ATTORNEY GENERAL JOSH SHAPIRO – Bought By the Catholic Church, He Honors the Diocese , While REFUSING to Release the Grand Jury Report, He “HONORS” the Catholic Church as a Key Note Speaker


Area law enforcement officials recently honored two Philadelphia archdiocesan priests for extraordinary service in their communities. CITATION

I have been ranting and raving about what a corrupt dirtbag Josh Shapiro is for months. He plays both sides of the field and refuses to take the moral side even when necessary. Under his motion for protective order, the present diocese investigation is under seal. Under scrutinizing questions from the victims and media, Josh Shapiro swears that the grand jury report will be made public in June of this year.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro delivered the ceremony’s keynote address. CITATION

Remember, Josh Shapiro also swore to release the Porn Report exposing Judges sending pornography using their government email address. We see how that worked out.

REDACTED NAME OF PRIEST, who has spent decades ministering to those struggling with addiction, received the Citizens Crime Commission’s Award of Merit II at the organization’s 37th annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Day May 23 at the Hyatt at the Bellevue hotel in Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro delivered the ceremony’s keynote address.

Shapiro Ferman

In the weeks preceding, Josh Shapiro has “sworn” he was going to bring the massive widespread pedophilia to light in the Diocese. Within these same weeks, he praised these priests ad nauseam. Notably, there was no Attorney General press release issued (as usual) for Josh Shapiro’s appearance at this event. Josh, who never misses his opportunity to appear in front of a camera, did not want the national news media to be aware of his appearance and accolade for the Catholic Church at this event. I’m wondering how many donations were produced for this appearance, because we all know also (via the Piazza case) that Josh Shapiro’s loyalty and legal services as a public servant are for sale.

Also honored at a separate ceremony among law enforcement officials May 10 in Montgomery County was Father Jerome Wild. The pastor of St. Teresa of Avila Parish in Norristown was recognized by Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin R. Steele for counseling a suicidal man at the church last year and dissuading him from taking his own life. Father Wild was presented with a Commendation Award for exceptional service to Montgomery County.

How much did this show of affection cost? How do you think the victims of the Catholic Church would feel about their lead prosecutor pumping up compliments on an organization he has publicly condemned? How about that “secret” 2000 page grand jury report?

Josh Shapiro is a press affectionado, continuously grandstanding without providing results, a prosecutor whose loyalty is not with the people, but for sale, and the Catholic church has very very deep pockets.



  1. It gives reason to wonder if there is something which prevents disclosure or release of the report.
    The secret confidentiality oaths?
    Rule 1.6 Confidentiality requires non-disclosure where info affects the integrity of the judiciary, repuaptation of the office/ law firm, perception of the legal profession, or must be held confidential because of attorney client privilege. The AG represnts the OAG, the entire organization, the person’s employed the OAG, and the ‘office’ itself. Plenty of opportunities which prevent disclosure.

    For example, imagine if Kathleen Kane has discovered a predator ring being run from within the OAG. She could use the information to prosecute predators ( seems she did), but she would not be permitt to prosecute the staffers involved. She could fire them (seems she did). She would not be permitted to disclose the failure of prior AGs to take any action ( like in Sandusky). She has to protect the office.
    Seems the only way to expose these types of problems would be to hire someone not encumbers by those confidentiality rules to investigate and provide a report to the state. (Seems she did). But, the AGs intercepted the Gansler Report and failed to expose the problem.

    Josh Shapiro is going to get his opportunity soon. I wonder if Kevin Steele will prosecute him for perjury oo?

  2. Lady’s and Gentlemen these are corporate entities. We have no say or control over Walmart for example. In return they can’t impose their business apon you or we the people unless we give them complies consent; drivers license, birth certificate, voter’s registration, social security card etc. Wake up and Read Anna Von Reitz, Jean Keating. Learn how to return to the Republic then go back and rescue your people from these predators that you think you elect for office. It’s was the Rebulic of United States, George Washington fought for the Republic not the union we call government today. Government = Corporation Federal = IMF (INTERNATIONAL MONITARY FUNDS) only the living person can create the debt and they are using ur credit and stealing from your trust that’s established at the Federal reserve bank. Peace

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