BUTLER COUNTY: Austin Ayers, 20, to be released from house arrest

Austin Ayers, 20, of 601 Prospect road is scheduled to be released from house arrest. Ayers has been on house arrest for more then a month for shooting at home with a BB gun. Ayers upon sentencing called the victim over 300 times.

Ayers was arrested again and placed inside of the Butler County Prison and later was released via house arrest.

Ayers was ordered to no longer follow or harass police or ems, Ayers in turn was told to shut down all of his bullshit websites.

Ayers public defender told the courts that Ayers was unemployed and lives with his mother who is mentally disabled. (Isn’t that the truth)

Ayers is now to “walk off” 24 months of probation. We all know he will not be able to do that, Ayers was again charged with harassment this week via the courts in Saxonburg again calling his victims. This time Ayers says he will “blow everyone’s heads off next time”

Ayers is also suing the lick hill fire department for an antenna he abandoned years ago, now saying they owe him $400.00 plus costs for the antenna.

It is safe to say Ayers is mentally unstable and we have not heard the last of this idiot.

Ayers is best known for stalking young women and young boys, as well as he made media attention for posting a fake tornado warning on one of his pages telling everyone to take cover at local schools.

Ayers has a long record in Juvenile court, as well as he is starting to build quite a resume in adult court.

Austin Ayers


  1. This is a sick story. Shows the true corruption in Butler. He must have something on someone for them to let him out after all hes done and the people hes hurt & dgaf about. Hes learned nothing, so no help here for the victims, just the criminal in this Butler criminal friendly court system. I cant see anyone getting away with what hes done, stealing money, shooting at a house w family inside. Why do they contine to almost warn him but never anything serious happens. Karma can sometimes find a way to let him know he needs to stfu and leave people alone.

    1. Absolutely. Anyone who shoots bullets at a house full of children should be prosecuted to fullest extent of the law

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