BREAKING PENN STATE – Timothy Piazza Case – Former Defense Attorney Peter Sala FIRES BACK – Asking what we all were wondering: WHERE ARE THE CHARGES FOR TIM BREAM?

Detective Scicchitano testified that he had watched the Piazza surveillance tapes “over” and over again. After Defense Attorney Phil Masorti pointed this fact out, even the Judge was willing to concede that there was potential bias from the repeated viewing. He hushed an objection, but agreed: You may have not won this battle, but you haven’t lost the war. BREAKING PENN STATE: Day 1 & 2 – Beta Theta Pi – The TIMOTHY PIAZZA Preliminary Hearing – A Change in Judge, and a Change in Overall Tone

If Scicchitano did indeed watch the tapes “over and over” again, then he saw Tim Bream exit the house. He saw the former Penn State athletic director walk by all the evidence of partying, exiting the house in the early morning hours, just feet away where Timothy Piazza lay dying.

In fact, this was well known, because Penn State Athletics Coach Tim Bream testified in front of the grand jury. But you have to take into account the f#cked up influence of Centre County politics. You see it was election year, and the charging District Attorney was on the hot seat after voluminous allegations of prosecutorial misconduct and law breaking while she was in office. Presently, a disciplinary board panel of judges is pending a ruling on whether or not to strip her license to practice law permanently. In short, she had ulterior motivations, and wasn’t ready to piss off Penn State – an organization full of wealthy, democratic, liberal, loyal minded democrats (not a single one who donated to her campaign, per filing reports), but she was banking on to win an election.

She even went so far as to allow a few unthinkable things to slip:

  • Attorneys representing former members of Beta Theta Pi charged in connection with the death of Timothy Piazza wanted Tim Bream in court this week to testify at a preliminary hearing. Bream, however, didn’t show after a private investigator made numerous attempts to serve him a subpoena, and the defense wants the court to compel him to appear or be held in contempt. CITATION

While the prosecutor may have graver selfish political motivations of not pissing off Penn State campaign donors and seeing herself re-elected (fat chance): Defense Attorneys were not immune to the fact that Tim Bream seemed to dodge a subpoena and subsequent criminal contempt hearing, and they filed accordingly.

Still this did not seem to motivate the politically motivated and selfish District Attorney to address the public’s concerns that Tim Bream was knowing and complicit in the party. She was happy to charge the individuals whom were not employed by Penn State, but slowly to rock the individuals with deep-pockets and state-wide influence that comprises the incestuous and corrupt belly of the beast, which is – essentially Penn State.

Josh Shapiro, who is a simpleton puppet to the Wizard of Oz that is Tom Kline, also hasn’t touched Penn State. Everyone was so willing to prosecute kids, but so unwilling to prosecute the Penn State employee who bears responsibility. Tom Kline, a shaker and mover (largely because of his donations) in Harrisburg, walks the lobbyist scene. Even he knows better than to touch the machine of Penn State. Charge the Penn State students and skip any liability for the actual Penn State employees, he probably advised. If he did not issue that advice, then why would Parks Miller ever let a contempt hearing on Timothy Bream slide.

Even Penn State knows they screwed up. They quietly let Bream resign, with no mention of his perjurous grand jury testimony, and of course no follow up on the criminal contempt hearing for the subpoena he just blew off.

  • Former Penn State football trainer Tim Bream was in the Beta Theta Pi fraternity house when 19-year-old pledge Timothy Piazza suffered injuries that contributed to his death, but he’s never faced charges. CITATION


Peter Sala, a criminal defense attorney from Eerie, and former representation of the Beta Brothers is unsatisfied with the answer of prosecutors Josh Shapiro and Stacy Parks Miller in the matter of criminally charging Tim Bream.

So is everyone else and their mothers.

