The Serbin Letter

Check out The Serbin Letter  via the Allegheny Furnace Gazette. It’s a fascinating read on the horrific crimes perpetuated against children by the Catholic Diocese in Pennsylvania.

Just a few excerpts of some of the named clergy pedophiles protected by the church:

“…in approximately the mid 1980s, at least five altar boys, ages
13-15 complained of being molested by Monsignor McCaa while he was assigned to Holy Name Church in Ebensburg…Monsignor McCaa was transferred by the Diocese of Altoona Johnstown to a position in West Virginia after the above cases were filed.

With regard to Father Coleman, we received information that he had molested a number
of boys from as early as 1979 to the mid 1980s… Complaints were made to
Cambria County Children and Youth Services, but apparently no criminal actions were
commenced. Despite these reported incidents, Father Coleman remained a priest within the Diocese until July 30, 1987, when Bishop Adamec claims to have finally removed him. It is likely that there were additional victims.

Testimony of Bishop Hogan during the Luddy trial revealed that Father William Kovach
admitted to a year long abusive relationship with then fifteen year old [redacted]. This
included allegations of providing pornography and alcohol to the minor, and performing acts of masturbation and oral sex…Despite admitting to multiple acts of child molestation, with the exception of sodomy, Kovach was permitted to remain a priest in the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown until just recently, when it is our understanding that he retired.”


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