Josh Shapiro Reacts to an Angry Mob of Pennsylvanians Demanding Release of Diocese Grand Jury Report

It was only a week ago when the Supreme Court issued a ruling announcing a delay in the Diocese grand jury report. At the time of the opinion, Attorney General Josh Shapiro issued a response via press release, stating he was alright with the delay so as long as eventually the report was released.

In the past week public outrage flurried around the subject, drawing the attention of staunch activists like Representative Mark Rozzi and Mike Ference. Social media was abuzz with an infuriated public and Shapiro, constantly on his Facebook, was certainly very sensitive to the criticism.

A few failed and substance-less PR stunts followed. First, Josh Shapiro announced he was joining another Attorney General in suing President Trump over the zero tolerance policy resulting in separation of families. The public reacted, many crying foul, “why aren’t you doing your job here in Pennsylvania?!!” Indeed it was a vapid sort of symbolic gesture to sue President Trump. It would have absolutely zero effect.

The second PR stunt had to do with Graham Spanier. Former Penn State President Spanier’s appeal to avoid jail time was denied by the superior court. Shapiro reacted again with a glossy press release, stating his office had vigorously prosecuted Spanier and would prosecute any individual who turned a blind eye to child abuse. Curiously enough the grand jury report that is rumored to be released soon on the diocese purportedly only prosecutes sex offenders, and not those involved in the cover up. The majority of the prosecution of Spanier actually occurred under the Kathleen Kane administration, all Shapiro has done is sit back and let the appeals take place. And when the appeals didn’t go the way he planned, he pulled another  impotent tactic and issued a press release on how disappointed he was.

Clearly by reading the social media comments reacting to Shapiro’s recent blitzes in the news media, voters are dissatisfied and Shapiro’s approval rating is faltering. One social media poster wrote “does this guy do anything but post on Facebook?” Another wrote: “stop wasting our money!” Still another wrote: “grandstanding are we?”

People were sold by the door-to-door Tupperware salesman during campaign season, but recently voters seem to be catching on to the lying and the exaggerated successes, and the inability of Josh Shapiro to keep his promises or to do any real work on the Pennsylvania front. He would prefer to “grandstand” in the national media than to address some of the serious issues in Pennsylvania.

Family court reform activists are crying foul, and are perhaps the most vocal group of them all. Shapiro has done little to address any judicial corruption, and with his mind focused on his future political ambitions, it is doubtful that he ever will. He doesn’t want to step on any toes right now with a potential 2024 Governor’s race on the horizon. Indeed those on the inside of the Shapiro administration state that Shapiro even holds ambitions to run for US president.

What a joke!

Frankly, with the way Shapiro’s approval ratings are going even within his own party, I see him more as a one-term straw man. Opioid deaths are worse which destroys his “big drug busts,” and his campaign to bust doctors also has had very little effect on quenching the escalation of deaths resulting from opioid deaths.

District Attorney Frank Zapalla of Pittsburgh previously lost in the primaries against Josh Shapiro in the last Attorney General election. Still, Zapalla’s ambitions to become Attorney General are not at all hidden from public eye. According to PA Politics, LLC, he plans to run in the future. Also interestingly enough, Shapiro has been not been shy about expressing his intentions to his inner circle to run for governor. Further, another Zapalla family member sits on the panel of judges who ruled in favor of delaying the release in the diocese report, so they could “review it.” Josh Shapiro had no objections to this at first, and actually said he was alright with the delay.

Just for the record….. Pennsylvania is getting CONNED. In a big way.


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