Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Gale (Past Candidate Lt. Governor) has been Blowing the Whistle on A.G. Josh Shapiro

Joe Gale ran for Lieutenant Governor. He is underrated and immaculate. One of those rare born politicians you see making big strides. He is impressive in the way that he crosses party lines. He has a big magnetic personality, the type that kind of overtakes a room. He is warm and at the same time sensible. There is a high likelihood that Mr. Gale will be future PA senator or Governor. Out of the cesspool of schmuck that is Montgomery County Pennsylvania, therein lies an unexpected gem that is JOE GALE.

Joe Gale’s war with Josh Shapiro goes back to 2011 or 2012 (maybe even before them), when Valerie Arkoosh, Bruce Castor and Josh Shapiro sat on the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners. Gale likes to refer to this era as the “Shapiro-Castor Era of Collusion” or establishment Democrats conspiring with establishment Republicans to benefit themselves at the expense of Montgomery County residents. CITATION

With a recent release of youtube videos on his “Vote Joe Gale” facebook page, he is exposes some insider political information that includes Josh Shapiro hooking up campaign donors by rewarding them county contracts in proportional return to the size of their monetary contributions to his Attorney General campaign. If you want a political favor from Josh, all you have to do is write a sizable check. The posted youtube videos commissioner meeting collusion are irritating to watch, and reminiscent of the Sopranos or some type of old world mafia/mob operation, where money talks. County contracts are not being handed out as a result of merit, but to Josh Shapiro’s “friends” and highest bidders to his campaign. Contracts to other companies are being skirted or not even having their bids considered if they weren’t openly supporting, and writing checks to Mr. Shapiro. It would not surprise me in the least if the Godfather suddenly appeared on one of these youtube videos, and said something cliche like …. “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.” Bruce Castor sits (almost quietly most of the time, likely hard for the notoriously long winded attorney) and stares adoringly at Josh Shapiro, as if he is Willy Wonka and that his his one ticket to fame and riches. It’s nauseating.

Joe Gale writes: During Shapiro and Castor’s four years together, Bruce Castor mustered just one “No” vote – (against Commissioner Valerie Arkoosh’s appointment to Vice Chair when he desired the title for himself). Over this time, Bruce Castor served as a rubber stamp to the political agenda set by Josh Shapiro. At Castor’s final meeting as Commissioner, he voted with Commissioners Shapiro and Arkoosh, when Shapiro broke his no-tax pledge by sticking county residents with a near 10% tax increase. CITATION

Bruce Castor, previously a Montgomery County Commissioner, resigned from his position after he ran for Montgomery County District Attorney in 2016. He had mapped the resignation, expecting an overwhelming win, but it had been an overwhelming loss. The loss was monumental especially considering the arrogance and opulence and pomp of his campaign, quite more than the majority of both democrats and republicans turning up to the polls to support his opponent Kevin Steele. Steele was a quiet, soft spoken, no-nonsense Philadelphia lawyer, who had served in the Montgomery DA’s office for over 20 years. For some reason that frank, pragmatic, non-verbiose, straight shooter attitude of Kevin Steele scared Bruce Castor. Bruce Castor was so intimidated, he failed to even show up for the Montgomery County DA’s office debates, a fact that really caused a stir with the press.

It was also during this D.A. election that the sitting District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman had re-opened the Bill Cosby case, and Bruce Castor’s shoddy work as a former Montgomery County District Attorney was exposed through the records. It was a scandal which ruined him, as it should have. Bruce Castor had protected the celebrity, failed to investigate the allegations of Andrea Constead, and lied about a “non-prosecution agreement,” which he later admitted did not exist, but he was referring to the press release (a press release that stated that the Montgomery County D.A.’s office still had the right to prosecute). Castor would later testify and a prominent Montgomery County Judge openly referred to Bruce Castor and his testimony as a non-credible witness, which was a very judicially polite way of publicly outing him as a liar. The legal community was riveted by the scandal. It was the nail in the coffin for Bruce Castor, or so everyone thought. Castor had a few more dirty tricks up his sleeves. 

