BUTLER COUNTY: Court to switch Judges again, family court left without a Judge

Butler County is at it again, due to  President Donald Trumps nominated and confirmation of Judge Horan will  fill a vacant seat on the U.S. District Court in Pittsburgh. President Barack Obama nominated Horan for the same seat back in 2015.

This all means that once again the Judges will shuffle in the courthouse. News that no one else has But Butler News, and butler County has a plan that is in place to doom the family court system.

Since Horan is leaving and the following will be taking place in a matter of weeks.

  1. Judge Thomas Doerr (who still has not settled his sex for work lawsuit) will be moving into Horans Court. He will again be the one to assume administrative positions that the supreme court removed him from.
  2. Judge Timothy McCune will be moving back to criminal court. McCune has expressed no interest in staying in family court.

This now leave family court with an open position. And what is the plan in Butler? There is NO plan.

Coming soon Butler will “Judge shop” looking for retired Judges to serve two days a week in family court to replace the outgoing McCune. It is estimated this could back family court up by six months for whoever has the McCune dockets.

Butler County once again was caught with its tail between its legs because they do not have the balls to remove Judge Doerr and take the proper motions and proceedings to retain new Judges.

Once again the children and family’s are forced to suffer in Butler.

It has been said that hearings for violations will that President over family court. Meaning PFA violations and such will be placed on the docket before civil court matters.

Stay tuned, this is going to be a mess in Butler County if you have McCune for a family court Judge. Something that should have been on target to deal with a year ago was ignored, and now family’s will suffer due to the inability of the system. But is anyone really surprised by this?


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