CENTRE COUNTY – A Digest of the Disciplinary Board Hearing Against Scandalized & Disgraced Stacy Parks Miller


Parks Miller did not file a response to the disciplinary board hearing. While Castor said the reason was that they were concerned about “grand jury secrecy,” these claims were unsubstantiated by any supreme court judge ruling. Largely, I think that these bogus claims were to avoid answering the petition. As in Parks Miller’s excuse was, all these claims involve “top secret” information, therefore I will not answer to my behavior. Never mind, as these transcripts would show, the Disciplinary Board had filed a “Motion for Disclosure,” and the Supreme Court Justices had quickly signed off on it.

Direct examination was a softball sort of conversational piece that highlighted how great Parks Miller was and what a victim she was, and how she was framed and victimized and everyone but herself was a liar or was out to “politically harangue her.” The panel moved it along, asking her to focus when answering and not deliver any ridiculous self aggrandizing long explanations that had no bearing at the charges at hand.

But even prior to the testimony beginning, Bruce Castor – who had withdrawn his entry of appearance in this case – swaggered in characteristically late and seated himself at the defense table. Prosecutor Anthony Chuznicki promptly asked that he be sequestered, and the Judge kicked him out. No judge has any respect for Bruce Castor after the whole Cosby debacle. They made him wait in the hall. They didn’t want him to hear the testimony of Parks Miller, afraid, since he would be testifying as a witness, he might lie on the stand or change his testimony. He was caught lying already on the stand during the Cosby arraignment, a sitting Judge called castor “un-credible,” which is a judicial way of politely calling someone a bald-faced LIAR, and if you’ve been following me at all, then you should know already that Castor has a long record of lying. So does Parks Miller, so the panel correctly sequestered this patterned liar, so he could not feed off of another patterned liar as she testified.



In direct examination, her new attorney asked her, Cutting through it, there was a concern that the filing of an answer may compromise your duty of secrecy vis-a.-vis the grand jury.

DEFENDANT PARKS MILLER’S EXCUSE/EXPLANATION: Absolutely, the answers required were answers about the text messages and other things that were under jurisdication of the grand jury judge. -CITATION: Page 46 That’s a lie, many of the cases charged in the disicplinary board complaint were not cases subject to a grand jury at all.

Was it your intent to snub the grand jury by not filing an answer?

DEFENDANT PARKS MILLER’S RESPONSE: I’m devastated that my answer is not to be considered. I’m frankly terrified that I defaulted and can’t put context to things. But we, as the stipulation shows, there were probably 12-13 allegations from people who were politically out to harangue me. -CITATION: Page 47 — In other words, nothing Stacy ever does is Stacy’s fault, it’s everyone’s fault but hers, and she is facing a disciplinary board because she was a political target, not because the supreme court decided these charges were valid charges of misconduct. Good grief.


Stacy blames Bruce Castor for failing to file her answer, but seemingly seemed the one in charge of drafting the answer because she had it in her possession and was able to file it hours after, after skipping out on the Penn State “homicide” case:

DEFENDANT PARKS MILLER’S RESPONSE: I immediately panicked and asked if I could file it myself because I asked him to file a motion for nunc pro tunc and have it considered and to explain, and he said he wouldn’t do it because they he didn’t think they would listen. So I left in the middle of the — literally in the middle of the homicide case for the Penn State student hazing case, when up to my office and pro se filed my answers within hours after the default and it was not accepted. –CITATION: Page 46-47

But it gets even more entertaining from there. Stacy Parks Miller, after discovering her lawyer didn’t file an answer, and likely screaming him on the phone in hysterical rage, found out the following day (not from Castor) but the prothonotary that he withdrew his representation and would no longer be representing her. How embarrassing!! I guess he had finally had it with her too.