Castor is all politics.

There was Castor, a blustery, striving lawyer in pinstripes—the quintessential Philadelphia lawyer but with a bit more panache—who had a talent for being on TV (which he loved) and ambitions beyond the Montgomery County DA’s office. Now the Montgomery County Commissioner, he tried to run for Pennsylvania Governor in last month’s election, but his party, the GOP, supported the incumbent Tom Corbett, who got beat in one of the bigger Dem wins; “I’m quite sure I would have won,” he told me on the phone shortly after the Cosby rape story reignited. CITATION

Castor at the present, has a fledgling starving law practice, and has been exiled from any politics or political future. He is a party deemed not credible by both parties, his own party going as far as to disassociate from him, some bigger members rejecting sizable donations because they were fearful of their reputations by having the “Castor name” attached to their campaigns. Governor Corbett was involved in several subsequent efforts to remove Bruce Castor as Interim Attorney General and has spoken publicly about his distaste and apprehension over Castor’s moral character.

Confidence has never been lacking with Castor. Or bravado. “He’s had contentious relationships with many of the people in the Republican power structure,” says Democratic consultant Neil Oxman. “He’s had issues with the Republican leadership, both in his county and people in the state, for a reasonably long period of time. And so he’s been passed over or beaten down on a number of occasions. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have ambitions beyond [commissioner]. Bruce is gonna run for office for 100 years.” CITATION

At one point (early 2014) Bruce even threw his name out to run as republican candidate for governor, but faced rejection from the highest to the lowest ranks within his own party members, likely due to his slippery agendas and backstabbing tendencies. Castor has trouble making friends within the republican party, and has always been handled with kid gloves even by those who claim to “trust” him or claim he is an ally. An entitled son of a prominent estate lawyer, Castor is known for his wordiness, arrogance and social-climbing tendencies. The state Republican party has enough of Castor’s nemeses’ that he is all but excluded from the upper echelons of those circles, places he has spent his life aspiring, paying towards and desperately trying to become a member of. Former Governor Corbett has been outspoken about the lack of moral fiber and his overall genuine dislike of Bruce Castor. 

Meanwhile, Commissioner and LT Governor Candidate Joe Gale writes: During his cozy tenure with the Democrats [as Montgomery County Commissioner], Castor says he “witnessed no ‘politics’ whatsoever” in the Commissioner’s Department yet, Josh Shapiro’s administration is comprised of political cronies.  In fact, the County Chief Operating Officer was Shapiro’s campaign manager and the County Deputy Chief Operating Officer was his deputy campaign manager.  Both positions receive a six-figure, taxpayer funded salary.  CITATION

When Joe Gale did take office as Montgomery County Commissioner, the fireworks began almost immediately, and his pent-up anger over the politicking of his predecessors surged up at public meetings. The County (in the interim) was suing Bruce Castor to have his name removed from the County Courthouse, where he had used tax payer moneys to have an engraved sign made (in honor of himself). 

The Mercury News reports: Gale, the only Republican on the three-member governing body, began a string of accusations in late August that primarily targeted commissioners’ Chairman Josh Shapiro, a Democrat who is currently running for Pennsylvania attorney general. Some of the vitriol, however, spread to senior staff members whom Gale accused of leaving him out of the loop. CITATION

The vitriol and tension of the feud was surprisingly apparent in these commissioners meetings. With the exit of Bruce Castor, Shapiro no longer had a compliant republican lapdog to agree with him on every vote, support him, and spin his mistakes or attempted cover ups of his campaign finance political messes. Joe Gale wasn’t having it. He was boisterous, he was relentless, and he was a very careful studied expert of history. Josh Shapiro defended himself to the press, claiming “I’m a big boy,” (actual quote, verbatim, I think Shapiro also said he had “broad shoulders”, a fact that is patently false) and Shapiro went on blaming the attacks of Joe Gale as politically motivated attempts to derail his campaign for Attorney General. What other response was there except to say it was a political attack? After all Gale came in armed with a paper trail of evidence and insider knowledge? The truth was hard to refute, so Shapiro blamed it on a political attack. And yes the attack was political, but there was significant merit to it. It had the effect of pissing off Montgomery County Voters, who seethed at seeing the behind the scenes wrangling.

