BUTLER COUNTY (BREAKING): Detective Scott Roskovski “Fired/Resigned” by District Attorney’s Office, Wife Under A.G. Investigation for Embezzling over $1 Million from the Hospital

The Butler Eagle broke the story yesterday about the departure of Detective Roskovski, who was a Detective who worked out of District Attorney Goldinger’s office in Butler County, Pennsylvania. They were vague in the reasons for the detective leaving/resigning, but it was noted that he would be resigning without any county benefits or access to any county pension plan. This little tidbit that he will not be receiving his pension, is a clue to me that he left on bad terms.

The insinuations and rumors among local law enforcement is that husband Detective Scott Roskovski was involved, complicate and even conspired in the massive fraud at Butler Hospital, which stole over a million from patients, including pocketing money made by fraudulently & excessively charging patients (who were insured) with inflated co-pays, and pocketing the excess.

His wife Stephanie, former Chief Operating Officer of the Butler County Hospital has notoriously been caught up in a scandal involving medicare fraud at Butler Hospital, which began with an unrelated Auditor General investigation that occurred in 2014. CITATION The Auditor General, investigating another matter, had looked at the finances of Butler Hospital and exposed an even BIGGER fraud then the one they were set out to investigate.


Also UNREPORTED by the Butler Eagle: Stephanie Roskovski, second in command to Chief Executive Officer, was fired last year after an Attorney General Investigation ensued over the findings of the Auditor General report. Purportedly, Stephanie and her detective husband had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in home improvements, fine dining, vacations, cars and other personal related expenses. Though the Attorney General investigation is ongoing and no charges have been filed, there are few individuals inside of Butler County law enforcement that will deny that there is any relationship between the firing of Scott Roskovski and the massive healthcare embezzlement scheme.


Stay tuned, Happy Valley Citizen has much more coming on this developing scandal, and will be the first to break it to you as more facts are confirmed & gathered. If you have a tip about this, and would like to disclose it, you can reach me at happyvalleycitizen@gmail.com . Thanks for the Law Enforcement Tips, per your individual requests, I’ve kept them anonymous.


  1. I am trying to find a way to contact you.

    You had written an article about me. What you wrote was NOT true. I did NOT threaten the DA.

    I called the suicide hotline because I was suicidal over a kidnapping and rape. The DA refused to test my rape kit and refused to prosecute. I was told to “drop the rape shit”.

    I did NOT threaten the DA! I said the phrase “I just want to kill him” that is NOT a threat. They have been scapegoating me. They are going to throw a girl calling a suicide hotline in jail in solitary confinement, yet the DA’s buddy gets off Scott free allowed to abduct and rape whomever he wants.

    Btw, the police KNEW I was not a threat. Their job if any bitch from a hotline breaks confidentiality is to take the person calling for help to the hospital, not falsely incriminate them and throw them in jail on a higher bond than child murderers. Not publicaly slander them. They did not protect my confidentiality at all! This was obviously done purposely. I’m sick of my story not being told.

    1. There is a huge difference from venting on a “confidential” suicide line and making a death threat. They butler state police are liars, and they know it, they admitted to it as they were arresting me.

  2. Pure scum.

    The Intercept,and techdirt.com are begnning to cover these stories of DVIC for-profit policing, and their subsidiary racketeering through health care,pension funds,and real estate.

    While FBI/DHS/DEA et al line their pockets with diamond rings stolen from drug dealers, beatcops and detectives are quite political, lining their swinepurses with the aid and abbettment of scummy sows that you have documented here.

    Good work!

    Pigs, chewing through the bottom planks of democracy.

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