BUTLER COUNTY: Courthouse Clerk FIRED, Suspicions of FRAUD and Federal Probe are RAMPANT. Local News is DEFECTIVE. County Law Enforcement VOCAL about their Concerns.

The Clerk of Butler County was APPOINTED, not ELECTED. And Scott Andrejchack has only been employed for a short time by Butler County. Previously, the last appointed Clerk of Court, Amy Wilson, was fired after she filed an EEOC Complaint for sexual harrassment in the workplace. When I say the Butler County Courthouse is being run by recalcitrant good old boys like their own personally owned brothel, I am not kidding with you in the slightest.

According to the complaint, “I specifically inquired as to whether the termination was performance-based but received no feedback that it was. Although Wilson amended her complaint last year, the EEOC only recently notified the county about its nature.

If the EEOC finds evidence of gender discrimination, it would sue the county on Wilson’s behalf. If the EEOC finds no evidence of discrimination, Wilson would have the option of suing the county at her own expense. The complaint points out neither the interim chief clerk, Jerry Patterson, who began in 2016, and the permanent replacement, Scott Andrejchak, hired later in the year had any experience as a county manager.

Fast foward to the present, where Butler County Commissioners announced Wedenesday that they were doing “an internal reogranization of their office’s current staff.” Most remarkably, they were FIRING Scott Andrejchak, the newly appointed chief of courts.

And just today: Chief Clerk Scott Andrejchak, said a news release from Leslie Osche, commissioners chairman, “is no longer employed by the County of Butler.”

The Commissioners also announced that: Lori Altman is the new human resources director and chief clerk. 

Very interesting, after only a few weeks ago I was reading about Altman’s participation in the Roskovski hospital embezzlement case: “They wanted his time sheets, dating back a number of years,” Goldinger said. He contacted Lori Altman, the county’s director of human resources, who gathered the requested documents. At last week’s meeting, an inspector with the U.S. Postal Service and a special agent with the IRS criminal investigation division under the Department of Treasury came with questions for the district attorney about Scott Roskovski.

Further I am aware that Altman was head of courthouse personnel during the Crystal Starnes vs. Judge Thomas Doerr case, as she was (according to news articles) seated that position and receiving, processing personnel complaints. The mere idea of that makes me SHIVER considering that the Starnes case is now in federal court with a very recent favorable ruling from a federal Judge, which specifically highlights some extremely serious and egregious misconduct by Judge Doerr.

Side note: There has been a lot of recent commentary on the Starnes case. Things are being said like “she knew what she was doing” or “she played her cards to get a job.” I want to comment here, that if you read the Starnes pleadings, she in no way claims she was “raped”, she is claiming something pretty significant. She asked her supervising judge to “please stop,” explaining she was pregnant and very in love. The Judge would NOT stop. He took her job and only livelihood, and he ruined her reputation, and he used his position of authority and power to do it. Starnes has never come out and said “I’ve been raped.” What Starnes claims in her complaint is that she willingly (but very reluctantly) entered into a sexual relationship, and when she chose to end that relationship, she found herself without a job or means to sustain herself. Starnes is NOT a “#metoo” girl”, she is a woman who asked to end a relationship and suffered retaliation and stalkerish like behavior when she requested to end that relationship. She told him to STOP, and he refused to comply. When she did not relinguish her control to his demands, she found herself forced to resign (by way of corrupt pressure and beaurocracy) on base-less terms. If you read through the pleadings, no where in this story does Starnes claim “rape” or “assault,” she is claiming – as a woman – that she specifically asked a very powerful man to STOP and he refused to do so, and on top of that he USED HIS AUTHORITY to essentially ruin her life. It’s chilling and unacceptable behavior.

End of side note.


What is very fascinating about Butler County is the number of people I have contacting me when “big stories” break. They often point out how the news is incomplete, or really just untrue. In this case, I got my usual stream of law enforcement reaching out to me. They wanted to clarify what was in the press. No they were not courthouse officials, but they were county employees. Their message? This story is jacked. And it’s missing crucial pieces of information.

