NEW BUTLER CITIZEN / BUTLER MEDIA: Stacy Parks Miller continues her insane hot garbage by idiotic online posts

Stacy Parks Miller, we all know her. Former District Attorney, defamed one. You know, the person everyone makes fun of in Centre County, people do not make fun of her due to her insane stupidity, or in my opinion her bad nose job, people make fun of her as she is a man hating bitch, a nut-job that is soon to lose her law license. And once again her insanity by her online posts continues as follows below in quotes.

“To all of you who have contacted me about Maureen Ferguson, thank you. She continues to try to contact me despite being banned and is frankly becoming more unhinged and volatile (I fixed that spelling error for you moron). Currently looking for her address. She has lots of fake ids and uses names harry weiner etc lawless. Will track it down but since so many were so helpful about her the first time I would appreciate it. Thanks to all of you”

Listen up idiot. no one is attacking you. I do not even know you and in my opinion you have failed at life. I am now the owner of this website, I own Butler News, Mercer News, Westmoreland News, and many others.

Miller, Mrs Multiple mortgages on her home and still clinging to fame, you post your hot garbage online, saying your haters need silenced, in your vial of bullshit and lies, you cry your tears and say “these people need stopped” On behalf of all Centre County: Shut the fuck up already. Thank you.

Here are some helpful links of who this woman is. Nothing is worse then a corrupt piece of garbage former district attorney in my opinion. Just look at how wonderful parks-TRASH-MILLER is by clicking these links.

I am not the former owners of this page. In fact my media group paid a nice sum for this page. My main questions are this?

  1. You are soon to lose your law license, yet you start your own practice to do what with?
  2. Who in the fuck did your plastic surgery work? Why have you not litigated them with all the worthless threats?

I have owned this website for a little less then a month, and I have had it with your mouth. If you have something to litigate please do try to litigate my company. I am guessing you NEED the money seeing as though you will not have a law license soon. I do hear McDonalds is hiring, you could work there this Halloween and scare kids with the bad plastic surgery. (Just my opinion)

Sweetheart my name is below, I own this now. I do not need to hide. Stacy, fade away and classify yourself as obsolete. No one will miss you. And you will be doing everyone a favor.

Justin Castilyn

Butler Media Group








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