DEFENDANT PARKS MILLER’S EXCUSE FOR NOT FILING A RESPONSE TO THE DISCIPLINARY BOARD PETITION (It’s all Castor’s fault): And so the very next day, apparently the Board prothonoatary wanted to schedule ongoing matters because of the default, and he answered her and said we no longer represent her which was shocking to me; and he filed an order allowing himself to withdraw and noted that the prosecutor didn’t object. And it was signed with no notice to me, no ability for me to challenge it or give contact to it and that order was signed instantly and did not come back to me. -CITATION Page 48D

Here I just want to point out that Bruce Castor has hardly ever written a pleading in any of the multiple lawsuits filed against the County by Parks Miller. A simple scan of them and you can tell the hysterical tone, bold underlining, and histrionics of Parks Miller’s literary style. The use of adjectives like “outrageous” or “pretend”, as in pretend bail order. Castor has never served as anything but a medium for her to file her insane pleadings with the guise of doing it under his name. He is a filing medium, who shows up at court reading these pleadings the night before and back pedals during argument given their levels of insanity.


She was going after the downtown headshop in State College, claiming they were selling bath salts and said the police were incapable of conducting their own sting operation, so she felt it necessary to take the law into her own hands, by which she broke the law:

So we had a number of police officers that were going to do undercover buys in those stores, and then they were going to send the substance away to for analysis to see if they were, in fact, what they already banned from doing in the injunction. In order to do that we had learned that they were actually giving these away at the street fairs when it was nice out for people for free to get them addicted. So to learn about that you have to be on their news feed. So that’s what we wanted to do to get people out there when they were giving bath salts away to help build our case they were trying purposesly to addict people. So I asked the Pennsylvania State Police to start some sort of facebook page to track them to be able to be alerted. And the Pennsylvania State Police cannot do that. They’re just too much of a bureaucracy, that their fire walls and computer walls don’t allow them to make facebook pages.

So I decided to do it. I have no county detectives — which is a police force that almost all the DAs have — that would be in my office that would hae done it, but I didn’t have any because the commissioners would not fund it. So I did a facebook page, and the purpose of the facebook page was to friend these public merchandizing stores — that their were public pages for their merchandizing stores. 

Yet some how, months and months later, after the conclusion of the investigation, the facebook page remained. And while Parks Miller outright denies contacting other criminal defendants, minor children unrepresented by lawyers, or witnesses in case she was prosecuting under a fake facebook name Britney Bella – Everyone who isn’t living under a rock knows she did all those things, in fact, I have personally spoke to victims of her catfishing.


Later Chuznicki would catch her in a lie, asking: At some point in time during your testimony you had alleged that you had gone to the PSP to ask them to do what you ended up doing yourself, correct?

DEFENDANT PARKS MILLER’S RESPONSE: Well I didn’t go to them — sounds really official. I mean they were “my police” on the case. We were just in my office talking about it. So I said that we had done some prosecution cases before with local police, and the ability to “do Facebook pages” or make identities. And I asked them to do it, and they said they couldn’t. -CITATION Page 89 – (But this request was never “official”?)

She later goes on to admit this was also a lie: Office of disciplinary county found three people during this 2-3 years that they had claimed had cases outgoing while we did this and became friends of the page. One was Samuel Hill. Do you vaguely remember Samuel Hill? Samuel Hill was the individual who posted on Google Groups, who showed up to court for a hearing and actually had figured out that Stacy Parks Miller was Britney Bella. He called her out on it, saying something to the effect, “that was you chatting with me last night?” None of these chat logs were ever admitted into to evidence, and while the disciplinary board found “2-3” people in pending cases, how many “friends” did Britney Bella chat to who were witnesses or about to be witnesses with these pending cases. Over all these years, not one chat log was entered into evidence.


Redirect: Anthony lays it down with an opening question: You set up the fake Facebook page and sent it to your staff, correct?  Chuznicki who is young and passionate with his career opens with a damning question.

Yes sir, replies Miller, but she was sounding annoyed long before cross examination could begin. -CITATION 77 She was still referring to her former position as “my office,” and her mostly non-existant former staff as “my staff.” She was self grandiose, and full of excuses and rationalities, and blaming everyone but herself, accusing everyone was lying except herself. And in actuality, through cross, it became painfully clear behind all of the glib showboating and talk of “very important and serious cases” that this was nothing but a front, it was only herself to blame, and that all of these excuses and explanations and trying to pin her problems on everyone else grew quite transparent. The panel listening to her had some very interesting and pointed questions for her.