What is not written by Ms. Grubbs of the Butler Eagle are crucial details. Such as the fired Clerk of Court was also the County appointed Right-to-Know Officer, who (if you pull the dockets) has been engaged in countless and extremely relentless right to know wars (not with the press, mind you, but with private citizens). A non-lawyer functioning as the County Right-to-Know “Officer” is an immediate red flag to me. As in Pennsylvania right to know laws are complex and intricate, and why place someone without any sort of legal background whatsoever in that position — except — if county authorities intended on using him as a puppet.

The fact that the vacating officer, Wilson, who was fired after she filed an EEOC complaint for workplace sexual harrassment is also a RED FLAG. A big one. As in this County CLEARLY has sexual harrassment issues in the workplace transpiring, and they are CLEARLY attempting to sweep these instances under the rug. If you think a federal suit (affirmed in merit by an ivy league sitting federal Judge) against a county president Judge is “normal,” then perhaps you just might be ignorant Butler County trash. What is going on in that courthouse is inappropriate any way you slice it.

Throughout my research and blogging about Butler County, I have found law enforcement supremely interested and encouraging for me to speak. In that same vein, they are also extremely paranoid and fearful of losing their jobs. They want me to know how backwards the County Courthouse is, but they also fear (very deeply) retaliation. And no wonder, because the more I read I am starting to figure out that retaliation is the norm if one is employed by the county and goes against “their” perverted sense of normalcy. As in, it is in nowhere SHAPE OR FORM for these abuses to be occuring, seemingly under public knowledge and out in the open, without any accountability or discipline. Worse, whistleblowers like Wilson and Starnes are fired/forced under false conditions to resign, publicly humiliated and crucified, essentially exiled from their communities and shamed by the press. It’s disgusting actually.

What Ms. Grubbs failed to mention in her “news” article was the fact that the fired County Clerk’s position as Right-to-Know “officer” involved him hiding records that were purported evidence of him directly STEALING tax payer money from government accounts. As in, this “officer” functioned as the gateway for county records, and found it very convenient that he could hide the records evidencing his own STEALING and outright THEFT of county monies.

Ms. Grubbs finds it beneficial to her ownself (at the disregard of paying subscribers & taxpayers ) to dance around these “unpleasant” / CRIMINAL issues. She quotes (quite sychophantically: “The commissioners have high expectations of those in the executive staff,” Osche said in the release. “This restructuring will not only create a long-term savings, but will improve budget monitoring, reporting and projections.” She said the commissioners’ primary goal is to guarantee taxpayers a return on their investment that includes a “commitment to excellence and ethics in governance, diligent financial oversight, and reporting and projections that lead to sound decision-making.”

The fake news force of the Butler Eagle is STRONG. The vocalized and incessant objections of law enforcement who are not subject to jurisdiction of Courthouse HR policy is also strong. The fact that Ms. Grubbs can quite callously ignore and rebut these obvious issues, and vocalized complaints and allegations from men and women in blue is disturbing to me.

Within the last month alone, we have now seen two high powered county “officials” terminated due to blatant and inexcusable instances of misconduct. We have seen a sitting federal judge (Harvard educated) affirm and bolster the claims of a county parole officers.

Oh, and I have also heard from members of that parole board. Senior members. What have I heard? A number of things that make my insides quake in disgust. Such as? A probation officer “party” involving a 15-year-old girl, wherein they joked about a probation officer having sex with this child, and referring to the child as being a “sloppy second.” As in another probation officer f#cked that child before, pardon my language – but this is absolutely DISGUSTING and INTOLERABLE behavior.

