BUTLER COUNTY: Family Pathways exploits the courts and children, yet they are praised by the media

Family Pathways in Butler is a sham in my opinion. They exploit families in need, children, anything for a buck for the most part.

The Butler Eagle recently ran a story about Family Pathways and how they have built a new building. This building was built on heartache and misery for family’s.

I can only speak about my experience with Family Pathways, and for some this story will stun. If you are forced into supervised visits, I would suggest you use Specialty Outreach Serviced who is a much better, professional company.

Family Pathways is pure hell, Family Pathways is there for the courts, when you are told you need supervised visits for any reason this is where you are sent for the most part.

To sign up for the visits you must pay $220.00 for the intakes.

Visits are $50.00 per hour. And let me tell you about the visits, when you are ordered by the courts to see your children via supervised you are made to sit in a small room with not a lot of toys, the toys they do have are almost always broken. Every toy I ever seen there needed batteries, When I asked why I pay $50.00 an hour for visits and non of the toys have batteries I was told this was none of mu business.

The workers are disgusting, the one I had my dealing with was named Elaine, and man she was something else, rude, you could tell she hated men, she would do anything to keep you in the program as that is how they make their money.

I do not go into personal details of my life but when my child was 2 years old I was in supervised visits, he told me he had to go potty, Elaine insisted I keep the bathroom door open so she can watch my son use the bathroom, to make sure I “help him” To say the least my two year old did not want a stranger watch him potty train.

One more time I had to change my childs diaper and the worker by the name of Elaine said that she needed to watch me change his diaper, I said okay. Confused she stood over me almost covering the child. She said she needed a good view to see if I “wiped his ass right” And she was right in there folks. It was disturbing.

Most of the time visits are to be supervised my worker just used her phone and played on Facebook, she did not pay attention to the visit, she just played on her phone and followed me and the child around.

I would bring the child snacks, I was then told by Elaine that I needed to bring the two year old child fruit, I said okay, I brought the child fruit and he did not like what I brought. I was then told in visits that I was wrong and should have forced a two year old child to eat the fruit. (These were two hour visits, he was there to be spoiled in my eyes)

Family Pathways wrote an insane report on me. They told me and the courts that I should not have any custody of the child because I did not teach the child to eat the fruit I brought to visit. (I have the reports if anyone wants to see them) Family Pathways went on to say in the report that since I could not feed the child I should be subjected to six more months of supervised visits.

Family Pathways is disturbing, they are not there to help family’s. They are there to keep you in the program and make money. The workers are as rude as can be, the front desk worker told me that during the blizzard in 2017 that it was my fault I was 5 minutes late due to the snow. Said I was “fucking lucky this shit isn’t cancelled”

There are people that run the place that have a child with felony convictions, and with everyone knowing this the CEO of the place still lets the child work with all of these children (at least when he is not in jail)

Family Pathways in my humble opinion is a joke, nothing more then a company built with the courts help to destroy families. When have you ever heard anyone say anything good about this place?

I will always be stunned how it is acceptable and why anyone would want to see a child use the bathroom. Who in the hell watches that kind of thing? It is disturbing and disgusting.

Let the truth be known Butler. If you must use the services of Family Pathways they will do whatever it takes to rip your family apart and keep you in the program, this is why they are building new buildings, it is all a large scam to get more clients, and to destroy more family’s lives.

If you were to ever be forced to be in supervised visits take my word, do not use Family Pathways, call Specialty Outreach Services, yes they are more money and do not have a sliding scale to my knowledge, but everyone I have encountered there is professionals, they want to help you and your family and go the extra mile to do it.

If you use Family Pathways chances are you are fucked. They will keep you there at any and all costs, I mean, someone has to pay for that new building right?

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  1. You are correct, Family Pathways is horrible. Ive also had court gone through the court ordered therapy. As a woman it was hard to watch. The people are rude as heck. Anytime i disagreed or brought a concern up, they dont care. They picked my abusive exs side & never listened to my kids or I. They need to not employee felons. They need to also be held accountable. Awful place.

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