State Prison trying to fight drug epidemic

Between May 31 and September 1, more than 50 staff members and 33 inmates reported being sickened and were taken to outside hospitals. Toxicology results confirmed the presence of synthetic cannabinoid in multiple instances of staff exposure. Lab tests confirmed inmate overdoses linked to synthetic cannabinoids and other illegal substances.


Gov. Wolf and DOC officials announced the following important changes to DOC processes:

  • Immediate elimination of mail processing at facilities using a third-party vendor that will process all non-legal inmate mail.
  • Improved safety precautions used when opening legal mail in front of inmates.
  • Increased staffing in all visiting rooms.
  • Temporary modifications to visiting rooms involving vending machines and inmate photos.
  • Stricter visiting suspensions for visitors and inmates caught introducing
  • contraband via visiting rooms, including indefinite or even lifetime bans for visitors.
  • A bolstered library system and a centralized ordering/purchasing of books for inmates.
  • Expansion of drone detection software and capabilities.
  • Enhanced inmate commitment/reception protocol.
  • Expanded use of body scanners.
  • Additional and improved Ion Scanners.
  • Implementation of a drug hotline where individuals can report information about drugs inside state facilities.


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  1. I spent 2 years in prison. It’s amazing how people have become so easily fooled to think it is an inmate. I invite u to go visit someone at a prison. Mind u they strip us down buck naked before and after the visit. They create these false illusions based off of your delusional minds. The same way they painted the picture that the Mexicans are supplying the U.S. with drugs. If we took all the heroin alone and dumped it I to a pile u would see it’s not possible for Mexicans to distribute that much heroin on their backs in a life time. So please for sake of a fellow inmate stand up and stop the slave camps. They are the most harshest environments known to mankind. This is a deploy to take what already little things inmates have. Prison literally drives people to insanity. And no one cares. Reverend Wright said it right “God Dam America”. The system supports slave camps and the people that aren’t in the slave camps are phesants. Taxed to death and disposed of much like toilet paper. Wake up you who think you are perfect their killing your brother or sister with your approval. It’s not right and it will never be right until u get involved. Get your status corrected and claim your love one back as a third party representative. Amen.

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