Other than pedophelia, sex abuse and embezzlement of tax payer monies? I hear a number of things. I hear about citizens requesting records and being left and right DENIED for arbitrary reasons. I hear about how the county jail cannot get their phones to “operate” so county inmates are denied calls, and sit for months without ample communication with their legal representation. I read about a sordid past of female employees who have spoken out or filed lawsuits against sexual harassment in the workplace. I read about the lead detective in the district attorney’s office COVERING up felony embezzlement activities, and the District Attorney going to bat for him and supporting him — UNTIL they were cornered by a federal investigation.

Above all, I get more emails and more messages from Butler County folks than I do any other county I cover. There is an old aphorism, “Where there is smoke, there is fire.” This isn’t fire! It’s a cindering atomic wasteland where this miconduct has been somehow indoctrinated and accepted as the “norm.” It’s a bunch of fed up law enforcement, who call and speak to me (I sometimes ask, ‘why are you whispering? You know I’m alone here right’) and begging for exposure.

It’s a press system that chooses to put their readership, and the people that buy and fund their subscriptions to the paper SECOND to these tyrants in office. They CHOOSE to cover parades instead of covering and digging into important issues. It’s a paper that glosses over unpleasant details so as to promote a glowing story of a sick politician engaged in corruption, rather than cater to the people who buy their rag and pay their salaries. It’s a newspaper that is so off base, and so immoral and foolish, and unconnected to their readership. It’s a flat out circus.

And yet! And yet, when people such as Justin Castilyn (ButlerCitizen.com) start plugging into that defective reporting and attempting to make up for the deficit, they silence him in some ridiculous and retaliatory lawsuit. They claim the most absurd things, like “mugshots are work product of this paper and you are engaging in copyright infringement.” I have news for the Butler Eagle. Mugshots are NOT work product of the Eagle. Mugshots are PUBLIC RECORDS. So as much as you would like to shut ButlerCitizen.com down, I’ve noticed of late that his readership is pretty large. Because people in your county are hungry for actual news, not the “news”, but actual news. And clearly you are failing to deliver, which makes that market wide open to people like Justin Castilyn. So go ahead. Keep publishing about parades and sinkholes and other nonsense, keep ignoring the VERY SERIOUS issues in your county.

The beautiful thing about being in America, is that this is a free market capitalist economy, and the right of free speech is constitutionally garunteed. I recently spoke with Mr. Castilyn, and here is what I told him: “That rag sued you because they are intimidated by you and your audience. So when you publish, keep that in mind. People would not be reading YOUR PAGE if there weren’t a deficit in the current news coverage.” People ache for the real story, and the real story (including the unpleasant details) is our only means to counter check the people in power and hold them accountable. How is any microcasm of the the public supposed to be expected to object if they don’t know what is going on.

In that vein, I conclude. FIRE PAULA GRUBBS!

The county needs journalists who keep the best interests of their citizens in mind. If Butler News has a better readership than you, then it means YOU ARE NOT DOING YOUR JOBS. Don’t sue him out of envy, get off your lazy asses and cover the NEWS. And Paula’s coverage of this news is DISGRACEFUL. As a casual bystander I got more information spoon fed to me as a non-reporter than she ever bothered to seek out. Had I been Paula, I would have published the facts. And those are incindiary enough to reap a necessary havoc and clean up that armpit of corruption that is Butler County Courthouse. IF YOU ARE LAZY and cannot think outside the box nor provide expected loyalty to your readers Paula? I am pretty sure McDonalds is hiring.

PROPOSED HEADLINE FOR TOMORROW: Clerk of Court FIRED for stealing money, Federal Probe underway & Possible Connection to Roskovski Case – FRAUD IN OUR COURT SYSTEM. County appoints Lori Altman (previous Defendant in Courthouse Fraud Case) as New Acting Clerk.

Paula, Contact me here happyvalleycitizen@gmail.com , I am happy to render further particulars about your defective, deficient and lazy coverage.



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  1. I agree with everything you said… Paula Grubbs & the Butler Eagle just want to print trash instead of really finding out what happened. They’re ruining peoples lives and names.

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