CAMBRIA COUNTY – Kelly Callihan’s “Leadership” Results in Worst Overdose Death Rate in the Entire State of Pennsylvania – TOTAL FAILURE

CAMBRIA COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY KELLY CALLIHAN has totally failed Cambria County in more ways than one. Accompanied by a drastic increase of unsolved murder cases, the escalating opioid epidemic has also struck home. Despite Callihan’s “tough on crime” sentences (targeting minorities and the poor), more people in Cambria County die of drug related overdoses than in Philadelphia County.

Cambria County’s state-leading overdose hospitalization rate reflects a period – 2016 particularly – when patients were being brought into Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center in overwhelming numbers, sometimes dozens in a two-day span, area responders have said. CITATION

Meanwhile, the lackadaisical Kelly Callihan is seizing drug money to buy designer purses and eat out.

The Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council, in a report released Tuesday, lists Cambria County as the state’s leader in hospital visits in 2016 and 2017 due to overdoses – per 100,000 county residents. CITATION

This is not the model of success, while Philadelphia County has far more residents per square mile, Cambria County is leading the way in what Governor Tom Wolf has declared a Statewide “Emergency.”

Kelly Callihan would like to pretend she is “tough on crime,” and “doing something” about the opioid epidemic, but numbers do not lie. Cambria County is the worst County in the state for drug overdose deaths, and no flashy press conference or cute press release with the cops can change that statistic.

Cambria had 102 hospital visits per 100,000 residents over those two years. Philadelphia County was No. 2 at 100.6. Neighboring counties fell well below Cambria’s rate: Somerset, 46.9; Blair, 67.7; Clearfield, 38.0; Indiana, 46.3; Westmoreland, 74.5. Bedford County had fewer than 10 reported cases per 100,000. CITATION

Kelly Callihan will vigorously defend her job “performance.” But be advised this is an election  year and this woman is a politician. She is money driven, and literally robbing the people of Cambria County. She does not want the expenditures of her drug forfeiture accounts released, and she has fought HARD. Despite seizing millions of dollars in drug cases, the drug problem has not seemed to abate, and meanwhile – Kelly Callihan is spending on designer purses, country club dues and a $13k /year budget for eating out.
Totally disgraceful.

A multi-faceted approach under the Cambria County Drug Coalition, which involves the medical and education communities, prosecutors, police, county offices and rehab specialists, is now working proactively to help direct addicts to pathways toward recovery, crack down on opioid dealers and educate young people to make better decisions so they never pick up the habit. CITATION

A better solution? Get rid of Kelly Callihan who is clearly ineffective.

If you want the truth? Find out how she is lavishly and fraudulently spending County money out of the drug forfeiture accounts.

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