Nothing could be further from the truth, Gale seemed to care very little and have very little interest in the Attorney General’s race. A newly minted Montgomery County Commissioner, with an ax to grind on corrupt local politics, his focus was local. He had been waiting in the wings, gathering ammunition and came with supporters from both parties. Shapiro smirked, squirmed and mineralized/trivialized the issues. He held secret meetings with Val Arkoosh and upper staffers, and gave Joe Gale a memo afterwards. The message was that if Gale wasn’t going to play ball with him, then he wouldn’t play ball at all. Gale came at Shapiro with pointed questions, backed up by evidence: Shapiro (called out on camera in public government meeting) dodged those questions, smirking and grinning nervously. In short, he didn’t want what Gale was saying to be put in public light just weeks before a November election vote for Attorney General.  Gale said during the meeting that he is part of a grass-roots effort, a comment that made Shapiro chuckle. “You’re laughing, but I think that’s unique to government, and something that should be championed, not laughed at,” Gale said. “I come to this board with no strings attached and I’m here to fight for the taxpayers of Montgomery County. I’m not part of back-room deals.” Gale has made a number of claims of such deals, and has accused staff, many of whom worked for Shapiro’s campaign for commissioner in 2011, of playing favorites.CITATION

Shapiro had little choice but to brush these off as political attacks, but unfortunately it was dangerously true that Joe Gale came armed with some substantiative, irrefutable, evidence. Joe Gale also attacked Josh Shapiro’s present job performance, pointing out his absentism from his county duties as he launched his Attorney General campaign across the state.

The 10% tax increase (the one that Bruce Castor swore to his republican voter base would never come to fruition while he was in office) had been voted in the last meeting while Castor was in office, right before Joe Gale took his seat. Now the county was rolling in excess tax money. Adding insult to injury, the county commissioners had added an additional proposition to increase vehicle registration taxes in Montgomery County. This measure only proposed a $5 dollar increase, but when proposed after the 10% increase in local property taxes, it was a hotbead of contention among republican voters. Joe Gale, true to form, listened to his voter base and came in swinging hard, “making a mountain out of a mole hill,” he was determined to make an issue out of something the former board of commissioners had been trying to “slip by” with a quiet vote.

Val Arkoosh, a democrat, was also in Josh Shapiro’s pocket, so regardless of how Joe Gale fought or didn’t fight, he was still out numbered by the democrats at the table 2 to 1. The vehicle registration tax increase passed 2 to 1 accordingly. It didn’t sit well with Joe Gale, and he took to the local news outlets to express his frustration. The Mercury reports: The registration fee measure passed with a 2-1 vote at the Sept. 15 meeting of the commissioners. During that meeting, Gale gave comments at the start, objecting to the timing of his briefings from senior staff. He continued to hold that position after this week’s meeting. “As you can see, when you look around the room, I’m pretty outnumbered here,” Gale said. CITATION

There were further accusations that the other two commissioners were violating the Sunshine Act in meeting without him to discuss agenda issues. He further reported to Mercury News that the senior staff (some of whom were also employees of Josh Shapiro’s Attorney General campaign, were also involved in the conspiriacy. Gale alleged that senior staff was keeping him out of the loop because he took his objection to the registration fee to the public, giving interviews and posting about it on his website. He cited an email from Chief Operating Officer Lauren Lambrugo. In the email, Lambrugo writes, “We have had a standing time for briefing the minority commissioner for the past 4+ years at noon on Wednesdays before the Board meeting. It worked well in the past. It allows me to review the proposed agenda with the Chair and then affords staff time to complete the required follow-up from that discussion.” The email also states, “At this point I am uncomfortable briefing on an agenda that is not a more complete draft since there is now a precedent that it may be discussed publicly prior to it being finalized.”  CITATION