The difference is that Peter Sala is doing something about it, he is filing a criminal complaint personally requesting that Bernie Cantorna pursue four separate charges — perjury, unsworn falsification to authorities, reckless endangerment and furnishing liquor to minors — against Bream. CITATION

Remember that an Ethics Opinion by the Pennsylvania State Board of Ethics already opined that Bernie Cantorna had a conflict of interest in this matter, and recommended that he recuse himself. Still Sala, knowing how grandiose, politically motivated and selfish Shapiro is, likely submitted the complaint to Cantorna knowing Josh Shapiro had his right hand in Tom Kline’s fat wallet and would refuse to prosecute. Tom Kline is the puppet master to the entire prosecutions case, dictating every press release by Josh Shapiro, having a hand at composing/constructing the grand jury report (per his own testimony at Stacy Parks Miller’s disciplinary board hearing), and also navigating the Harrisburg circles with his tight well connected executive and BOT friends within the affluent Penn State community.

  • Bream, who resigned in February as Penn State’s assistant athletic director in charge of training and as Nittany Lion football head trainer, was the adviser at Beta Theta Pi.CITATION

It would surprise me very little if I also heard that Kline had his little claws in the “resignation” of Bream. (Conveniently he resigned, any firing would have been an admission of liability on the university’s part.)


Perjury carries a 3-7 year sentence (I believe, you would have to check that) in jail for an offender convicted. I know that the sentence is harsh due to the case of Spanier, Curley and Shultz. Josh Shapiro and/or Bruce Castor and/or Bruce Beemer let these charges slip for the PSU 3, dropping the most serious felony charges by not filing an appeal when a superior court dismissed the charges. The higher court had dismissed the charges due to the misbehavior of another former Penn State BOT member, Cynthia Baldwin, who is now facing a disciplinary board hearing herself as a result of her corrupt activities in the Sandusky case.

  • State College police detective David Scicchitano testified at a second preliminary hearing on a 27 and said Bream lied under oath when asked about the fraternity’s alcohol use. Former brother Ed Gilmartin told the detective Bream was aware of drinking/cigar parties at the fraternity and brothers had to speak to Bream about the parties before he would approve them. Bream testified he did not see any debris from the party, but on surveillance footage that was shown in court, he can be seen walking through the fraternity to turn out the lights around 5:30 a.m. the morning after the party where Piazza was injured. CITATIONCITATION

According to the investigating detective and according to the video footage? Well, Tim Bream is a bald faced liar who is guilty of felony perjury:

  • “Alcohol evidence was visible in the lobby, in the Great Hall. There were cans and a cup on the floor in the lobby. There were bottles and at least one can and one cup on the tables in the lobby. There was apparent alcohol debris on the large table near the Great Hall, as well as a cup on the floor,” Scicchitano testified.  CITATION

  • Scicchitano also testified Bream walked by Piazza twice, who was about 10 feet away in the study room, before turning his head toward Piazza and leaving the house. CITATION Sala’s complaint said Bream arranged for a bartender to come to the fraternity for a year-end formal in December 2016. Sala also said Scicchitano testified Bream violated his responsibilities to the national fraternity, pledges and brothers by allowing alcohol at fraternity. “Detective David Scicchitano further testified that Tim Bream knew about the ‘crate race,’ ‘Four Lokos’ and ‘beer and cigarette parties,’ ” Sala said in the complaint. “Tim Bream categorically denied knowledge of the ‘crate race, ‘Four Lokos’ and ‘beer and cigar parties’ when he testified under oath on Aug. 30, 2017.

“Therefore, according to the express testimony of detective Scicchitano on March 27, 2018, Tim Bream committed perjury before Magisterial District Judge Allen Sinclair on Aug. 30, 2017.”

Sala continued and said Bream engaged in a course of conduct where he “promoted, encouraged and facilitated the purchase and consumption of alcohol on the premises.”  CITATION



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  1. Perjury is a retaliation tool for prosecutors to attack people with whom they have a difference of opinion, or others which they wish to destroy polically, Professionally and personally.

    The elements of perjury can be difficult to prove. But, when a lie is stated by a prosecutor enough times, the jury becomes incapable of recognizing the technique from the facts. The prosecutor’s get so comfortable telling lies in court, or flat out making shit up, that even after they prevail, the lies persist.

    For example, Cosby indicated a lie at the end of his second trial when he called Kevin um Steele an asshole. Steele’s lie.. that Cosby owned a plane and could flee. Wouldn’t a proscutior who investigated a man for years know the truth. SO, WHY DID HE LIE?

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