PRESS RELEASE from AG Josh Shaftpiro Regarding Pennsylvania Family Court Reform (Satire)


Josh Shapiro will not be looking into family court reform so stop asking him about it. He has far too many Judges who have dirt on him and/or who paid him handsomely and helped him win his campaign for Attorney General. Furthermore, family court reform is a touchy issue that would involve exposing judicial corruption and creating political enemies. Josh Shapiro is not willing to create political enemies when he is trying to run for governor and eventually president. There is a reason that he has been grandstanding in the national news and tiptoeing around all the blatant corruption here in his home state, he needs all the political powerhouses in his corner.

Lastly, Josh Shapiro will not be tackling family court reform because it is not a “trendy” issue that will propel him into the national news media spotlight. Unlike DACA or some of these flagrantly anti-trump issues, family court reform is not “sexy” and will not get him into the New York Times or the Washington Post. The national media is not interested in Josh Shapiro tackling issues of corruption in his home state or him actually doing his job. The national media is for the most part interested in either attacking or defending Trump.



As to the matter of the diocese grand jury report, there is a very important issue that I have been meaning to point out to all my readers. It is not the norm in Pennsylvania (or any other place for that matter) where criminal defendants (such as the diocese) get to review the contents of a grand jury report prior to it’s release. In the matter of Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs. Jerry Sandusky, there was never any opportunity for Sandusky to review his grand jury report and to determine if he liked or approved what was in it. Sandusky never had a chance to appeal and keep this report sealed. The grand jury report was simply released whether he liked it or not. Once the supervising Judge in the Jerry Sandusky report signed off, it was immediately made public. There was never any appeal process, it was never under seal or undergoing redactions. Jerry Sandusky never had the opportunity to say “Oh I don’t like what was in there.” The grand jury report was simply released.

In the matter of the diocese grand jury report, for some God foresaken shitty unknown reason Judge Krumenacker put the report under seal and between the finagling of Krumenacker, and the political manipulations of Josh Shapiro, the grand jury report was never released. The criminal defendants in this report (which are only six priests) had the unprecedented opportunity to review the report and decide whether or not they liked it. Per rumors, the 800 page report does not include any accountability for those involved in the cover up (like Spanier, Curley, Shultz had criminal accountability in the Sandusky matter). Instead the report myopically focuses on six priests, and these criminal defendants and their affiliates are being given special treement by Mr. Shapiro and the court system to argue in appeals for edits and redactions on pieces of the grand jury report they do not like.

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This is a political charade. Josh Shapiro is not on your side, and he has never been. This is political grandstanding by a selfish man who is very unconcerned about anything but his own over inflated perceived self-importance, and his selfish political ambitions for higher office. This is not leadership, its manipulation and television and fake appearances. Governor Wolf drives every day to work in a used Jeep Wrangler, with no chauffer, no body guards. Shapiro takes a motorcade. Letting corruption “slide” in Pennsylvania and doing favors for people like Bill Higgins and Judge Thomas Doerr (both using their office to sexually assault women on county time), is unacceptable. Not going after blatant corruption or crooks in office (such as Stacy Parks Miller), is cowardly and selfish. Putting your own career and political agenda before the people of Pennsylvania is despicable, and really just disgusting. We need to get this Montgomery County trash out of office, and work on getting someone in place who will really work in Pennsylvania (LOCALLY, not parading around in national news), and do substantive work to reform corruption in Pennsylvania government and Pennsylvania court system.

I nominate Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner to take Shapiro’s place.


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