There was no love lost, and what started out as a contentious and bumpy relationship only soured with time. Josh Shapiro began to take public aim, now starting to see a heated attorney general’s race playing out in the news. His republican opponent Senator John Rafferty began pointing out Josh Shapiro’s lack of criminal law experience, and in one debate cornered Josh Shapiro forcing him to admit he had – indeed – never tried a criminal case, not even one. Josh Shapiro, still serving as Montgomery County Commissioner during the campaign, did not need any further public criticism or controversay. The bombastic and outspoken Joe Gale had not mellowed in recent weeks, and was growing noiser by the day. Shapiro, notably short in stature (just over 5 feet tall), was towered over by Joe Gale. Joe Gale came in swinging with facts and evidence, and cut through a lot of the politicking. He was a loose cannon and a threat to Shapiro who had a lot hanging on the line with his run for AG’s office. 

To say it was contentious during those months at publicly televised Montgomery County Commissioners meetings is an understatement, it was a close quartered knife fight. In addition to his insider understanding of local politics, Joe Gale also brought a loyal voter base of republican and democratic supporters who were royally pissed off at the 10% tax increase and happy there was finally at least someone going to bat for them.

Interestingly enough, after Bruce Castor had vacated his seat on the Montgomery County Commissioners and lost the election for Montgomery County District Attorney, he did not fade from politics. He did the opposite. The lifelong staunch republican ascended the ranks. Jaws dropped when suddenly Bruce Castor was seated as former Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s right hand man, in a seat she had newly invented just for Castor. While only the political astute and political insiders were privy to the rumors then, that Kathleen Kane was soon to be removed from office and on her way to a state penitentary, the main stream public was little aware of this story until after the Grand Jury indictment. But one can only surmise that it was Castor and Shapiro’s close relationship, which ultimately led him to the back door entrance into Kathleen Kane’s administration.

Shockingly enough, after the Kathleen Kane indictment, it would be Bruce Castor that slid into Kathleen Kane’s seat. Castor, with blood shot eyes, assumed the seat almost immediately after she departed in a closed door (very hurried) swearing in. The swearing in took place in the dark of the night almost immediately, like Castor was trying to grasp on to a position he knew he wasn’t supposed to have, didn’t deserve and likely would be quickly taken away from her. A notorious press-hound/whore, he almost immediately took over her facebook page (his first move in office) and then began issuing absurd and cringe-worthy press releases, dropping the word “Interim” from his tile “Interim Attorney General,” and simply calling himself “Attorney General.” He announced he planed a formal inaugral ceremony, where he hoped his “thousands” of supporters from the public could attend, along with his family and witness him being sworn in during later weeks. He appeared in public often, wearing his characteristic pin-striped suits and spotless (not broken-in) spit shined cowboy boots, to tout arrogantly his new position of importance. He looked haggard, like he was fighting and drinking hard. There were bags under his eyes, and meanwhile he was quietly roaming about the state dropping criminal indictments for his politically well-connected friends and making criminal charges disappear for people he owed favors to and/or were well-positioned and/or made promises to fight so he could keep a seat he was never elected into serve in the first place. A convicted felon had given him that seat, but it was the highest heights he (and everyone else knew) he would ever ascend to in Pennsylvania politics.

