The bridge over the Susquehanna River is about a 25 feet drop MAX. And if you jump then the water below you could literally stand in. It’s not very deep, and the height of the alleged suicide is not very high. If it was a suicide, then show me the body. It was ground up by the dam? Please. Then it was suicide by jumping off a 25 foot high bridge and intentional drowning. None of it makes sense. He parked there to dispose of the laptop and make a getaway.

29133551_706757153047960_3817654442090561536_n (1).jpg

Also take into account that this “visit” to Lewisburg was highly planned. Gricar googled weather days in advance. This was highly planned.

How much do you want to bet that this cat shows up? In this digital age, it’s hard not to leave a footprint.

Cops are getting closer and closer. Don’t be silly Centre County.


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