officers may have constituted acts of official oppression.


How entertaining!!! You can find Mr. Vranesevich’s blog here, You should follow this entertaining corruption whistleblowing tyrant… I certainly intend to.


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