Those in Pennsylvania Government, including Governor Wolf’s office and Republican Senate Majority leader Jay Corman, were un-fooled and unamused. It was just a matter of a few short years earlier, during Kathleen Kane’s initial run for that office, that Castor had been her biggest critic. The idea of slipping like a snake through the back door unhinged them. For the first time in years (after several budget stalemates), the republicans and democrats reached across the aisle for a mutual purpose. Bruce Castor, whose reputation as one of the sleaziest and biggest failures in Pennsylvania politics, was quickly removed. For as slow as our state government acts, this action was taken in record speed, with plenty of bi-partesian support on both sides.

Castor had canned her. In 2 a.m. Facebook and Twitter updates I had feverishly followed, I watched it happen. Then suddenly her biggest enemy had become her biggest ally. Nothing like government money and state-wide fame except to buy allies. I was sick reading his Facebook updates from the beginning, and then he slithered in like a snake and my jaw dropped. There is nothing more astounding then Pennsylvania politics, if you want to watch a soap opera: Tune in.

The move stunned Josh Shapiro, who was still in the midst of running for Attorney General, and had not predicted that his placement of the pawn Bruce Castor would come back to bite him. Suddenly the news was examining the sordid relationship between Bruce Castor and Josh Shapiro, and questioning the integrity of Shapiro, who was running a campaign on “restoring integrity.” Eyebrows were raised when Montgomery County local politics were now front page news in Pennsylvania. Shapiro, nervous, upped his exposure, buying more robo-calls and television commercials.

To make matters worst, Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman had reopened the Cosby case, which was coming up on a statute of limitations. Though Ferman was leaving office (for Montgomery County Judge) the clock was ticking, the case had to be prosecuted if it were going to be prosecuted at all. Her incumbent Kevin Steele (democrat) also served as her First Assistant District Attorney. Meanwhile Cosby was making news in California, and the #metoo movement was beginning. Therefore, Shapiro’s political alliance and affiliation with Castor was a matter of embarrassment. Castor, (now removed after serving 2 weeks in the Attorney General’s office), was equally embarrassed by the rejection. For the first time in his life he did not have a government job, and announced he would throw himself into private practice, but purportedly had no business and no referrals coming through the door after that state-wide embarrassment that had played out so scandalously and deliciously across state-wide press.

We talked a bit about why women might have their own reasons not to “come forward,” particularly years ago. “Well, I agree that there’s often times when women are sexually assaulted that they don’t come forward right away, but I can’t remember a time that they waited a year. I mean, it’s a long time ago. But I needed some corroboration, because the victim in this case didn’t remember what happened.” (Because she was allegedly drugged.)  CITATION

Castor, with a slumping ego and threats of lawsuits against senate committee after being removed from his seat, had a few notable middle of the night melt downs on social media before fading from social media all together. His only remaining page, other than his floundering law practice website, was his wikipedia page. It was a wikipedia page he updated constantly, and surveyed daily. It was on this very self-aggrandizing wikipedia page of half truths, that Castor announced he might “stay on” or “be retained” in the future as a “consultant” or “executive leader” in the new AG office once Shapiro won the election. The news caught on quickly, and questions began to get fired at Shapiro, who DENIED and DENIED the proposition with some very emmy-winning actor expression of feigned horror.

Joe Gale salivated, his voter base in local Montgomery county and his republican supporters lapped up the scandal. Joe Gale writes: Unfortunately, the decades Bruce Castor spent in Montgomery County government culminated with him serving as the lapdog for Josh Shapiro. I was elected to be the watchdog for you, the taxpayers. I am doing the job Bruce Castor neglected to do. In just nine months, I have issued five votes in opposition to increased registration fees on car and truck owners, increased inspection fees on county businesses, and wasteful spending found in bloated county contracts. CITATION

