CLEARFIELD COUNTY: DA Bill Shaw’s Epic Performance “Testi-Lying” At Disciplinary Board Hearing

But there Bill Shaw was, with his small town hoaky speech he uses to scam the senior crowd into voting for him, by acting like a small town boy and pretending crime is worse than it is. You know how to scare a senior citizen? Pretend the world is ending and the next generation should all be in jail because of the massive widespread drug use.

But Bill Shaw wasn’t on the campaign stump that day. He pretended to be a moral, ethical and progressive prosecutor who never broke the rules. 99% of the attorneys in that room probably wanted to leap over the bench and interrupt the proceedings to swat him like the bad shit fly he is.

His testimony is masterful if you are unaware of how massively stupidly blatant the mistruths are. For example, Bill Shaw never sends a text messages: I think my first phone was one of those flip phones. I think you could text message on them, but I don’t remember that I did that. I don’t know that it was a thing. –CITATION Page 162. But one of my favorite moments is where he second guesses the law about whether it’s okay to communicate directly with a Judge when the case was involving a pro se litigant. Seeing how many people go unrepresented by council during preliminary hearings, I’m sure Shaw communicates with Cherry all the time about this sort of thing: If a pro se litigant, ummm, let me think that through. So a pro se litigant, there’s a rule about that, but I’m tryinig to remember what that rule is. I don’t think there to be any — there’s a rule about.  -CITATION Page 162. I honestly don’t know how the prosecutor kept a straight face. If you listen to Gabriel Harbor’s “Fear the Beard” podcast or speak to a notoriously innocent criminal defendant falsely accused of pedophilia, or even if you contact a few people on the local bar association, you would certainly be familiar with the fact that people are oftentimes not even assigned criminal public defenders till well into months after they have been jailed and arrested. Why is it such the case in Clearfield County? Because so far, they’ve been able to get away with these egregious civil liberty violations, seemingly with no consequence.


But Chuznicki does seem to make the fat pasty Shaw a tad nervous with all these nuisance bent questions about ex parte, including snidely sarcastic references to baseball games. I don’t like text messaging period. Frankly I hate it. I think it’s a waste of time. If I have something to say to you I prefer to call you and take the ten seconds to say, hey, are you going to the game tonight? I know that’s not the thing. People will spend thirty minutes texting to say are you going to the game tonight. Translation? Bill Shaw learned the hard lesson by watching his former girlfriend Parks Miller get her ass dragged in front of the disciplinary board over texting. Translation? Bill Shaw just calls judges. Why text and leave behind evidence of the ex parte?

My interpretation of Bill Shaw’s ridiculous spectacle of a witness performance at the disciplinary board?

I’d say they are likely also breathing down his neck, investigating his activity. But maybe Bill Shaw is smarter than we all know he thinks he is, and covering his tracks. I’m interested in who is going to run against him, but honestly – my roots are from Clearfield, and that geriatric community can be easily sold by a slick talking fat pasty white country sounding lawyer who breathes fear into the elderly community so they think he is more important and less replaceable than he, in fact, really is.

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