Pyscho Poppy Parks-Miller: An Opinionated Sore Loser

OHHHHHHH shit. How nice it is!!! I love seeing the bad guy lose because I fight for the little guy. Thank God this monster is out of office. Thank God that this new administration RESPECTS and accepts a JURY DECISION. I would rather see an innocent man go free than an innocent man spend time in jail for a crime he never committed. And FRANKLY, I agree whole heartedly with this very talented fellow blogger. And I’d much rather see an administration who takes cases to trial if there is an inkling of a suspician of possible guilt rather than a cowardly administration that cops out cherry picking cases and intimidate people into plea bargains.

I trust a jury trial by peers. There is a reason why we have jury trials. BECAUSE THE PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO DECIDE, AND THE PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO TRIAL BY JURY OF THEIR PEERS. The process worked CORRECTLY. The prosecution represented the COMMONWEALTH (that is, US). A jury decided, and anyone who speaks negatively about that process is simply unAMERICAN. Parks Miller capitalizing on this is par for the course, a disgusting capitalization on what should be a FAIR JUSTICE SYSTEM. She is losing her law license for these sordid garbage-can tactics. YAWN, zzzzzzzzzz, victory feels good. I like Cantorna in office, you should too. And you should RESPECT the jury.

I would love to take credit for this blog, however I didn’t write it. Allegheny Furnace did. News travels rapidly.


via Pyscho Poppy Parks-Miller: An Opinionated Sore Loser


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