Czuchnicki calls bullshit: you said during your testimony that you’ve dealt with some fairly novel issues getting the law changed in certain respects. Di you happen to find the 2014 ethics opinion at any point prior to the Office of Disicplinary Counsel providing it to you?

No. I merely read the ABA’s guidlines which deal with how prosecutors should, in fact run undercover investigation and things of that nature because it was the only one that specifically applied to what I was trying to do. I know that is going to be up to the commitee. -CITATION: PAGE 77

Chuznicki was sure to point out that while Parks Miller was skilled at finding legal loopholes to tack on felonies or bend the law to throw the book at people, she was somehow severely disabled in researching ethical rules that might apply to herself.

This ever important sting operation that was underway, she had never researched the legal soundness of it, likely because she knew that was an act she should not be technically engaging in as an attorney. Conveniently enough, she doesn’t know who friended who, but blames her staff for friending the people who she shouldn’t have friended. She insists to the board that their was a follow up email after the mass email she sent to the horrified attorneys and staff of the Centre County District Attorney’s office, which regulated further what was allowed and not allowed on the website. Somehow not one member of the district attorney’s office can recall ever reading that second follow up email.

Further dumbfounding, is that Stacy Parks Miller claims the creation of this page was to go after the distribution of bath salts in Centre County. An endeavor that resulted in her shutting down a head shop and pocketing a hefty amount of criminal forfeiture proceeds, yet if this were the sole purpose of that site, why would she leave it up and running for so long. And why not pose as a stoner, or as a long haired man, why post a photo of her sister on that website? And why was she contacting minor adults who were unrepresented by lawyers, in chat logs, which were never turned over to the court in the course of discovery. You are not supposed to contact minor children without the permission and/or presence of their parents, or not in the company of adults.

As for the text messaging, well during the live trials they texted (where the jury was in the box and the judge was on the bench), those texts had nothing to do with the case (except for the text messages that forensics had recovered actual content of), and she only admitted to those because there was proof, the rest of the text messages occuring during live litigation, she claims, were unrelated. Interesting.

CHUZNICKI QUESTION: You spoke about the Omar best case being a “big,” “serious” case. You also said that there was an UNUSUAL life sentence, something to that effect, correct?


CHUZNICKI QUESTION: Yet you still had text messages with Judge Lunsford during the pendancy of that matter.

DEFENDANT PARKS MILLER: I defaulted, so I’m not going to insult the conclusions befoe you, but I am admitting them because I’m defualted. that text message to him I’m admitting because I am defaulted. 


So essentially, because she failed to file a response to the disciplinary board petition and defaulted, thereby waiving her defenses; then she knows she can’t legally defend herself. “I’m admitting to you because I’m defaulted,” translates essentially into “If I were not defaulted, I would come up with a bunch of excuses and never admit my wrongs.”

God help her lawyer in prepping this hot belligerent mess as a witness. And surely by witnesses accounts in the audience, her attitude was self aggrandizing, catty, snotty and seemed insulted that she even had to answer to her misconduct. Her argument was basically, “You are forced to making me admit it because you have evidence and I didn’t answer to your petition, therefore I admit it, but let me explain ….”

“I broke the law because I’m important and this was a very serious and important case….”

“I can’t tell you because it’s top secret and in the grand jury.”

“I broke the law because Bruce Castor didn’t do what I told him to do…”

“I broke the law because the state police weren’t capable of doing their jobs…”

OR, My favorite: “You can’t prove whats in those text messages so I didn’t break the law at all, because you can’t prove it.” Nevermind the volumes of text messages sent during live criminal trials.


CHUZNICKI QUESTION: You sent some text message to Judge Lunsford about a vag swab, invited him on a text message with you and your ADA’s, correct?

