BUTLER COUNTY: Jordan Lambing asks for murder trial to be moved because Butler News was “mean” to him

Piece of shit Jordan Lambing is asking for his murder trial to be moved out of Butler County. (I guess he thinks the media will go away if he moves out of county)

Lambing’s team of public defenders have  filed a series of motions , including a request that the capital murder case against him be moved out of Butler County, Judge Thomas Doerr step down from hearing the case at trial and the suppression of evidence gathered by police, including two interviews done with him after his arrest.

Lambings public defenders say that the media has crucified him, including saying in court that Butler News posted pictures of his arrest, and posted facts that would lead the baby killer and rapist to not be able to get a fair trial.

Lambing faces charges of first-degree homicide, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with serious bodily injury, rape of a child and other charges related to the death of 4-year-old Bentley Thomas Miller at the Super 8 Motel on Route 8.

It has come out in court that four year old Bentley Miller died from injuries that included rape, and blood loss from his anus.Lambing was the only party in the hotel at that time when Miller was raped and killed.

Lambings public defenders are saying the rape charges have no merit, even going as far as saying that a dead man raped Miller. DMA results have not been released yet that were found inside of Miller.

The child’s mother told police that she was no where around when the incident happened. But this has been disputed, Peters was said to be right down the road.

After the rape, Lambing did not call the police but called his mother, who instead of taking the child to the hospital seemed to have drove around in her car with a child’s all but lifeless body in her car until he almost died from his injuries in her car.

The child’s mother was given probation, Mackenzie Peters while out on probation tried to kill her boyfriends ex girlfriend via a drive by shooting on sixth ave in the city. She is in the Butler County Prison with no bail and a probation retainer.

Lambings mother  was given 18-36 months in state prison for driving around with a raped four year old in her car.

Jordan Lambing is still in the Butler County Prison facing capital murder charges, his public defenders are also arguing that the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment. (Much like raping and killing a four year old would be)

Judge (Penis pics and lawsuits) Doerr has not responded to the motions as of this time.

It does not matter where this case moves, it is going to attract nationwide media attention. I am sure wherever it is moved myself and all other media from Butler will be at the trial.

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  1. Sentence them to the D.O.C. and the inmates will take care of this. Find out we’re the offenders are housed then send photo copies of the case to any inmate in the same slave camp. Believe me they will get what they get 10 fold. Amen

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