BREAKING PENN STATE: Josh Shapiro LOSES a Third Appeal in Timothy Piazza Case, but Vows to Appeal the Third Lost Appeal. The Holy Trinity of Corruption: Eric Barron, Josh Shapiro & Tom Kline

During Stacy Parks Miller’s hearing in front of the disciplinary board, she claimed to have needed to abruptly leave the Piazza “homicide” hearing after being notified she defaulted in responding to the disciplinary board’s petition for discipline.

This is not a homicide case, and three judicial rulings have determined the same.

Last week Judge Ruest quashed yet another motion by Josh Shapiro’s office. Now in the pocket of Tom Kline, Josh Shapiro seeks to reinstate three times dismissed and once reinstated charges of involuntary manslaughter.

Clearly he has either been purchased by Tom Kline, or he is out to lunch.

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This is the same Josh Shapiro who was willing to let the charges against District Attorney Bill Higgins slide into some sweetheart plea bargain, wherein he got to keep his pension and did not have to serve jail time after using the powers of his office to exchange legal favors with sexual favors with female criminal defendants. “I saved your ass honey,” he says on the wiretapped phone calls.

It’s astounding to me how bad Shapiro wants to stick it to 18 year old kids, yet how unwilling he is to go after more serious matters like public corruption. Matters that arguably have a great deal larger effect and great bigger consequences to average members of the community.

Here is a timeline of events in this case:

  • 2017 – Stacy Parks Miller files involuntary manslaughter and felony assault charges months and months after the death;
  • July 2017 – Judge Sinclair dismisses these charges after days of testimony;
  • October 2017 – Parks Miller files to reinstate the charges, filing a motion for recusal of Judge Sinclair;
  • January 2018 – Josh Shapiro took over the case, and withdrew some of the charges
  • March 2018 – Josh Shapiro sought an appeal to have some of the dismissed charges reinstated
  • April 2018 – Judge Sinclair denied reinstating the charges for a second time
  • April 2018 – Josh Shapiro appealed Judge Sinclair’s ruling to Judge Ruest
  • May 2018 – Judge Ruest denied Josh Shapiro’s appeal, in the same quick fashion she denied the same appeal that had been filed by Parks Miller

Following a second denial, Shapiro’s office promised to appeal for a third time: “We will continue to push to have this case heard by a higher court. Our office remains committed to seeking justice for Timothy Piazza and his family and holding responsible individuals accountable for their actions, consistent with the law and the evidence.” CITATION

Rules of criminal procedure state the appeal process very specifically. Once a magisterial court judge decides to dismiss the charges, there are two very specific means to appeal: (1) Ask the magisterial court judge to reconsider; (2) Ask the President Judge to recuse the magisterial court judge. Appealing to a higher court is not part of the procedures allowed. But as I’ve mentioned before, Josh Shapiro thinks he is special and does not need to obey rules of criminal procedure.

President Judge Pamela Ruest ruled in an order signed on Wednesday that rules of criminal procedure state that Sinclair’s decision cannot be appealed to the Court of Common Pleas. CITATION In other words, it was a cease and desist order, as in I have ruled on this same issue twice, stop bringing it into my court of law. I’m tired of giving you the same answer, and just because you carry the last name “Shapiro” as opposed to “Parks-Miller” will not change my answer to the same argument. You are not special. She wrote that the prosecution could only seek to have Sinclair reinstate the charges or request a different district judge to be assigned. CITATION (In other words, she told him to follow the damn rules and the law).

Yet her command fell on deaf or stupid ears: The attorney general’s office plans to pursue the dismissed charges with a higher court. CITATION

Had Piazza lived, and gone to a hospital, he would have been charged with underage drinking and likely a myriad of other charges under the reign of Stacy Parks Miller, Piazza, 19, died on Feb. 4, 2017 from non-recoverable brain injuries and massive internal bleeding caused by a shattered spleen after falling multiple times during an alcohol-fueled bid-acceptance event and party for pledges at the now-banned Penn State fraternity chapter. No one called 911 until nearly 12 hours after his first fall, head-first down the basement stairs. CITATION So there will be no charges for Piazza for consuming alcohol on his own volition, when he as an adult knew that he was breaking the law and knew the risks of consuming alcohol.

And the uproar began from Shapiro’s camp when later last week Judge Ruest announced she was postponing the trial till August. It was a move that made clairvoyant sense to me, particularly since Shapiro’s office threat of (yet another) illegal appeal. Shapiro wants to appeal to the Superior Court. I don’t think this will be a popular move, as the Superior Court does not ever hear cases like this. Charging matters are generally the jurisdiction of MDJ courts and/or local Courts of Common Pleas.

Like the Duke Lacrosse case, this case has been “protracted” mostly because of greedy prosecutors who are eager to get into the deep pockets of Tom Kline, or show boat in the national media.

