BREAKING PENN STATE – – DOOM!!!!!! Grand Jury Records UNSEALED!! Dirty Laundry Exposed in Sandusky Matter


News organizations applauded the appeals court’s ruling. “Today’s decision is a victory for transparency,” said Lauren Easton, director of media relations for The Associated Press. “These records are a matter of great public interest, and The Associated Press is pleased that they will be unsealed.”

On Monday, the world came crashing down for the Penn State privileged class. Note several Press Releases by Barron subsequently, which are red herrings…. Clear intentional distractions from what serious things have come down the pipeline. 

Everything excluded from the Freeh Report and determined “top secret” Penn State Confidential was deemed in appeals court as public knowledge. There have been reports of the ruling scattered across news media since Monday night, but to date …. No actual release of the information. 

It was a unanimous decision for over 250 pages of sealed documents that were relevant to the actions of Grham Spanier, Gary Shultz and Tim Curley. Spanier, who is on “bail pending appeal,” is the remaining (and likely most culpable member of the “PSU3”) yet to see a day and jail. Curly and Shultz have completed their sentences. 

At the head of this years long, almost decade long right to know battle, was the CDT…. JUST KIDDING!!!! Never! It was the associated press. The judges said the basic information in many of the documents sought by The Associated Press has previously been made public and should be released, although they also ruled that sealed “proffers” were not made part of the court record and so are not subject to public disclosure. Docket entries also must be revealed. – CITATION But to the defense of the Centre Daily Times, they just made some major changes in staff, and actually got some hungry journalists on board. No more political lap dogs, and the change is noticable…. I mean you have to admit, lately the CDT has had some teeth. The grammar and syntactical mistakes are still as bad as ever, but who am I really to talk? And I thought that’s why the CDT had editors (seperate from journalists), so cut them a break while they work it out with this new breed of journalists. 

  • Many of the records in question concern the role played by former Penn State general counsel Cynthia Baldwin as the three men testified before a statewide investigative grand jury in 2011, before Sandusky was charged with child molestation. She also testified about the three men before a grand jury in 2012.

Uh-Oh – — That means we are going to see sealed Grand Jury records and the stinkiest butt cracks of Penn State, meaning there are a number of folks on the BOT who did Penn State dirty and keep their six or seven figure pay checks who are likely sweating it.

Meaning, we are about to see some real dirt, and the curtain protecting the wizards of oz is about to tumble. Let me break it down for you: This thing was pinned on Joe Paterno, and old man who “didn’t know how to use email,” and gave every last cent back to the university. So when people entered covering up sex abuse, they pointed their finger at the senior citizen.

These high level administrators wanted to pin the blame, because they knew someone had to go down. And in the quintencentially back stabbing good old boy system that Penn State has become a halmark for being, they hired a lawyer that would spy on the witnesses and represent them, so she could ultimately throw them under the bus.

Of course the PSU3 private lawyers, and Cynthia Baldwin protested the release of these records. The Sandusky ephemera which internet armchair detectives have all been trying to figure out, and which Freeh tried to unravel is now public knowledge… Almost, PSU has yet to release the records in accordance to the Superior Court Order. 

They will be damning, else why would PSU have gone to such great lengths for the cover-up. And why else would Barron be posting the results of the “2017 Culture and Values Survey” except to preface the damning information to show how far they have come, or argue that the same Penn State that was under the 30 year era of the Sandusky cover-up has made strides. That supposition is entirely false!!! Much of the same people remain employed, people instrumental in the cover up still maintain their position on the board of trustees or in upper level administration.

So I hope that these evil doers, who put money of their machine before the welfare of children, I hope that these guys are sweating it. And I’m actually flabbergasted that the Supreme Court actually did right by us after almost ten years of riding out this scandal and watching the rich and powerful being protected.


“It’s not a common issue that judges face at the trial court level, so any time that an appeals court weighs in and tells them specifically and definitively, ‘Here’s what you must do in these cases,’ that works in favor of really everyone, so the public isn’t faced with these broad blanket orders that don’t explain what’s been denied and why it’s been denied,” Melewsky said.


In other words that sickening broad blanket argument that grand juries are top secret (like Hitler’s Secret Service convenes, are now transparent). And the filth and vermin within the Penn State executive class, who hide out and make a fortune… These people are now exposed. 

Lawyers for Spanier and Curley have argued against releasing the documents.

Of course they have!!!!

Many of the records in question concern the role played by former Penn State general counsel Cynthia Baldwin as the three men testified before a statewide investigative grand jury in 2011, before Sandusky was charged with child molestation. She also testified about the three men before a grand jury in 2012.

The shits about to hit the fan now that is in front of the disciplinary board, and mark my words, we will see some serious Penn State fall out. 

