CAMBRIA COUNTY: Kelly Callihan is Blaming Cambria’s Opioid Problem on Law Enforcement’s “Lack of Training”

It’s campaign season for Kelly Callihan, and she wants to secure her position for another four years – Make no doubt about that. She has been attending political events, and out campaigning.

In the middle of her campaign season, a report was released stating that Cambria County was leading the state for opioid overdoses. They had even MORE deaths than Philadelphia County. Totally disgraceful. I previously wrote a blog about this CAMBRIA COUNTY – Kelly Callihan’s “Leadership” Results in Worst Overdose Death Rate in the Entire State of Pennsylvania – TOTAL FAILURE

Kelly Callihan, with her election in mind, clearly does not want negative press coverage such as this to get out. Wining and dining donors, and appearing at political function, she has an explanation as to why Cambria is top in the state for opioid deaths.

Her explanation goes something like this: “Our law enforcement is very poorly trained, and we don’t have enough of seasoned law enforcement to handle this crisis.” Her follow up argument? “If I am elected again, I plan to address this problem by holding training seminars and teaching mandatory classes to our local law enforcement to bridge this gap in their expertise.”

Imagine that, Kelly Callihan wants to “teach” seasoned vets on the police force, many who have been working far longer than her “career” as a prosecutor. Fancying herself “top law enforcement official,” all of a sudden she knows more about how to do the job of a policeman then the most senior policemen.

I’m wondering if free Vera Bradley handbags and free lunches will be provided to cops in attendance by “expert” Kelly Callihan during these mandatory courses, or are those perks just for herself?

Recently a member of the Fraternal Order of Police reached out, and wanted to clarify. He said, “we are dedicated, and hard working, and on the street every day. We can’t do anything about it except make arrests, which we are doing.” He explained they did suffer from a lack of resources, but there was “millions” in the drug forfeiture accounts owned by Kelly Callihan that could cover this. He also offered that while the local police force can make arrests, they can’t control how cases are prosecuted and inferred (what I already knew), that Kelly Callihan is a defective and incompetent prosecutor.

Insulting the Fraternal Order of Police in order to make excuses about the disgraceful statistics in Cambria County, is disgraceful. Throwing cops under the bus in order to “win” an election is unacceptable. These men and women are very hard working, and put their lives on the line. They patrol the streets and know more about the local problem with opioids than some lawyer flitting around never leaving her desk, rarely – RARELY – even appearing in court.

Insulting law enforcement is not going to be tolerated. District Attorney’s come and go ever four years through election season, County Law Enforcement stays and RETIRES from the County. No amount of belittling local law enforcement is going to get Callihan re-elected. These tactics are subterfugious and DIRTY.

I am sure Callihan does not approach the law enforcement directly and say to their face: YOU GUYS ARE THE REASON FOR ALL THESE OPIOID DEATHS. Turning around and saying such thing to donors and potential voters is back biting and slanderous.

What Cambria County really needs is someone to run against this joker. Law enforcement is not to bear the blame for the opioid epidemic, the one who bears the most blame is the ineffective leader who wishes to blame everyone else. I can not for the life of me imagine being a 10 year veteran of the local police force and being forced to sit through nit wit Kelly Callihan’s “training sessions.” What is she going to train them on? How to launder money?

I recognize and sympathize with local law enforcement, who are clearly frustrated. I would be too. I hope that local law enforcement doesn’t tolerate the slander or the abuse, but finds someone to step up and take Callihan’s place.

It is truly deplorable to blame ones failings on a community of men and blue who have done nothing but to serve and protect Cambria County, and support the maniacal and thieving district attorney.

If you are out at a campaign event and hear this line of excuses from Callihan, please interrupt her and set the record straight. It’s unacceptable to throw law enforcement under the bus in an attempt to win an election. Or better yet, ask her why she is county money and using it for her own frivolous and selfish purposes instead of giving it to the cops whom she claims are “incompetent” and “poorly trained.”


Seriously, when is someone going to put an end to this corruption? I can almost tolerate the misspending of money. What is NOT acceptable is insulting local law enforcement, blaming, throwing them under the bus, belittling them and minimizing her responsibility for the existing problem.

Totally disgraceful behavior.

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  1. This is nothing more than the evil wheel devouring itself. Both the District Attorney, and the F.O.B. are oath of office takers. Their is nothing legitimate about this oath of office people. So neither of these groups can justify any “right” of the issue. I have a suggestion. In Johnstown their is several opiod clinics. How comes the county commissioners and the mayor isnt using the funding for the epidemic crisis to create factory settings that Control the way these users get their clinical doses of methadone. If we are gonna give them their way out why not have them come to a factory get their fix and work and support them selves ? Seems like a no brainier to me!!! Oh but wait it’s not about that, silly me the oath these creeps take has no interest in the American people only their own I’ll gotten lifestyles. Silly wabbit what was I thinking???? And why don’t we ask ex addicts what can we do? We take are car to a mechanic. We get are computer fixed by computer techs. Then when it comes to people we ask the creeps that have never experienced anything they seem so inspired to fix with a complete 0% rating yet we still listen to this bullshit and hip. I’ve come to the conclusion Americans like contention. Their shit starters with no back bones. Post America is inevitable.

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