DEFENDANT PARKS MILLER: Thats what the evidence shows that I’ve never been able to analyze on my own, and that’s what I am admitting BECAUSE I am defaulted. I testified the Judge wouldn’t even understand that joke, and my recollection in my answer was oritinally, I thought it was a text message among my office.

-CITATION: Pages 79-80

How convenient!! She didn’t realize she had added the Judge to the group text message. When asked later if she thought that making a joke to the judge about evidence during a live trial was inappropriate? Well, she defiantly said, No. Stacy does not think ex parte communication with a Judge about evidence in a trial where she is demanding a life sentence is at all inappropriate. Are you sick yet?


Well, you see, that’s also not her fault. She claims the phone was deleted of all content when she received it back, whether that’s true is doubtful. Was there a way to recover that evidence? Yes, she admits, but it would have to be done forensically.

DEFENDANT PARKS MILLER’S EXCUSE: The only way to get the text messages back would be to send it to some forensic anaylisis. I had kept that phone for over a year and a half, and nothing came up. I let the Office of Disciplinary Counsel know I had the phone, and I deliberately kept it. The issues in the trials were McClure and Grove. I knew for a fact there was nothing on the phone about them. The two fragments that they have since found attribute to a meeting with link applied to, I didn’t have it in my mind that those were on there and I still don’t remember them.

Again, how convenient, she has a perfect memory of not sending any text messages in the two cases in the disciplianry board complaint in which she has charged.


CHUZNICKI’S QUESTION: So in your opinion did we [The Disciplinary Board] never ask for the evidence in question?

DEFENDANT PARKS MILLER’S EXCUSE: You did. You asked for the text messages, and I “very honestly” answered you that they were no longer on the phone but I kept the phone. 

-CITATION, Page 81

She kept the phone, but refused to turn it over for forensic analysis?


When asked about Judge Ruest and the forged bail order, the anger in Parks Miller’s tone was evident to the audience in the courtroom. With the utmost disrespect, she extracted the title of Judge and replaced it with Attorney in referring to Centre County’s president Judge. It was a gesture that showed a lack of respect and a true lack of remorse: When this attorney accused me of forgery, when she refused to recognize her own signature. Worst than that, assuming she really didn’t recognize it which is quite peculiar, she then according to the affidavit for the search warrant, said she had no knowledge of the underlying investigation, for which she “should have” [exact wording] signed the order.

“Should have?” Was that a Freudian slip? So maybe Ruest didn’t sign the order, so Parks Miller just signed it herself?


Parks Miller continues her elaborate explanation: There is no way she forgets a case where an ADA’s life is at risk and a hitman is out for him. This was the case she was involved in…..Meaning, she may have memory of refusing to sign the order, and never actually signed it? And let’s not forget that this hit against ADA Nathan Boob, was a hit against the married father of two, a subordinate, whom Stacy Parks Miller was allegedly sleeping with.


According to Parks Miller, she has never seen and did not know that there was a motion (her little black heart must have been racing at this unfortunate news). How would I know that when you have never even shown me the motion, Mr. Czuchnicki? And it was very late in the game. It was the end of everything that you finally did that, so that you could properly have evidence you already have, and I know know nothing about it. I think that we should have been included in those motions. -CITATION Page 86. So let’s dissect the fact from the lies, Parks Miller knows nothing about the motion, but she knows when it has been filed. Let’s just say she is offended that the “top secret” grand jury transcripts were disclosed to a body of prosecuting her to remove her license.

Now she starts to really squirm, according to witnesses, this is the breaking point. She insists that the reason she did not respond to the grand jury testimony is because she was gagged, yet admits to knowing that their was a motion for disclosure, granted on order of a supreme court Judge who was allowing the release of information.

Chuznicki had cornered her in her lies and excuses. She writhed like a spotted fly on a toilet seat in the line of questioning.


Oh, but it gets better, this soap opera goes on for days…. Just wait for it.

More this week, Dirtbag Bruce Castor and Clearfield County’s own highly functioning idiot Sevant, Bill Shaw, both make some unforgettable appearances and say some ridiculous things…… More to come..

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