Penn State fall out? You know what I am referring to. I am referring to that body of 15-20 men who served to recently give Penn State a raise, and who each and every time were directly threatened or had their university/personal positions threatened, conveniently added another member to the BOT.

Baldwin’s actions were deemed to have violated attorney-client privilege, and charges related to those appearances were subsequently thrown out, narrowing the charges the three faced.

So essentially Penn State, when under assault for the Sandusky allegations, got a member of the Board of Trustees to act as a spy and as personal lawyer during the Grand Jury for the purposes of protecting the interests of the university. This faux charade of remorse was about cutting costs and saving face, not about coming clean.

Spanier’s lawyers, Senior Judge Lillian Harris Ransom wrote, have argued that those still-sealed documents “contained ‘privileged communications not yet disclosed,'” but she said the judges have not been told how the contents of the documents differ from the testimony and evidence that was previously released.

Spanier, Curley and Shultz don’t want these records released, and least of all Cynthia Baldwin. It literally is the unmasking of the biggest hypocrisy and continuing cover-up in Pennsylvania history. Nobody at Penn State wants these records public, else why did Penn State spend all the money and expend all these efforts for all these years to hide these records. 

Today Barron released a big press release discussing the “2013 Value and Cultures Survey” and how this institution has changed. I would suggest to you, that with the exception of adding multiple hotlines and educating people on child sex abuse, and mandatory reporting for state employees that it has – in fact – changed very little.

I would argue that despite the Ethics and Compliance department being located off campus in a county building outside of Penn State, that this was hardly any third party report. I would argue that retaliation and a legacy of protecting the powerful were the dynamics that scared Penn State employees initially from reporting child abuse, and that these dynamics are still at play now.

I would like to argue that Penn State leadership is overwrought with worthless fat cats and mouth breathers, whose self importance far outweighs their very intrinsic value. And that when the initial reports of Sandusky abusing children initially surfaced, it was these very individuals who concocted, schemed and contrived every means of a cover up, and kept that cover up going throughout the entire grand jury investigation. It’s these same individuals who are fighting the release of these documents now.

I would also like to propose, knowing the corrupt state of Pennsylvania, that Tom Kline is a factor in the sway of the Supreme Court judges to release these documents. As the second largest lawsuit is about to ensue over the Piazza case, Kline is setting up the playing field. His message to Penn State? “If you don’t play the game my way, I will hurt you.” And unfortunately, Penn State has left itself open to plenty of that. 

  • The “proffer letters,” a term Melewsky defined as an agreement between prosecutors and witnesses about the scope of their testimony, were sealed because the trial judge determined they were not public court records, Ransom wrote. “Because the proffers were never docketed, formally filed with the court or required by any rule of criminal procedure, they are not considered ‘public judicial documents’ subject to the right of First Amendment or common law access,” the judge wrote, upholding the decision to keep them under seal.

Why do you seal Grand Jury records? Well according to the way the law is written, you do it because you want to protect the testifying witnesses from retaliation. I think the retaliation is largely moot, and the testifying witnesses who truly faced the maximum threat of retaliation have been publicly spoken about what a charade this is. 

I find it interesting how Barron wants to assert how much this university has “changed” since 2013 after the culture and values survey. I sense the opposite. I think the leadership structure has remained almost identical minus firing the PSU3 and eliminating Paterno (who seemed the last reasonable, non-money driven, pure hearted influence on this university)

A year or two ago, Eugene Despasquele published a very alarming report, publicly recommending as auditor general that the BOT should be shrunk. Like the Hershey Board, the corruption is far to incestuous, longstanding and determined to be confidential in their activities. 

One must not forget that this is a public university funded by public taxpayers. One must also not forget that the tax payers have a right to see where their money goes. One must also not forget that these allegations involved children, and the cover-up went for thirty years and continues to go on despite the fact that Sandusky has been convicted and sentenced. 

One must not forget that Penn State is not government and it’s their privilege (not their right) to exist on state land, in the Centre County Community. 

So whatever these records unearth, I hope that Penn State can seriously take a second look at themselves. David Barron’s list of values only inspires more fear and compliance and people hiding in the shadows of the nepotistic and power-laden structure that is the monarchy of Penn State.

And while I’m at it, the same people who had the same behind closed doors vote to approve another tenure for Barron – are the same people who were intimately involved and knowledgable about the Sandusky cover-up.

But I don’t think I really need to say that anymore, the records will speak for themselves.

And as for the culture and values survey, I’ve never seen a poorer or more glib representation of the truth. Perhaps…. Just perhaps …. In order to save all the money Penn State is about to pay out in the Piazza case, they should cut some costs (not by raising tuition) but by cutting some of these worthless social climbers from the BOT. Get some faculty in that spot who actually cares for the student body. 

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