When is Kathleen Kane going to finally go to jail?

Kathleen Kane, the ice queen, is fervently attempting to avoid a jail sentence. She has exhausted almost all of her appeals and has one left to the supreme court. Like former Penn State President Graham Spanier, the rich and powerful prove to be more resiliant, Kane remains free on bail pending appeal, and this charade will likely continue for another year.

Kane likes to introduce smoke and mirrors, claiming this was all about Judges sending porn, when nothing could be more remote or further from the truth. Truth is yes, the Judges were sending porn, but it had nothing to do with leaking Grand Jury information, which Kane did for sheer retaliation over some negative press.

Once upon a time, Kathleen Kane was (like Shapiro) posing with the Clintons, and people were whispering about her exciting potential political career: “She might be president some day.”

Chris Brennan of the Daily News popped out an article that a secret Grand Jury investigation, which occurred four months after the Philadelphia Inquirer had published an article that sent Kathleen Kane into a vindictive tizzy. She hired a formidable lawyer who had sued the “inky” before, and of course lied to him and embarrassed him when he called a meeting with the Inquirer’s full staff present to confront the allegations. Four months later, Kane jet setted off to Africa, setting in motion a diabolical plan to ruin Frank Fina before she left. Nobody embarrasses the ice queen. She used to be untouchable but as soon as Brennan published that story, her image began to crack.


Things were getting out of control back then. She went to Africa, and then returned to see her devious plot to ruin her arch nemesis unfold. Instead, there was a grand jury investigation breathing down her neck. “What grand jury secrecy oaths?” Kane cried, “I never signed anything.” But there they were in a search warrant seizure, 23 notarized signatures hidden in Kane’s home office.

But Fina was out to ruin her, she protested as the law circled over her like a bunch of vultures. And the judges were sending porn, she further protested. She held a big flashy awkward news conference to announce the pornography. It served to distract the public. They soon were worried about the porn and did not really comprehend that Kane’s law breaking and the pornography scandal were really two unrelated things. They connected the two, precisely as Kane had wanted.

But fortunate for the voters in Pennsylvania, a jury would not see eye to eye with the Ice Queen.

The rivalry between Fina and Kane seemed pre-destined. Kane campaigned on a point that she would look into the delay into prosecuting Sandusky. The prosecution of Sandusky was Fina’s pride and joy, the pinnacle of his career. He was a nobody prosecutor who was made famous by his work in that case.

In Kane’s narrative, Fina was part of a “good old boy” network that simply wanted the charges against Sandusky to disappear. Brennan’s article put forward a similar image of Fina, suggesting that the state could have prosecuted Philadelphia civil rights leader J. Whyatt Mondesire for corruption but that Fina killed the investigation improperly.

Despite Kane’s allegation, her forces turned against her. She was a terrible leader from the start. The attorney general’s office had seen record high turnover, and there was a state of fear and paranoia that pervaded that office. Kane didn’t want anyone talking to the press except herself. It was her show, and if you didn’t go along with that you could be a 20 year employee fired if Kane drank some unpleasant vodka the night before and you looked at her crooked. So during Kane’s criminal trial, the masses of pissed off members of the AG office came out to put the nails in her coffin.

“Kathleen called me and has information she wants me to leak out,” Morrow said in the call, adding, “She’s unhinged.” On May 4, 2014, Kane also texted Morrow about the idiom that revenge is a dish “best served cold.”

The sentence is nearly two years. Kane, living in a mansion, on $16,000 a month allimony has maintained a low profile.

Last Friday, a three Judge panel heard Kane’s hail mary appeal, and all the ridiculous pointing of fingers over the pornography. Though Kane had said that a conflict of interest required all of the judges sitting on the Montgomery Court of Common Pleas to recuse themselves ahead of her trial, Friday’s ruling calls this argument strained.

“The mere fact that some judges of a particular court may have some familiarity with a particular case has not been held to be a basis for recusal of an entire bench of judges,” Judge Anne Lazarus wrote for the panel.

Lazarus added that, “without some evidentiary showing of an interest, Kane’s allegations merit no relief.”

She also found no merit to Kane’s claim that the grand jury’s investigation of her was unconstitutional, and that its evidence against her should have been suppressed.

Kane brought up the Sandusky investigation on appeal as well, saying that her defense team should have been allowed to mention pornography discovered in Fina’s emails emails at the Attorney General’s Office.

“The trial court … concluded that Kane’s attempt to introduce evidence of pornographic emails sent or received from Attorney Fina’s OAG email account was primarily to obfuscate legal and evidentiary issues, mislead the jury, and suggest a ‘decision on an improper basis,’” Lazarus wrote. “We are inclined to agree.”

Kane broke the law, now when is she going to jail? For that matter, when will we see the porngate report that Pennsylvania taxpayers bought from Doug Gansler? For that matter, when will Spanier go to jail?

Who do these lawyers think they are thinking they are above the law? In Pennsylvania, justice is a thing that is for sale.


  1. The innocent are not supposed to be jailed.

    You find the testimony of Josh Morrow credible? Seriously? Three different stories. Three immunity agreements permitted him to change his story. And on the evening of testifying, another immunity for the testimony he was going to give… which turned out to be EXACTLY THE SAME as the District Attorney story. Coincidence? Or Lies under oath. He kind of indicated the swearing to tell the truth thing was of no consequence.

    And that transcript from Judge Carpenter, distributed to the OAG by the Supreme Court… Yet, everyone ordered to forget what they read, and never speak of it. Clearly, Carpenter could have unrung the bell (leak) l that created the Cosby prosecution. Seems Risa Ferman was interested in using the AP to bring that about. Take tsk tsk

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