Joe Gale’s aggression in attacking what he had percieved as corruption on the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners was fueled by state-wide scandal. Gale grew more aggressive and started pointing out campaign finance issues in Shapiro’s campaign, issues which had stemmed into local politics. During a September 15, 2016 meeting, he began to expose these issues. The first issue? While Gale has publicly addressed his perception of exclusion from the table, a majority of his attacks have been focused on Shapiro alone. Gale has said during the Sept. 15 commissioner’s meeting that he suspected political favoritism in the contract for North Hills Manor and Crest Manor projects undertaken by the Montgomery County Housing Authority. The winner of that contract, Pennrose Properties LLC, was a campaign donor to Democratic Commissioners Shapiro and Val Arkoosh, as well as former commissioner Leslie Richards, also a Democrat. The county chipped in about $1 million of the project’s roughly $17 million budget.“I am not accusing my colleagues of criminal wrongdoing but I am exposing what I believe is reckless spending and politics-as-usual in Montgomery County. What I have discovered is based on public information and may warrant further looking into,” Gale stated in a press release a few days after the meeting. CITATION

The press was onto it. The Philadelphia Inquirer almost immediately started sniffing around Shapiro’s campaign finances. Several detrimental news stories were released, and Castor was in the middle of having social media melt downs (now with the press ignoring him). Joe Gale, seemed to be enjoying himself. He released another press release: Gale has stated in his press releases that he does not have the prosecutorial power or resources to investigate the circumstances, and instead is just pointing to public records. “As they say, ‘Where there is smoke, there is fire’ and it looks like there is smoke billowing out of the Montgomery County Courthouse. At the very least, there is an unethical use of county tax dollars to fill Commissioner Shapiro’s campaign treasure chest,” Gale stated.  CITATION

Josh Shapiro’s opposition Senator John Rafferty hooked onto the story, issuing his own press release. He made an alliance with Joe Gale. Gale initially stated he has had no communication with state Sen. John C. Rafferty Jr., the Republican candidate for Pennsylvania attorney general. Questioned further, Gale softened that stance. “(Rafferty) reached out to me regarding the recent attacks,” Gale said. “No shock to me, he’s indirectly involved. As Mr. Shapiro said, there is an election 33 days away.” Gale acknowledged that Rafferty, and later Rafferty’s campaign, reached out to him after the Sept. 15 board meeting. Gale said that Rafferty asked about the meeting, and he advised the state senator to watch the county’s archived video of the recorded meeting. Members of Rafferty’s campaign staff were included in the list of email addresses to which Gale had sent his press releases detailing Shapiro’s campaign donations from Pennrose and Roizman. CITATION

The election was thirty-three days away, and for a moment, a hot moment, Josh Shapiro’s lead in the polls was shaky. Shapiro stopped attacking Joe Gale directly or even addressing press questions surrounding campaign financing, but used red-herring other issues to make state-wide news hoping the scandal would fail to swing any voter base with enough significance to throw the election.

So when Shapiro took office, and his first move was to have all his employees “sign integrity oaths,” entire communities in Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties were smirking with the absurdity of it. This would be notably the only time that Josh Shapiro would do anything to restore integrity, as he has failed to tackle any political corruption or judicial corruption throughout his tenure. Most notably, he had campaigned promising to release the entire contents of the famous “porn report” but retracted and back peddled as soon as he took office.

While I am largely in John Fetterman’s corner, not enough good can be said about Joe Gale. I do admire the courage this elected official has demonstrated and his veracity. It is a political rivalry between Gale and Shapiro that will likely go-on for decades. Gale seems to come in at the tale minute each and every time, but he brings irrefutable evidence and a confirmable paper trail, complete with clips from commissioners meetings. While was the centerfold of his Lieutenant Governor’s campaign, the adversity between Gale and Shapiro is very well known among those who follow Pennsylvania Politics closely. And Joe Gale, even without a win for the Lieutenant Governor’s seat, likely has enough insider information and political clout to bring down Josh Shapiro (who, with his Napoleon complex, touts himself as the most important man in the state, “even more important than governor.”) Honestly, I would vote for him as a Democrat. I like his angle (most of the time) and his message is beyond honest.

