BEDFORD COUNTY: Update on Bill Higgins, Works at diner operating fryer and mopping floors. Slogan of Diner? “Are you bad enough?” Too FUNNY!

Recently received juicy little update on former Bedford County District Attorney Bill Higgins. Higgins was recently convicted of using the powers of his office to sexually assault female criminal defendants in exchange for sweetheart favors. He was also disclosing names of undercover police to females in exchange for sexual favors.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who was prosecuting the case, gave Higgins a soft plea bargain the same day Higgins was charged. Higgins, in typical fashion, took to the news and arrogantly proclaimed his innocence on the same day he signed the plea deal. Multiple women have come forward stating that they were faced with two options, jail or compliance with Higgins sexual demands.

Altoona Furnace Gazette posted a hilarious meme this past year, depicting Higgins, with the caption “Six years? Or six inches.” Happy Valley citizen contends that six inches is probably a generous estimate, but found the meme highly amusing.

Shapiro took to the news on Higgins issuing a classic vain-glorious press release, and stating that he was protecting these female victims of sexual assault. Despite this, HIggins (known for his stance on being “tough-on-crime” prosecutor, and his hard charging demands resulting in some of toughest sentences in the state), only received 31 misdemeanors, no felonies. Despite publicly proclaiming his innocence after signing a plea bargain, his plea offer was never revoked by the sitting judge, even after his admission of guilt.

Weeks later, the plea deal (and date of signing) was made public. Shortly after his sentencing hearing, Higgins again took to the news proclaiming that he would soon have his license back. Despite Shapiro’s assurances to the Bedford County public that “Higgins would never practice law again,” on the front page of the Bedford County press, a journalist repeated Higgins proclamations that he would soon be barred again. Very arrogant.

In the interim, Higgins has purportedly been sleeping on his living room couch with a pissed off wife who hasn’t divorced him, but his understandably angry. With his spare time he has managed to get a job at “Bad Boyz Bistro” in Bedford, PA. It’s a notably low class diner, which boasts affordable dining. Higgins duties purportedly include mopping floors and operating their fryer. He has been known to tell patrons he plans to re-run for office once he gets his license back.

Ironically, the greasy spoon diner’s slogan reads “Are you bad enough?” CITATION

Even more interesting, the owner of the diner Bryan Speck also faced his own criminal troubles. He was charged with sexual assault and stalking several years ago while Higgins was still District Attorney. These charges were conveniently made to disappear by sympathizing Higgins, but the case can still be found on Pennsylvania dockets.

Higgins, a friend and supporter of Bryan Speck, was happy to do the legal favors. In fact, when he was still District Attorney of Bedford County he frequented the diner, even dressing up as Santa Claus and posing with two little girls on his lap (****shivers****). Higgins purportedly enjoys his new job, and connecting with patrons of Bedford County as he serves out his weak probationary sentences and works on getting his law license back (the license Shapiro said he would never have again, but press says should be back in a few years max). Higgins, when not cleaning out fryer grease in the back parking lot or mopping floors, is gearing up to run for election again.

Happy Valley Citizen would like a photo of Higgins in a hair net or mopping floors, so if you have one, please send to In the meantime, there has been NO COMPENSATION by way of civil suit to the female victims that were sexually assaulted by Higgins, and I certainly hope that he is no longer welcome to make his annual guest appearance as Santa Claus, because no parent should allow their daughters to sit on his lap.

Dear FORMER district attorney Bill Higgins, I think you are bad enough. Dear Bedford County Bar Association, It is wretched you guys haven’t sued on behalf of victims. Dear Josh Shapiro, This weak wristed sentence on this sexual predator was truly disgraceful, thank you for allowing him back into the community to prey on women.

Totally disgraceful, I mean absolutely appalling. This is “justice” in Pennsylvania. If you want to get away with felonies, work in the court system. Zero accountability for courthouse officials. Thank you Josh Shapiro, for yet another job well done.

Bedford County, hide your kids and hide your wife.


  1. A sexual predator and drug pusher that works at Bad Boyz Bar lives in the Bedford High School, School Zone.

    We dont have to worry about Bill running for office? You need to worry about Billy Bob running your daughter or wife down with one them six inch hogies. That’s the only thing Billy Boy has that’s six inch a hogie.

    As for the Brian Speck alledgably ” the discharge of a gun in a house with a child present and physical abuse against his wife” ended with a disorderly conduct. A $300 dollar fine!!

    Speck left the area because his wife took a job in Texas to get away from him. Speck like Higgins alledgably was having extra marital relationships.

    These creeps have one thing in common they will leave my family and children alone. They both understand that.

    I would like to say to the girls that was assaulted, and their mothers and father’s, I’m sorry you had to go thru such this night mare.

    You can thank the click of Bedford County Business owners and the band of demonds I refer to as scumbags or better known as the cronies of Billy Bob Higgins for your daughters rapist to go free into the community and still live in a school zone!!

    As for Josh Shapiro, well it’s up to u to bring the claim. This clown wasn’t elected for being honest.

    Between Shapiro and Higgins I don’t know witch creep has more camera time but I know I did more time than both combined over false affidavits and governmental interference by Billy Bob Higgins that’s not settled yet!!!

    Soon, I will finish correcting my legal status, my citizenship and have the power back that these creeps have stolen from everyone of you.

    Everyone of these officials have committed at minimum 29 felonious charges upon the people of Bedford County every law official including the Judge’s have committed a minimum of 29 felony charges upon the American people of Bedford.

    Wake up and check out “wake up Bedford County Residents” on Facebook to learn how to correct your status and standing as an American. Amen.

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