Coward Consiglio: Does He Just Hate Kids?

Another fine piece of work via Allegheny Furnace Gazette: Coward Consiglio: Does He Just Hate Kids?

Here’s a brief excerpt from the article – it’s definitely worth the read!

The case involving the incident between 14 year old runaway Preston Weakland and Hollidaysburg PSP Trooper Wise has made plenty of rounds on social media. The entire interaction was captured on video. From what I’ve seen there’s no evidence the boy assaulted the Trooper. Quite the opposite.  The Blair County District Attorney’s Office has elected to charge the kid. Coward Consiglio even admits that he hasn’t viewed the video. Why would you file charges without reviewing a critical piece of evidence? Once again we see malicious prosecution and blatant disregard of critical facts and evidence because they don’t support the narrative. Consiglio should be well aware this isn’t the first time there’s been an issue with Trooper Wise.

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