BREAKING!!! BUTLER CITIZEN/BUTLER MEDIA: Update to Follow Tuesday….. A County Commissioners’ Meeting that You don’t want to Miss…….. More to follow


With the rampant sexual harrassment in the courthouse, the Butler Commissioners took action this week to shut down the CRITICISM. County employees are now going to be subject to new “social media guidelines.” Justin Castilyn will be covering the commissioners meeting on Tuesday (tomorrow). Is this an attempt to silence and shut down whistleblowers? What will the terms and conditions be for these new county policies? Will these new polices infringe on first amendment rights? What was the impetus to taking on these new measures?  Do these elected politicians intend to HIDE the dirty laundry of Butler County by participating in measures of SILENCING?

With the Judge shuffling, the ongoing litigation between Butler County employee Crystal Starnes (after she was repeatedly HARASSED) by Judge Thomas Doerr in the workplace)……. What exactly is the county trying to hide? With the number of whistle blowers coming forward in the recent year, how can voters suspect these new measures have anything but nefarious intentions? What is more important…. The rights of elected county actors or the rights of individual citizens….

Follow Butler Citizen because Castilyn will be covering this meeting, and if new policy VIOLATES and SILENCES First Amendment rights of county employees, and implied THREATS are issued, resulting in less people to come forward with misconduct and sexual harassment and corruption in this community are going to be implemented, then HVC objects. So should you.

As the local news has REFUSED to cover some issues, and have remained “neutral” political pawns, you can find the information on Butler media. Stay tuned, some interesting things are about to develop real fast.

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