The case has never been law minded, or justice centered, it’s been an entire shit show. President Eric Barron is riding on the wave of fame and capitalizing on the national media spotlight, making me suspect that he too was bought by Tom Kline. I could picture him saying it, “I’ll give you a quick settlement with no trial costs if you can not pan me in the national media.”

Still I also wonder why Josh Shapiro is so eager to stick it to all these frat boys, yet no charges for Tim Bream, despite the recommendations from local law enforcement that he be charged with felony perjury?

I know the answer! Josh Shapiro and Tom Kline want a quick settlement from Penn State, but they don’t really want to piss off the Penn State machine. Charging a sitting Penn State Football Coach with a felony would definately rock the Penn State boat…… And Tom Kline wants a quick settlement, and Shapiro wants Tom Kline’s checkbook for his 2024 gubernatorial race.


What a corrupt circus this entire thing is!!! Meanwhile the citizens of Centre County have to watch this “protracted” and very unethical circus be dragged repeatedly through the news.

What do I think should happen?

  1. The responsible brothers who bought the alcohol should be charged with furnishing of alcohol and illegal hazing in accordance to the law.
  2. Penn State should have the pants sued off of them for not dealing with the drinking problem at Penn State years ago.
  3. Penn State should have the pants sued off of them for blaming the massive drinking problem on the greek system, instead of recognizing it as an overarching problem;
  4. Tom Kline, Stacy Parks Miller, and Josh Shapiro should all be investigated by the disciplinary board for collusion or the same charge as “insider trading” is akin.
  5. Eric Barron should be removed from his position at Penn State for using this media circus to capitalize on the scandal for his own greedy benefit.
  6. Penn State should launch a campaign that does not single out the Greek system, but recognizes the serious drinking problems of the student body as a whole.

But what do I know? I am just sick of these characters taking advantage of some cheap national fame and not addressing the real problems. I’m sick of these lawyers USING Penn State to propel their own self idealizations of grandiosity at the detriment to an entire local economy and local community.

I’m sick and tired of people like Tom Kline and/or Josh Shapiro and/or Stacy Parks Miller inciting a political sandstorm so they can get a few minutes of headlines and reek millions off of Penn State. Penn State is an institution beleaguered now by lawsuits and scandal, and beyond the self centered and overgrown BOT, and the executive level administration, there is a whole other ecosystem that is Penn State. The little guys who are employed, who depend on the students to drive their small business, the local residents who have to deal with the riots, the littering, the noise, the ignorance of class after class cycling through Penn State and into their environments.


Other big ten schools don’t have these problems. Sure Michigan had that crooked doctor who saw gymnasts, but this was not a thirty year cover up. My opinion is that Penn State has paid it’s dues, so why are we now still a sitting duck for lawsuits. Tom Kline looks at Penn State and he sees “Cha-ching, Cha-ching,” he was not a Penn Stater. Eric Barron was not a Penn Stater. Timothy Piazza drank the alcohol, knowing the risks, and knowing he was breaking the law. He did it while under the influence of a culture of drinking. That culture of drinking has been known by Penn State leadership and the national media (who covered the riots for years).

Who are the parties responsible:

  1. Penn State for knowing about the problem for years, rioting in the streets is not normal behavior by other Big Ten School students;
  2. Timothy Piazza for breaking the law and knowingly consuming alcohol to excess when he was educated on the risks;
  3. The brothers who furnished the alcohol and participated in the illegal hazing need to be charged accordingly with legal precedent;
  4. The “house father” Tim Bream, who was employed by PSU athletic department, who walked by the remnants of a party on camera & Piazza’s dead body, and who lied on the stand about knowing there was any party in the house.

But the people of Centre County don’t really matter in the Penn State machine, and really Eric Barron (who is shamelessly capitalizing on this) and the national media sharks do not really give a damn about the locals or the local economy. Barron is from Florida and wants another raise, and to make a name for himself (I mean what has Barron really done for Penn State except to promote himself, I vote that mothball smelling and sweat-covered archetype of corruption returns to the swamp bayeous from which he came, and we get someone local in that seat, someone preferably who does not think consistent tuition raises, eliminating unions, showboating in the media to throw PSU under the bus, and personal elevators for $10 million dollars are appropriate. Paterno was humble and modest and focused on the students, Barron is none of these. The BOT is too big). Shapiro wants to run for governor and wants money off Kline to do it. Tom Kline wants to sue the pants of Penn State and secure his retirement. Parks Miller wanted re-elected.



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  1. When we the people come to understand and return to the Republic of United States these creeps won’t be in office. It doesn’t surprise me that Josh Shapiro attacks young kids Bill Higgins did too.Think on terms of bank loans or securities, the longer it takes to maturity the more money it’s worth. They target and convict young people for this reason. The courts are a private trading company. Josh Shapiro is proud of supporting an apex predator such as Bill Higgins of Bedford County. Rumor has it Shapiro alledgably is related to Bill Higgins wife? Wake up Pennsylvania exercise Private Administrative Remedy file Tort Claims against Elected Officials that have deprived u of life liberty and property. Stand up to corporate corruption today.

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