Gale is one of those few politicians we meet once upon a time and have a spark that is immediately warm and trustworthy. Though his Trump supportive posts at times make me cringe, there is something warm, talented and trustworthy about it….. As in I will cross party lines to vote for that…. I like his character.

It should also be noted that it is not secret among Pennsylvania political insiders that Shapiro intends to run in the 2024 governor’s race to become Pennsylvania Governor, and has said so far in radio interview that he will someday be United States President. As Attorney General, the complaints have been far reaching and numerous. His most robust criticisms include failing to focus on Pennsylvania, and more focusing on parading around the press making himself a household name. While he was outspoken about Donald Trump’s immigration laws separating families and children, he failed to act on the DHS facilities in Pittsburgh housing these separated families. While he proclaimed he “supported LBGT rights each and every day”, the Philadelphia LBGT quickly exiled him after he stumbled through a question by an LBGT reporter, which asked pointedly “What EXACTLY are you doing to support us?” And he responded to something, (stuttering, awkward and non-substantial) to the effect, “Well I’m here aren’t I?!” (While at a LBGT rights conference). It was flippant, and thoughtless. LBGT leaders didn’t want symbolic support, they wanted individuals making action based efforts for changes. They read through it, and quickly dismissed their support of him. Posing for picture in “rolled up sleeves” was one thing, but rolling up your sleeves and putting the work in was another story.

Even the recent diocese grand jury report, it was delayed for months on end, despite having signed order by sitting judge for it to be released without redactions, he allowed the appeals and made the redactions. He even appeared as a key note speaker for a diocese award ceremony, and purportedly has received possibly 7 figures to a secret PAC in catholic church donations.

Last week Bill Higgins was sentenced. Bedford County press and social media reeled and railed under the sting of it. 31 misdemeanors and no jail time for a district attorney known for giving out some of the hardest charging sentences in the state. He used the authority of his office to extort sexually favors, and sexually assault women, and got a sweetheart plea bargain. Purportedly even playing in a summer golf tournament with Shapiro. He recieved the soft plea deal the same day he pleaded guilty, and the plea deal was never retracted though Higgins took to the media waves and proclaimed his innocence that same week. If you talk to anyone in Bedford County, they are sore about the debacle, and certainly no Shapiro support remains in that county after that spectacle.

Gale doesn’t let any of this slip by. Recently on his campaign website he pointed out Josh Shapiro’s alteration of the Attorney General Office seal to include his name. The absurdity of that is akin to Governor Wolf altering the state flag and adding his name onto it, or Donald Trump adding his name to the American flag. Josh Shapiro has added almost 100 employees which he calls “outreach advocates”, who are paid by tax payers to design logos, run social media campaigns, schedule interviews with the press, run his twitter and facebook accounts. But if you call the Attorney Generals Office, somehow nobody answers the phones. Joe Gale is effective at pointing out the hypocrisy of this.

What Joe Gale provides is someone willing to cut through the political bull shitting, and label a spade as a spade. Joe Gale isn’t going away, and I find that refreshing and deeply entertaining. I wish him good luck in future races. While he was eliminated from the Lieutenant Governor’s race, this politician is not going away. As in this is the only refreshing air to come out of the arm pit of Montgomery County politics in a long time. This is raw passion and talent, and a level of fearlessness that I frankly admire. I have kept my pledge to restore common sense to government and to have the courage to expose backroom deals.  I campaigned on ending politics-as-usual and that is exactly what I am doing. – Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Gale CITATION

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  1. What is Montgomery County Commissioner Gale’s opinion of the Grand Jury report re: sexual abuse & it’s cover-up in the Catholic Church? If he continues to keep silent about if, then obviously he just doesn’t care about sexual abuse of children. Do u think that makes him “impressive?” BTW, who wrote this article? Why isn’t there a byline? What is Commissioner Gale trying to hide from his constituency?

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